Friday, March 28, 2008

squash competition..??

SQUASH CLUB:> MMU CLOSE SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPDear all, Squash Club will be holding MMU close squash tournament on the following date: Date : 11th April 2008 – 13 April 2008

Venue : MMU Squash Court Malacca Campus

Category : Male Single & Female

Single Students who are interested can came to our booth on 31 March to 2nd April (CLC Concourse) from 10pm to 4pm to register themselves. Participant must be MMU.

Any requirement, please contact Merlynda Lee 017-6736034 Or Nick Hiew 012-8609490 Thank You. Best Regards, Squash Club Multimedia University (Malacca Campus)


huhuhuh i wanna joint the competition but little bit scared laaa coz im a beginner. so nervous a bit la...

should i joint or not ya.. ermm ermmm but this is the chance for me to test my ability

routine of the day... weather hot

today the weather is so hot.. but the water in my house is so cold ... huhuhuh freezing man when i take my shower.. huhuhhuh tonite also hot..

this week i got an exam but the funny thing is, i didnt study so much, instead, i read online manga. hehehehe i think im addicted to manga already... by the way, manga is a type of comic book.. the illustration is damn good and nice..

ok it seems the happiness i seek is closer than i think it is.. hehehe so damn happy. but at the same time, i feel scared too..

well this because im so get to use of being single and now im scared to involve in another relationship.. its not that i scared of getting hurt again but i scared if i cant be a good bf like i used to.. im getting used of being naughty.. huhuuu it was fun being naughty.. u naughty wit that person but yet not having an intimate time wit them.. not fooling around exactly but u know intend being naugty like the pegeoun bird.. like the malay said, jinak jinak merpati..?? hehehehe

ok i saw this one cool page.. hahaha i cant believe it till i see it :P check it out at hahaha forget the edison chen but look at the babe hehehehehe

man this guy is so lucky.. fuyoooOOOOooo... hahahaha

ok wanna go to bed now.. hey look at the time babe, its almost 3.. it past my bed time already.. so going to bed now..

man i wish there will be someone be by my side now..

Saturday, March 15, 2008

a dream..?

wooOOOoooaaahhhHHHhh... today i sleep a lot.. last nite, i slept from 9pm to 6am, then 8am to 11am, 1pm to 3pm, and 4 30 pm to 6 30pm.. hahahhahha i think i hav sleep for more than 12 hours kot :P

but the best thing about sleeping is that i got a lot of inspiration.. hahahaha

but the best dream i remembered is that, i saw someone i used to love/ still love has met an accident. he was driving wit another fren, and then stoped by at a warung and when he comes out from the car (he was at the driver seat) he was being hit by another car.. huhuhuhuh so sad.

then i woke up from the dreams but i still inside my dream, its like a dream in another dream..

ok then i was in my class. and i heard an argument, a gal she was pregnant and she called her bf informing him she was pregnant. she was talking loudly and walking out from the class..

suddenly i was in a hostel. i saw that gal she was chatting wit her fren, and suddenly a plumpy man, wearing baby blue baju melayu, knocking on her door. i think he was the warden, he said he heard wat happen to the gal and they talked.

after he finish talking wit that gal, i came across him and ask for his advice. i told him that i dreamt that someone i loved/used to love was going to die in an accident. i told him i dreamt bout this twice and no matter wat i do he still going to die.. and surprisingly he told me this,

"if he's going to die, it is a fate. no matter wat you do, he is still going to die. you just had had him (her) so let things be the way they are."

i was shock to hear him say that. and i was crying in my dream. i was so sad. then i woke up from bed.

i sat on my bed and think bout the dream. they say, a dream is just a dream. but for me, if i dream something and i can remembered it clearly, then it must meant something. so i think the meaning of my dream is like this.

ok i admit i like someone. but no matter how hard you tried to be wit him (her) and if he was not meant to be wit you, you cant do nothing bout it. just let it go. there's lot of other people waiting to be wit u. so just learn to let something go.

well its true thou coz right now, in my heart, i cant let my past go away. im still holding onto it. i know its not good but i'll try to let it go. step by step..

the act of the day

saya nk masak sambal udang.. huhuhuhuh

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

blahh blahhh blankk

hujan oh hujan kenapa engkau turun, macam mana aku tak turun, katak panggil aku..

haihhhhh tu laaaa lagu yg terngiang ngiang dlm telinga beli hari hujan.. huhhuhh hujan da turun utk beberapa hari.. ni demam pon sebab hujan kot.. but i tak salahkan hujan, kerana hujan mmg satu rahmat dari Tuhan..

huhuhuh adehhh masa kita sakit laaa kita akan tau saper kawan2 kita kan :) takpe takpe.. ada ubi ada batas ada hari sudah pasti ku balas.. heheheeh best ke jadi pendendam?

:P kalau sesaper perasan, ni da kali ke-3 aku tulis blog dlm bahasa melayu.. tapi takpe laaa..

tadi lynn belanja makan.. kenyang perut.. heheheh k laa malas nk tulis lagi..

p/s : huh ada org kekwat ngan aku, takpe, nanti aku kekwat dengan ko balik

Monday, March 10, 2008

benci bila demam

sangat bosan bila kita demam and takde orang nak jaga kita.. huhuhuhu terutama bila kita tak punya sesaper buat masa ini... huhuhuhuh masalahnya, ada ke org jaga kita kalau kita tgh bercouple? huhuhuhu semuanya kena buat sendiri.. masa demam ni laaa kita akan terpikir, alamak naper laaa kita tak buat menda ni ni and ni masa kita sihat..

huhuhuu tapi masa sihat pon, kita tak buat apa apa.. so kena demam ke tak ke, sama je kot. wahahahaha tapi yg tak best bila kita demam, hingus akan mengalir je.. adehhhh exam ari khamis, tapi ni tgh demam.. camna nak amik exam nie

mereka berkata, demam ni rahmat dari tuhan agar kita bermuhasabah diri. ya masa ini laaa teringat kat mak, nak bermanja manja dengan mak, nak suruh mak beli bubur ayam mcD.. huhuhuhuh

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

memories... remain

as i read this one thread, about those who was born on the 80's, and the things that we do when we were kids, really make me smile. ok i was born on 1985. i attend kindergarden when i was 6 years old and that time, it was on 1991. i remembered, when i was a kid, i dunno how to expose myself. coz i feel like im in my own world. i'm afraid to be fren wit other kids, cause at that time, my dad works wit the POS, and each time he send me to kindergarden using his old scooter really embarassed me :P sorry dad, i was young at that time.

let just say, im a quiet kid during kindergarden, i dun hav much frens. i feel isolated from other fren. but i still remember the kid who sat next to me in kindergarden. his name is abdullah. u know, since i was a little, i spend most of my time at home. alone. mom and dad works, it just early in the morning, dad send me to kindergarden, and fetch me in the afternoon, everday. after fetch me, he went to work. so my life can be said a little bit boring. nothing special during my kindergarden laaa :(

1992 to 1997 i went to primary school, Sek Rendah Tunku Mahmood 2. my life school is still the same. boring. seriusly. im not a popular kid in school. im not good in sports, everage in study, and very to myself a lot. i pretty much hate in primary. urghhhhh i wish i dun see this people again. during school, i hav few frens. let me recall their names, ermmm i remember fadli, aznor, safuan, i think thats it kot. huhuhhhuhu seriusly, i hate primary school. so sad ehh but i do mix around wit the kids in my taman, we played softball, catching fish near the longkang2 (hey i was small), stealing stuff (yup i was a naughty boy), cycling here and there and came back home late, skipping school, and stuff. and i remembered being whipp by my dad huhhuhuhu for doing bad stuff. i played marbles wit my fren in front of my house and etc..

differs from primary, i pretty much like to attend my secondary school. my school is not an elite school nor the smartest school in town. but it is well known for sports. but most importantly, my school was being labelled as one of the top 3 gangster school in the district. and till now i wonder why. all my life, i really enjoyed my secondary school. here, i met lots of fren which till now, i believe if i meet them, they would still remember me as their fren.

i attended secondary school from 1998 till 2003. my school name is SMK Taman Kluang Barat. here i can tell u this, i have lots of fren. let me name them ya, johan, didie, hani, mesrani, aznor, hafizan, hafiz, azlin (besor), azlizawati (mamak), mahesh, azridah & azriha (the twins), safiah, norazuan, and many more. i quite like secondary school because, im kinda popular :P in school.

i was the prefect and librarian at the same time, im active in debates, i joint the swimming team, i was on the hocky team under 17 (that was when i was 15), i joint the drama team and many more. let just say im quite active and attractive when i was in high school. hehehehe seriusly :P

what i wanna share wit u guys is that, althou im 23 now, i still cherrish the memory i had in high school. it was fun and lots of drama as well. oh oh i remembered when i was in form 4, i almost get caught for sharing/producing/ dealing wit sex stuff like porno stories, pic and gossip and vcd and all wit my partner in crime at that moment,joe. hahahahaha but the best part is that since im a prefect, i always helped my fren from getting caught in any act they did. u can say, im a rebelious prefect in school. when i was form 4, i decided to resign from being the prefect. the dicipline teacher asked me why i wanna quit from being a prefect. my reason, prefect are boring and they do a lot of work which sometimes i hate. yup i told him that. and the best part i like during my senior time in school, is arguing with the caunselor in school. till now i dun believe in any caunselor. they are just CRAP and cannot be trusted..!!

oh yeah, wat im so pround of my fren till now is that, althou we studied in a school that are being labelled as the gangster's school in the district, we managed to prove to our fren who studied in the smartest school so called, that hey WE MANAGE TO STUDY TILL UNIVERSITY, SUCKER...!! hahahahaha tu laa understimate us lagi.. hehehehe.. oOOo how i wish i can tell them str8 to their faces that hey im a future lawyer.. hahahahahaha

*sigh... how i wish i can meet up wit my fren again.. really miss them

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


oh man... duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh does anyone know wat is SLUT and NAUGHTY is? oh come on.. just because u being a naughty doesnt mean u are a slut too.. halloOOOoo .. wake up people...!! there's a differences between SLUT and NAUGHTY..!!

ok i admit, im being too naughty already. but all i do is wanna hav fun. i dun simply do sex with people.. duhhhhhhh its good being naughty. i mean, people wanna get to know me, so i open up too them. i just being goofy, fun, a little bit sarcastic and fun and thats why people like me.. but it seems, some people are getting wrong bout me. they said i rub people's back on purpose for my own benefit like i wanna show off or something

it wasnt my fault if they think somethings else is happening between us. i didnt rub they wrongly. i told them, im just being naughty to them and not more than that. YUP, i told that to their face before im getting naughty with them..

my rules are simple. i asked them, can i be naughty with them? if they said cannot, i wont be naughty wit them. but normally they said yes, i can be naughty with them. and is it my fault if i said NO when they wanna hav sex? hallo, READ MY LIPS.. JUST NAUGHTY NO SEX..!!

huh, some of my fren said im SLUT just because they see m befren with a lot of people, hanging out wit different people,.. im not saying they're jeleous of me but i cant see why they called me SLUT.. i did inform them that i just wanna be naughty wit this this this and this person. and as far as im concern, they know im just being naughty. that one i dun get it..???

ok let me tell u my defination of SLUT..

a SLUT is a person who will hav sex wit anyone he/she met. they dun intend to further any relationship but just wanna satiesfied their need. which is LUST. they dun care with whom they are with, where they are and simply said, anywhere, anytime at any place.

NAUGHTY: is when u just wanna have fun WITHOUT sex. i dun do those kind of fuckin fucking stuff. kissing is not a slut, its naughty. u whispering to their ears, telling them how seksi they are, u flirting wit them, but NO SEX.. that is naughty..

oh GOD..!! why cant they understand this simple words..!! urghhhhhhhhhhhh

ok so i am naughty, but that doesnt mean i am a playboy. i didnt hurt anyone's feelings. i asked people (that i like) whether i can be naughty with them or not, the catch is, im just being naughty but no sex involved. if they said yes i can, so im just being naughty je laaa..

well wat the heck. doesnt matter wat they think. i know wat im doing, and i never across that boarder. so technically i am not wrong, but morally, yes i am.. hahahaha