Tuesday, February 26, 2008

aiyaiyai... darn the good time in me

aiyaiyai... hahahah always wanted to say that words :P ok its been a while i havent blog.. am i? i guess coz my BELOVED fren CRYS (who actually forgot bout me for the prom *sob sob*) has change her blog.. alaaa normal laa kids.. they always change something new.. after this change me as fren la (*sob sob*) waaaaaaaaaaa.. dah laaa dun wanna sad bout people anymore...

oh yes mentioning sad bout people, im sure now some of my fren knew i broke up already.. but the fact is, i dun really sad bout it.. ok laa maybe for 2 or 3 days but now i feel relieve . i dunno why, maybe coz someone has approach me and open up my heart.. la la la la la dun wanna tell people who unless im ready bout it..

la la la la..my life has never been better (*sob sob* besides being forgotten by fren), untill last nite, i realize that i smile a lot these few weeks. hahahaha isnt that a good sign? i hav frens, who support me, i hav someone who i think care for me, i hav my dash and pappy who always play wit me (yeah i change my tortoise's name), and i have classes to attend.. i dun feel empty, (unless when i sleep alone laa i feel lonely), these things, makes me happy and smile all day long..

i realize that i have a busy life and doesnt have the time to think bout sad stuff. ok not that busy laa coz im online almost 24/7. but thats good right..??

oooOOoo hahaha this is the best part for me, the only side effect of i cutt off my previous relationship, is i became toOOoo NAUGHTY.. yes, its the truth, i just cant stop being the naughty boy.. and i guess people like it.. LoL..

spooky eh.. but dun worry, i'll stop naughty once im on relationship again, which i believe it will soon happen.. right know, im getting to know someone.. hehehhehe oh NO NO it is not a bounce relationship coz im soOoo over it wit my previous relationship. all i wanna do now is taking a slowly step to get to know this person.

ok wat else ya, ermmm oh i bought a racket squash.. LoL eh did i mention that on my previous blog? oh wat ever.. la la la la

ohh yes, only one thing that make me SAD now.. i LOST my vest..!!! PROM is just around the corner and i dunno wat to wear..!! DARN..!! huhhuhuuhuuu nevermind, i had to work out something else laaaa.. ok wanna take shhower. got class later on

p/s: my ex sayang, hehehehe if u read this, im glad we're still fren but u dun hav to worry bout me, im a big boy now (am i..??) and i can take care of myself.. expect the unexpeceted.. heheheheh

Thursday, February 21, 2008

people nowadays ar....

*sorry for those who terasa for wat im about to say*

so this morning i went back to my kampung to see wats going on after the funeral of my grandma. i didnt see they burried my grandma as my bus to BP is at 11 and they burried her around 10 30am

ok thats not wat im about to say.. wat im about to mention/say here is during the tahlil they did tonite.. its normal for muslim to hav a tahlil for those who hav passed away. during the tahlil, i sat next to my cousin. then one by one people came and shake our hands. and this is where the interesting part come.

as those people, the villagers came, they shake my hand. and wat im quite surprise is they way they shake (salam) my hands.. LoL some of them are like very cold. they are not shaking my hands properly, instead they just like touching the skin of ur hands and quicky pull up they hands.

oh come one people.. if u wanna shake others hand like that, better dun.. dun think u guys are the elders u guys can do watever u like to do.. that is so ARROGANT..!! and even during the tahlil, i saw few people actually sleep.. yes i mean SLEEP.. LoL..

if u guys wanna sleep then go back home laaa.. or maybe, the purpose u guys came to tahlil is just to have free food.. LOL..

honestly, i also feel tired and sleepy, yet i brave my eyes to open and finish the tahlil.. get over guys.. 1st u came and before the tahlil start, u keep on chatting wit ur fren, then during tahlil, u sleepm and after tahlil.. waaaaaaa so refresh ar.. COZ its EATING TIME..! LoL

ok so the morale of the story.. i dunno wat.. hahahahaha i just wanted to express my feelings here.. heheheh have a great day

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

why family is important

just now, my mom called me.. she said grandma has passed away this late afternoon. i was kinda shock and feel blank..

and after i hung up on my mom, i sat down on my bed and all the picture of my grandma came to my mind. althou im not that close to her, she's still my grandma and without my grandma, there wouldn't be my dad and there wouldn't be me..

and i was thinking... my dad lost his dad around less than 5 years ago, and now he lost his mom.. maybe its hard on him.. and someday im gonna through the same situation like my dad.. and i thought have i spend enough time with my family? frens? or loves one?

hav u guys ever thought of losing someone close to ur heart and realise u hav not spend enough time with them and its too late to realise it when the times comes? lucky for me, i still have another grandma (my mom side), and i really wanted to manja2 wit her but feel shy/ashamed to do so coz im 23 right now.. Does age matters to manja2 wit old people?

im still manja2 wit my mom althou im 23.. and i realise that althou i spend lots of time wit her, does this mean i hav fulfill my obligation as her child? i look at my photo album.. and i realised that there's plenty of pic of me and my fren but there's only few of pic of me and my family..

so is this mean im shy wit my family? guys, althou we love-hate our family, they are still our family. so i think we better cherrish them while we still can.. and one of my fren told me, since he and his siblings lost their parents, the bond between the sibling is not strong compare to while they have their parents..

for example, during raya or chinese new year or even xmass, why we go back home? its because we wanted to celebrate this holiday wit our parents.. but wat happen if our parents has gone away.. are we still gonna meet up our siblings like we used to? i dun think so cause in our mind, we wil set that we have our own life and maybe our own family and we're too busy with our new life and forgot bout our own brother and sister..

so wat im gonna do now is try to balance time between my family, frens and loves ones. no matter where we are, just keep in touch with them coz we never know when they gonna leave us and we might not listen to their voices again.. althou sometimes it annoys to hear ur mom or dad babling on u, we better appreciate it right now coz we might not hav the same chance again..

Monday, February 18, 2008

new room...

everyone keep on asking me, why the hell i choose red for my wall..?? red look so stress, makes one feel anger, too hot, not comfortable..
hey people..!! i choose wat i want in my room.. its not like u guys help me paint the wall.. duhhhhh i like red and white.. so what? DEAL wit it people.. plus. i think red is suits for me.. hahaha its good to have hot colours when u having sex.. feels like u are HOT right..?? hahahahaha

my bed

love this bed

my sacred stuff.. hahahaha

my final touch before i go to somewhere else

hahahaha i just love my room. this year, red hot.. next year deep BLUE sea.. hahahaha

cheers people

Sunday, February 17, 2008

la la la la naughty in me..?

*sigh* since i got new camera phone, i cant stop taking pic.. huhuhu and since i had a divorce, i cant stop myself from being naughty.. i mean REAL NAUGHTY boy..

a witty, sneaky, naughty devil me.


*BUZZ OFF people if u think my page is too deceivefull to be watch/read.. i didnt ask u to read my blog so i'll will do way i wanna do.. *

Saturday, February 16, 2008

it ends here...

ermm segala nya da berakhir dan ia berakhir dengan aman.. but i didnt expect it was so easy for u to end it.. but i want u to know, seriously, u are the best damn thing that ever happen to me. and u change my life..

now starting from today onward, i'll be on my own and i know i can get through this..

sayang just wanna let u know, i really really really love u.

Friday, February 15, 2008

latest me..?

well its been a while i havent update my blog and yes i havent got my strymix yet.. haiyohhhh damn laaaaaaaaaaa... well the latest story bout me is like this...

LIFE: as u all know, i hav new phone already, so i applied for celcom broadband, and yes i can online using my phone.. but the prob is, i wanted to online 24/7 and i cant use my phone to be the modem for 24/7.. for sure it will explode.. huhuhu and now here i am still waiting for my strymix..

LOVE: yes im still with my sayang but right now im thinking to breaking up with my sayang.. reason is becoz my sayang is getting to know other person and i cant stop my sayang coz my sayang has the right to choose with whom they wanna be.. so even if it hurt my heartt seing them together, it is for the best of us.. my sayang wanna get marry and im not the right person so i just let it go laa.. i had to. i knew this will come so i had to make a choice..

MONEY: money, i dun hav any prob.. oh oh i need to buy new shoes for my squash class. lucky it will cost me cheap.. hehehehe

STUDY: oh yes, study.. ermmm erkkk oOOoo arrrr ok laaaaa. so far so good laaa

FAMILY: i love my family, no problem at all...