Tuesday, January 29, 2008

new new new

new sem, new attitude, new stuff..!!

hohohoho started new class yesterday. cant update blog coz internet has not yet install at my new place. huhuuh ok new stuff bout me, just got myself new phone. SE K770i.. huhuhu it cost me a lot..!! huhuuh and i got it using my own money.. not from dad, not from mom or anyone else.. damn proud coz can get things using own money. hehehehe

so this mean after i get my access internet at home, i can upload new pic every day.. yeay..!!

ok so my new wish this year is to be naughty as much as i can.. err i guess i hav to take that back coz er i am being too naughty and almost cause a chaos.. huhuhuh but it was fun being naughty. but then again,it get me into a lot of trouble. huhuhuhu

miss my sayang, its been a while i havents see my sayang. oh well wat can i say, i understand the job. well maybe after i graduate i can move to kl and stay with my sayang.. hopefully that wish can be fulfill. huhuhuhu

Sunday, January 20, 2008

happy jb happy

today, i went to jb.. took a train from kluang (my lovely hometown).. its been a while i havent take a train to anywhere. i took 11am train and arrived jb around 12 45pm. the train stopped near city square mall. i was alone today. huhuhuh

the purpose i came to jb is to meet someone.. hehehehhe promise my fren to meet at 2pm.. while i was waiting for my fren, hehehehe my sayang suddenly arrived at the city sqiare with some of the tourist. darnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. wahahhahaha 2 date at a same time. NO laa.. just kidding.. i promise to meet my fren but when my sayang came, it was unexpected..

ok so i choose to be with my sayang. jalan2 inside city square with my sayang. it was fun. oh got sales some more. hehehhe

althou i met my sayang for a short time only.. i was so happy got to spend time wit my sayang.. hahahaha

i came back home kluang around 10pm. althou i wanna spend a nite in jb, i couldnt do that cause there's no more room in jb.. all full house.. huhuhuhuhuh

cant wait to meet my sayang again.. oh im dying to meet my sayang.. im soOOo in love wit my sayang :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

dating again

erkkkkkkkkkkkkk my stomach is bloated..!! huhuu thax to my sayang belanja me sushi king, i ate a lot.. a mean A LOT.. huhuhuhu after eating at sushi king, we went to watch movie.. The House. a thailand scary movie.. the movie ok laaa.. and i like watching movie with my sayang..

thax sayang for belanja me today.. oh u said u going to jb for 4 days.. im gonna miss u.. love u so much

Sunday, January 13, 2008

genting here i come

hahaha if yesterday, i went to mlk, today i went to kl.. ehehehehehehe ok yesterday i arrived kl around 10pm, upon arriving kl, went to kl and wrote blog bout my trip to mlk.. now i wanna write and share my trip to genting.. hehehe
ok operation genting. me, zerrie, zack, indra, epul and aizat. 6 of us has planned to genting for a while. so we decided to go genting this week
this morning, we wake up at 7am cause our bus to genting is at 9am. we took the package to genting which cost us RM42 each for a trip to genting, and an outdoor and indoor park

inside the bus, aizat,zerrie, indra and epul

me and zack

after arrive genting, the first thing we do is taking pic laaa hehehehe then we str8 away went to the outdoor. and played the spinning i dunno wat its name is.. hehhee

inside cable car and in front of genting theme park

playing the spinning stuff

my first merry go round.. heheheh

me at the Top Gun.. hehehe fly fly away

wOOoohoo. damn scary but yet fun.. hehhe

when outside was raining, we went inside to play indoor game like this bamm bamm car

at the Gondola of Frace.. heheeh

me and zack at the lake .

hahahaha actually there's so many pic i wanna show. but cannot upload all here laaa.. hehehehe

at genting we played so many stuff like dragon roller coaster, watch the 3D, ride a merry go round, play indoor roller coaster, we tried this and that. over all i can say, we played almost 70% of the games that hav at the outdoor park.. hehehehe and i was so damn happy laaa..

another wish came true.. hehehehehe

ok people, u guys can view some of the pic at my myspace.. just add me at www.myspace.com/aj_arip my email to add me is aj_arip@hotmail

till next time.. hahahaha life is so great at this moment.. i really really enjoy my holiday...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

holiday in mlk

waaaaa im damn happy laaa.. i feel my life so complete. sorrounding wit people i love and those who love me.. really had a great holiday.. went mlk on friday, and stay a nite in mlk and hav fun on the saturday for the whole day wit my super duper fren.
went to the museum, jetty, dataran pahlawan.. i was the tour guide for my beloved tour guide. heehhehe ok here are some pic of me and my tour guide. enjoy the pic

me staring at a pic

at famosa

just the two of us

at the jetty..

me and the sunset

i took this picture and i likeee.. hehehe proud of myself

watching the sunset

overall i can say i had a great time in mlk with my beloved fren, who always be by my side and advise me, and always guide me and be there for me when i hav problems.. thank you dear fren..

i did enjoyed myself.... life is so great for me

Monday, January 7, 2008

pic of my birthday.~

hehehe here are some pic of me during my birthday
enjoy ya..
me blowing my birthday cake

just having fun with my fren

birthday gift from my sayang... thax sayang love u soOOo much

p/s: i had so much fun during my 1st birthday celebration

Sunday, January 6, 2008

birthday boy..

hahahaha my birthday was on 4th january.. huhuhu during my birthday, i had to celebrate it by focusing my eaxm.. darn.. exam on ur birthday.. huhuhh but its ok.. get use to it..

ok after my birthday, went to kl.. err i went with nina, since nina doesnt hav any ticket from malacca to kl, i had to accompany her to seremban, from seremban i took a bus to kl..

i promised my fren that we will go clubbing once i arrived in kl. i arrived kl at 11pm, upon arriving at my fren's place, suddenly someone hug me from behind.. it was my sayang who hugged..! hahahaha

my sayang wish me a happy birthday. i was so bloody damn happy coz i thought our relationship was over yet i still love my sayang.. i invited my sayang to go clubbing but my sayang dun wanna go. but its ok. so later that nite, before i went to clubbing, i had to send my dearest so called abang angkat (not real abang angkat, just main2) to bangi. zack couldnt joint me to clubbing coz he had to go work on saturday.. apa laaa zack..

i arrived at the club around 1am huhuhuhu lucky the club still open. i had fun that nite..

the next day on 5th january, i woke up at 10. the nite after clubbing i slept at husz place coz on the 5th i hav a date wit my sayang.. husz house and my sayang house is just very near.

that morning, i woke up at 10 getting ready coz at 11 going out wit my sayang.. oh i drove abang fuad's car . he was not in kl coz the nite before, we went to kelantan. yeay free driving.

after fetching my sayang, we went to zerrie's house. stay there at his place till 4pm..

after that, we went to karaoke. my sayang belanja me. hehehehe in karaoke, there's me, my sayang, zerrie, aizat, epul, and am. we sang n sang n sang. suddently my sayang give me a surprise..

hahaha my sayang bought me a big chocolate cake from secret receipe.. hahahaha i love chocolate cake.. they all sing a happy birthday song's to me. i was so touched coz honestly this is the first time i celebrate my birthday wit my love's one. hahahaha one of my wish this year has already fulfilled.

my wish is to celebrate birthday wit my sayang. althou we broke up already but i dun feel like we broke up coz we chat like usual, we talked like nrmal couple talk, so i dun exactly say we broke up already.

for my birthday, i got sweater from husz, a necklace from africa from nina (she got it on ebay), a chocolate from lynn, and a lots and lots of wishes from my fren.. hahahahaha oh and dun forget a WATCH from my sayang..

A BIG THANK YOU to my sayang. hahahaha finally i got something from my sayang. and trust me, the gift u gave me, i wont take it out and i promise i'll take a good care of it.. hahahaha i was so damn happy laaaaa this week.

my mood is so good. and thank u again my fren for everything u guys did for me.. lalalalala im so bloody damn happy..

by the way, my wish for my birthday is that i can hav a good time with my sayang and my fren. oh oh i will upload pic of my birthday later in my myspace and freindster. heehhehehe thank u again my fren. love u guyz

p/s : actually i hav so many things to share but i rather keep it for myself and this memory i will make sure i treasure it in my mind forever

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new year..!!

Happy New Year to all BLOGGERS..!!

hehehe my new year this year was superb.. all i can say is that i had a very nice new year celebration :P for those who knew how i celebrate my new. plz keep it as a secret ya ahakks..

i had fun celebrate new year..!! thax to B i dun hav to spend new alone hehehe ..

happy new year to all my dearest fren..!! love u guys

may ur wish wil come true this year..