Friday, October 31, 2008

so sad

today feeling sad coz i realize that no one love me today..

the end

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dun be afraid

dun be afraid to make mistake as u learn from them. im not afraid to make mistake while doing my attachment here. but im afraid that might let my master down as she hoping for me to make a good work. im not afraid to be scolded by her coz i know this is one part of life learning. but fortunately she didnt mad or scold at me coz i havent make any fatal or big mistake. hope i wont make any.

Friday, October 24, 2008

end of first week working

ok, i was suppose to update my blog 2 days ago but my bos 'kick' me out from office coz he wanna lock the door. hahahahah see im a workaholic. just wanna work work and work :P ok this week is been up and down week for me.

2 days ago, the office boy told me and my master (my lawyer whom i work with now,miss suri) that one original letter has gone missing. huhuuuhu i was afraid it was my mistake. sob sob*

today work not so heavy. i mange to cope up with all the work given to me now. only the first day and 2nd day im kinda nervous coz i cannot get use to work in office and dunno wat to do. but now, im doing great. just now, 2 staff here asked me, whether i've work before in a law firm. i told them this was my first time, they said they were impress of me coz it seems like i've done this kind of work before. it really cheer up my day. and also, sharitz's sister, kak Ani, who work in the same firm as me, told shariz that im a hard working staff.. hehehehe so blush blush laaa...

well its 6pm now, its time for me to go back home. i really love working here, althou i prefer to do criminal and litigation, but doing land matters its not so bad. ok one big mistake that i made while im working is that i always miss-look at the small small detail like the numbers, the spelling and all. i cant help it, maybe im so eager to work i make this mistake. my master keep on remind me to not make the small mistake as it will be vital expecially if its related tp agreement.

i feel so sad coz its like i dissapoint my master. she must have high expectation from me. but i wont surrender that easily. this wont stop me from trying to learn new stuff.. ok till next time . bye

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ok im gonna write real quick..

im writing this at my work place.. huhuu cant online ym, myspace etc. so frustrated. i love my work place but yesterday another lawyer told me that there/s one piece of paper is gone and without that paper, that cant submit the file to land registration. i dunno whether it is my fault coz i've done triple check with my master (my lawyer that im working with) huhuuu so sad..

ok if anyone wanna email me, just email me at my yahoo mail which is i advice u to just copy paste this email adress coz its kinda confusing. coz normally people will mistake with the o and 0.

ok catch ya later. wanna do some work today..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

wat a day

arghhhhhh finaly, exam finish.. a bit relief. dun care how i did for my exam, as long as i finish my paper then its alright.. huhuhhu..

ok today, a good fren of mine, sara nina came to malacca, she arrived after i finish my last paper. me, matt and lynn fetch her at Melaka Central and then we went for lunch. after lunch, we str8 away went to lynn's place to hang out.

sara came to mlk coz she is moving to new place. well i kinda like her new place but then again, she complain much coz there's no internet at her place. oh well, her bad. LoL

after u help her moving her stuff, we stayed at a lynn's place for a while coz later tonite we have plan. ok later that nite, we went to Jonker street. Jonker street is well known for a place where tourist came and we can buy lots of cheaper stuff there. Jonker street is also famous for the food and bar.

so we went to eat at this one good place. yummmmmy it was damn delicious. well if my fren come over to malacca, i will bring them to this place. i will recommend them to try the food at this place.

afte had our dinner, we went to air keroh playground. there we played Uno for a while and damn i lost to matt.. hahahahahahha after that we went for late nite supper at Kedai Kuning near the EP Apartment. we also played uno there till they closed the shop huhuhuhuhuhu

later we continued playing Uno at lynn's place. hahah it was damn funny coz me and sara tag team to defeat matt.. :P

tonite, i'll be sleeping at lynn's room together with sara and matt. Oh God, matt snorred like a err.... i dunno how to explain hahahaha.. so loud the snorring. huhuhh i cant sleep next to him coz i wont be able to sleep so i guess i will be sleeping at the floor. sara already sleep soundly at another bed while lynn is surfing the internet.. probably chat with her new toy boy hahahahaha... or editting the pic we took earlier on. hey i will post the pic we took today later on coz now, im using matt's laptop to write this blog.

actually im quite happy coz today, the four of us gather together and had fun. its been a while for the four of us to hang out toegther coz sara, she has been staying in Kl for a while. huhuhuhu well now she's here and i will sure cherrish the moment that the four of us had fun today.

well till next time.. eh h forgot to tell ya all.. after this BYE BYE malacca for 3 month coz i'll be doing my pratical training in KL at one legal firm. cant wait to start working this monday. and i'll be staying at one of my fren house in KL..

ok till next time... bye bye

oh yeah last nite someone use my laptop. and SHE accidently open my recycle bin and she saw something that she shouldnt see. huhuhhuhuhuh now im no longer a virgin coz she has seen the side of of which only people had seen (am i still a virgin????? hahahaha u decide) . huhuhuuuhu damn u S.N hahahahaha opss i accidently shout ur name S.N hehehhehe

anyway, i dun mind coz i like my body, its hot yummmy and sexy.. LOL.. ok now i can go to bed hehehehehe

Thursday, October 16, 2008

shit does happen

finalllllllllllllllllllllyy ....!! now i can write new bloggie. huhuhuhuhu

its been a while coz my house got problem with the internet connection.. huhuhuh hey hey i have few half naked pic that i took for myself and i was thinking to post it in my bloggie but ermmmm then again, i dun need to show anyone my sexiness hahahahahahaa

having exam now and i dun think i did well this semester.. huhuhuh im soOoo gonna kill myself

Saturday, October 4, 2008

my family fun

family pic...

sister, dad and mom and of course me :D

me and mommy.. love you mom

yusof (lil bro) naz (2nd bro) me, dad and mom

me and lil cousin.. cute

me full cloth

family members :P

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1st day raya

aiyaya.. pretty tired today. woke up at 6 30am..i dunno why the hell i woke up early in the morning.. oh yeah, today raya for muslim. so around 8am went the mosque, there met joehan and salim. its been a while havent met them. they still alive hahahahaha

then around 11am, its forgiving time, i asked forgiveness from dad and mom. forgive me for all the wrong doing i've made mom, dad.

then, went to my brother's in law house. yawnnn.. pretty tired thou. later went to grandma's house and came back home around 8 30pm,

later, went to fatima's house. hahaha its been a while i havent meet her. we gossip lots of things. hey hey old time buddy. chit chat chit chat, then went back home.

yeah, this year, no money given to me huhuuuhu so sad so sad. hey im still study, so better gimme some cash huhhuhu. anyway, i took lots of pic and gonna upload it later. well i kinda forgot to bring my cable's usb phone, so cant transfer the pic in my phone to my laptop.

anyway, so damn tired now, am going to sleep.. huhuhhuu nite nite and miss my honey huhuhuu