Thursday, June 28, 2007

is my club, SPARC dead..??

well this week a registration week for all the club. last time i joint SPARC (Society of Performing Art and Creativity) .. this year was thinking to joint them again (despite wit all the drama).. i still wanna joint that club coz honestly i like SPARC.. why? coz in SPARC i get to know lots of people and the club also fun. the members is variety and thats why i like them soOOo much.. but this year, as i walking at clc square, i dun see SPARC booth? is this the end of SPARC..? oh man..!! hmmm also no news about SPARC.. no meeting.. nothing.. is the last prom is the last event of SPARC..?? hope not..!

in SPARC, i met people like dasha (the crazy gal), babu (always be there for u), amarah (the 'innocent' gal) burn (the hardworking ex-president) wei wei, ehuey, tracy (senior i love coz she'd help me a LOT) sheel (the bubbly gal which is now i rarely meet her) zafrie, atyn, raihana, crystal, jazmeen, ravind ( the hot ex-president) and lots of people laaahh.. very fortunate to get to know them.

wish SPARC will not be dead.. really hope so

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the day that im piss at the bowling alley

went to mahkota parade to play bowling at 4pm.. me, matt, nina, and lin. we play 2 game each of us except matt who wanna play 4 games.. after we finish the 1st game each of us, i asked the kaunter gal if we can change the lane, but they said no cannot, we have to finish playing all game by then we can play at other lane.. ok laaa.. while we playing at the second games suddenly we noticed there;s a bunch oh student (primary student) came to the bowling alley for bowling parctises.. and after we finish the 2nd game all of us except matt coz he got another 2 more games, suddenly one of the student call the kaunter gals they wanna use our lane.. wat im piss about is the kaunter gal want us to move to the other lane, they said the kids wanna use our lane.. im piss coz before this when i wanna ask to move to the other lane, they dun allowed us stating that its already set in the computer, and why suddenly when those kid having a bowling parctise, they can simply asked us to move to other lane.. i cursed all day long while we're at the bowling alley. althou my fren calmed me down i still piss bout wat happen.. i dun give a damn bout those kids who wanna hav bowling practises.. 1st come, 1st serve laa.. we arrived 1st and if those kid wanna use our lane, they hav to wait till we finish our game. it really ruined my mood to play bowling.. this wasnt the 1st time they make me pissed
last time when we arrived at the bowling alley, they said we can play after an hour coz there's a tournament going on. ok laa we dun mind, we wrote our name on the stand by list then went for dinner, after an hour we came back, then the kaunter gal said we need to wait for another one more hour or more coz the tournament is still on, they said the tournament started late.. im piss coz i waited for one hour to play bowling and then they want us to wait for another one hour or more.. those people are such a dumb ass..

Sunday, June 24, 2007

the day i blurrrrrrr.....

today someone i like, came and visit. suddenly out of nowhere telling already in front of ixora apartmen.. i blurr.. shock the hell out of me.. still blurr till now...!!!

pure damn packed tonite

well went to pure just now.. bloody damn packed laaa.. like tin sardin.. almost spoiled my mood and i mean fucking packed.. cant move anywhere.. i know la saturday nite but last time not like this.. went to pure with may angels crystal, dasha and jazmeen.. lucky they all gorgeous.. not drop dead ar but gorgeous and its hard being the only male accompany them.. why? coz lots of people will ask my permision whether they can dance with my angels or not.. oi im not bapak ayam ar.. just ask them laa.. and when im going clubbing with my angels it will always be fun to hang around with them coz they gonna dance like a pro and will melt all the guys heart.. and it is so funny watching guys asking them to dance with them.. the best part yet is when the gals turn them down.. hahaha. but over all i always had a good time hanging around with dasha, crystal and jazmeen.. LOVE u all..

Friday, June 22, 2007

what would u do if......

ok what would you guys possibly do when someone you cannot remember or someone you dunno approach you... they smile at you, and of course you smile at them back, and suddenly they call your name.. you cannot even remember where have you meet them, but they remember your name very well... this is what i encounter today..
i was talking with my fren nina, she was quing at the atm machine, when this gal in front of her smile at me, so smile at her back. i dun wanna be call rude, then suddenly she ask me,

the gal : eh arif right?
me : yeah, thats me
the gal : remember me?
me : er.... sorry i couldnt remember you..
the gal : you from skool ****** right? remember me?
me : er..???? (still blur blur)

the gal smile and lucky it was her turn to use the atm machine.. after she finish using that machine she turn at me, smile and walk away.. i also smile at her back and said bye.. i totally hate it when i cant remember someone's name.. they remember me but i couldnt get my head right to remember theirs.
should i just pretend to know her if i knew i couldnt remember her name? i easily got bumped into people i dunno in melaka central.. this is not the 1st time. last time a guy who claimed to be my ex skool mate said he knew me, so i was also pretending to know him laaa, when suddenly he ask me wat his name.. oh shit..!! check mate for me, i just smile and appologise to him telling him im in a hurry. damn it, i hate to bum with people i cant remember..

Sunday, June 3, 2007

me and fren during kayaking courses

let the pic speak for themselves.. these pic is me and my fren in kapas island for 5 days and 4 night. kapas island is situated in terengganu..

a trip to pulau kapas

on 28th may, i went to terengganu pulau kapas. it was for a kayaking courses. main objetive is to kayak from kuala ibai to pulau kapas. estimate distance around 14km. the course is for 5 days and 4 night. reason why i went there coz its blooday damn cheap. rm 65 for 5 days and 4 night. i manage to persuade my fren matt and nina to come along coz i'll be damn bored if im going there without my fren.

we stoped at cyberjaya 1st to fetch student there, this event is a colaboration between cyber and malacca student organise by MMU rakan muda. 1st day, it was ok but bloody fucking hot in terengganu. it took about 14 hours to reach terengganu from malacca. due to the condition of the bus, the air-cond cannot function well, we can might say it wasnt a good started. In kuala ibai, we stayed at pusat kayak negeri terengganu. i dun have the pic but i could say it was a ok.. 1st day, we were divided into groups. i was in group 1, the purpose of dividing group is to let the participant to do some work or duties while we were there.

main concern there in kuala ibai is the mosquito..!! damn itchy. i dunno where the hell these mosquito come from and also the toilet/shower place. damn fucking small and for boys there's only 1 toilet. the participant consist 18 boys and 16 gals (not including the intructor) .

our intructor or coach for teaching us the kayaking is mr.mizi, abang ayob and en.syafiee (others cant remember their name).

1st and 2nd day, we being teached how to kayak, padling, how to save our life if the kayak flip. 3rd day, we're kayaking from kuala ibai to kapas island, i was paired up with matt. we were bickering the whole day while kayaking out there. fucking damn tired and my hands are burning like hell. it took bout 3 and a half hour to reach kapas island. damn beautiful. on 4th day, we got test for star 1 and 2. this test is to qualified us to show that we can handle any situation regardings to kayak stuff. all participant pass the test. i manage to capture some picture there.

this is matt, nina and me at kapas island.

damn nice ar the island

on 5th day, while returning from kapas island to kuala ibai (yes we kayaking again) my kayak fliped at the deep sea. lucky we learned the whole stuff, me and matt didnt panic and lucky there's people around us helping us. thax to fareza and partner, who gave signal to the intructor, they came and save me and matt. it was fun kayaking. but damn tired .. it took us about 3 hours to get back to kuala ibai.. here are some pic i took in kuala ibai..

here are some info bout kapas island.
  1. the island damn beautiful
  2. bring lots of sunblock.. trust me u needed it
  3. be prepare of the damn mosquito. damn big big.
  4. bring lots of money
  5. bring ur googles mask
  6. be careful of those sea urchin. damn lot there

all i can say bout kapas island is that, they are fucking beautiful but fucking hot hot hot. if wanna sun tanned there, u should go to kapas island. for me, my face, hands are burned. now need to buy lots of fair & lovely to get back my own colour skin.