Sunday, December 30, 2007

sayang kat husz

huszzzzzzzzzz.. THANK YOU for the early birthday present..!!

i will NOT OPEN it till my birthday ya.. althou i know wat it is but i promise myself that i wont open it till my birthday.. love u husz.. thank once again..

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

just divorced

i just got divorced by my sayang.. oh well, now im single already.. huhuhuhu
so sad.. really. im sad now. it just i dunno how to show it..

guess i'll celebrate my birthday alone.. but then again, im used to it.. i never had a chance to celebrate birthday with my sayang or any of my ex. but its ok. im used to it.

anyway, althou we broke up already, i just want to let my sayang to know that, i will always love u. even my heart is deeply hurt, want u to know that u're the best for me..

goodbye my sayang.. we're just fren after this. and trust me, i'll treat u like a fren only. not more than that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

things i want for my birthday

well these are the list i want for my birthday.. im not picky, anyone can give me anything but i will people know what i want laaaa... hehhehehe

  1. Sony ericsson K810i
  2. T-shirt from banana republic
  3. jacket
  4. shoes size 7
  5. mechanical pencil
  6. men's accessories
  7. beg
  8. PS 2
  9. pants
  10. stay in genting 3 days 2 nite
  11. free ticket concert
  12. CD's song.. i like jazz (joss stone), r&b
  13. shorts
  14. underwear size M
  15. necklace
  16. housing accessories

anyway.. i just accept watever people wanna give to me...

and by the way.. my birthday is on JANUARY,4th .......

but the best gift im hoping for, is to be with my sayang...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

torn apart

sayanggggggggggg.. im confuse...!?? i want to belive yes i do but at the same time people keep on telling me this and that...

but i choose to believe u.. plz dun disappoint me k

Monday, December 24, 2007

u sucks

u are such a BITCH...!!

i'm better that u..

will see wat will happen to you BITCH..!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

heart broken..?

all this while i've been giving u my heart
i was truely madly deeply in love with u.
u want me to understand u. and i tried. but have u ever understand my situation..?
i dun think you serious with this relationship. u're too defensive.
u never try to understand me.
my heart was totatlly broken. i'm tired of being the one who's doing the effort. i care for u and i love u like i always do.
if this situation keep on going,
i dun think it will go any further.
u want to know how much i understand u?
i know u hav someone else in ur life.
maybe i'm just a stop by person.
u drag me into this situation.
i tought i'm the one for u
one is just not enough for u.
or maybe
you will realize how much i love you.
maybe its too late for you to realize that....

sayang, i dunno how long can i wait... i hope u can feel what i feel..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Deadly Sin Are You?

You may be a little full of yourself, and some people may think your conceited...your either very egotistical or you just really love yourself...nothing wrong with that, but don't take it too can get annoying :)

What Kind Of Sex Should You Have?

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What Are You Destined to Be When You Grow Up?

A Total Independent
You march to the beat of your own little drummer. When you're faced with a challenge, you like to sit alone and work through in an independent and original manner. You generally think so far outside the box, you turn the box into an octagon. Congrats! This type of personality is perfect for being an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer or a Unabomber! Don't let those pesky logicians stand in your way. Your eccentricity is what makes you who you are and is going to be what helps you achieve great things in the world someday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

just another great weekend.. (II)

wahahahha its been a while i havent meet my old time buddy buddy from hometown (joe, didie,hanis, and mahesh), and today i realy had a great day with them.. spending time with them in malacca... thax guys

hanis, me, joe, and didie

hanis, mahesh, me, didie

i just had a great time with my hometown buddy. we enjoy ourself in malacca today.. hehehehe. hope this will not be the last.

Monday, December 10, 2007

great weekend (9/12/07)

hey hey.. i had a GREAT weekend.. hehehe jalan jalan in kl, taking pic here and there, karaoke with frens. yeah really had a great time.. i've been longing to enjoy myself..

yeay i jump and jump higher in the sky
(zack, zerrie and me)

with my mentor, my super hero (hyqcarl and me)

the fabulous 5 (zack,hyqcarl,me, fuad and zerrie)

fly again.... (me and zerrie)

overall, i can say, i had a great time with my fren. but still i hate zack :P the white shirt coz he's the one who always wanted to take picture and stole my spotlight for the day, hehehehe (just kidding ya zack)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

baby comeback

huhuhu tomoro got paper laa and i didnt study anything.. huhuhu how can i study? my mind keep on thinking bout my sayang.. huhuhu sayangggggggggggg... cepat laaa balik.. huhuhu me miss u much much..

huhuhu can i meet u in terengganu? i know u coming back on saturday morning.. huhu i wanna fetch u but u dun want me to. huhuhuhh i just receive ur sms, u said u're going bed coz u're too tired.. i know laa u tired.. tu laaa i asked u to get some rest and not to be a workaholic,but u dun wanna listen to me.. if u sick, im sick too.

sayangggggggggg.. balik laaaaaa cepat... me miss u muchh muchh many many


u called me again this afternoon. and im soOOo glad to hear ur voice. it just give me confidence. confidence to continue my life from having a misreable life. today i dunno why, my life so misreable.. u can say, im having a bad day.. from early morning till after u called me. when i heard ur voice, all the problems fade away. miss u like hell

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a song to sing

i dedicated this song personally to my sayang, wherever u are. if u read my blog, just wanna let u know, i love u soOOo much..
When you're close to tears remember
Someday it'll all be over
One day we're gonna get so high
Though it's darker than December
What's ahead is a different colour
One day we're gonna get so high
And at the end of the day remember the days
When we were close to the end
And wonder how we made it through the night
At the end of the day
Remember the way
We stayed so close to the end
We'll remember it was me and you
Cause we are gonna be
Forever, you and
willAlways keep me flying high in the sky
Of love
Don't you think it's time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day we're gonna get so high
Cause even the impossible
Is easy when we got each other
One day we're gonna get so high
And at the end of the day remember the days
When we were close to the end
And wonder how we made it through the night
At the end of the day
Remember the way
We stayed so close to the end
We'll remember it was me and you
Cause we are gonna be
Forever, you and me
You willAlways keep me flying high in the sky
Of love
by : Lighthouse Family
song : High

fly high in the sky

yeay..! u called me.. its REALLY good to hear from u. i miss u soOo badly. huhhuhu and most importantly, u said u love me like u always do. thank god for that. i love u soOo much. i dunno wat my life would be if im not with u.

urmmmm all i wanna do hear ur voice and it really calm me down. luv you soOo much. haiyohhh im so unstable laaa.. kejap like this,kejap like that. really really unstable laaa... but one thing for sure. me love u much much..

um huh

oh today i was being stopped by fat ass lady mmu guard coz im wearing my old jeans.. u know the koyak-koyak jeans. cehhh its 5pm.. cittt.. i dun feel the mood to argue with the lady so i just make 10 cen faces. bla bla bla they asked me why im wearing this jeans, and bla bla bla i got money and all and why i didnt wear proper jeans.. bla bla bla.. WATEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. anyway, it does cheer up my day.. hehehehe

current mode

im becoming crazy already.. i hate thinking of bad things and i dun wanna think it again.. enjoying my life

my decision..

u know, i was thinking, if its hard for me to think bout this, then it must be harder for u to keep it from me. i know it is hard for u to bare this on ur own, but trust me, if we discuss this thing together, we can overcome it. i've made up my mind. im going to meet u this friday, and we gonna talk bout. like an adult.

althou i act like a kid, but i think like an adult. so we should discuss this thing no matter wat. and trust me, any decision u make, i will accept it with my heart wide open. im willing to take this risk. i dun wanna live in a world of pretending. i dun wanna run from anything, anymore. im tired of running. i just wanna face it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

wat about me..?

i discuss this matter with my fren, they told me to be cool down, they know u treat me well.. and i admit u do. no matter wat u do, i will always love u. my fren want me to pretend nothing happen but i know i cant do that. i just want u to know, i love you like i always do and nothing change..

all i can do now is hoping for the best. i will do everything i can to create a memorable memory for both of us. i will let time decide. for the time being, i will just go with the flow.

still thinking

its bother me when i knew u guys living together and it still hurts to found out that u guys stil love one another.. my head hurts thinking bout this.. it really hurt.. but my heart ten times more hurt that my head. i dunno wat else to think..

i have 2 choices..

1. i leave u and find my own love.. but one thing for sure, im truely madly deeply in love with u. i cant leave u. i dun have the courage to do so. i feel weak.

2. pretends nothing happen... but i cant stop thinking u guys live together. im the 3rd person here. i dun like pretending. i hate to pretend. plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me wat to do.

i dunno wat will happen if u're not with me.. im planning to build a future with u. i even imagined u and i living together but now i think it just a hope. a hope is just a hope.

my head hurt. i just dunno wat to do.

what makes me happy..

i'm happy when people around me happy, even if it hurts me.. i dun care bout my feelings but i care bout others. sometimes when i feel like to cry, i dun. no matter how hard it is, how hurt it is, i will keep it inside of me.

why......?? stop this insanity

why am i the only one doesnt know bout this..? my mind is a mess. everyone around me lie to me.. altou they've told me the truth but it still hurts.. i just make a fool of myself..

but somehow, it makes me think, i think i should have just........................................................ (blank)

a fren of mine ...

A fren of mine give me an advice....

love is blind, i could have choose L who got everything compared to A who already has a gf back then, but i didnt.. u've to have faith n u still dunno wat's really happen between them rite.. have faith

yeahh that was the moment when i have doubt between us.. but words from my fren give me hope... she told me until the truth was proven dun lost ur faith..

now i just go with wat my heart tells me..