Wednesday, April 30, 2008


well well... its good being me, coz i see some people starting to underestimate me.. hahaha well i guess it wont bite me in the ass coz it wouldnt be my fault if they were wrong about me.. hahaha actually its good coz i loveeeeeeeeeeeee seing them fall down at the end of the day.. hahahaha

oh yessssssss.. a fren of mine told me a law student wont help another law student when it comes to study. i cant agree with him 100% .. well its true that some of my fren doesnt wanna help me when it comes to study but it only 10% of it. and i dun actually care about these people.. i mean i they dun wanna help me, i still have other frens who willing to help me.

and even some of my fren think they are better than me and insulted me. the best way i can do is that i just shut my mouth and keep quiet. well i agree that when in comes to study, im not good than them but i tried my best and so far it went well for me. and i dun mind if they underestimated me, coz HAHAHA ( i laugh at them in my heart) i know my capability so it doesnt matter wat they said about me.

so guys, better watch out wat u were saying coz trust me, when im pissed , i dun show it at the spot but i kept it cool and after a while, when the right time comes, hahaha im sure can be one hell of SARCASTIC, MEAN, ANNOYING guy.. hahah so just watch ur back coz i always watch mine

Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Kingdoms..?? SUX...!!

this is the most sucks movies i'd ever watch.. urggggggggggghhhh..!! i give only 2 out of 5 stars. why? i give credit for the props, custome, and the martial art performed. from the poster and all with outstanding actor/actress, i really thought this will be one of a hell movie. but noOoo its beyond my expectation.. 3 kingdoms, the titled given, but after i watched this movie, hey where's the 3 kingdom? duhhhhhhh its only a fight between Liu's empayar and Cao Ying's empayar.. it doesnt make sense at all...???

and i dun give credit for the storyline coz it only shows, fight fight and fight.. huhuhuhuh so i dun really recommend people to watch this movie. oh yeah Maggie Q is so HOT with her martial art movement..

im looking forward to watch Forbidden Kingdom and Congkak.. hahahaha

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

danm tired

so damn tired yesterday, after class went to karaoke. i slept from 10 30pm till 5am urghhhhhhhh.. today no class and hopefully the weather is not that hot.. huhuh

oOoo and where's my fren this one fellow? kinda miss having fun wit him laa.. *sob sob.. wei contact me laa so we can boogie woogie again..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

one door open, another door closed

you know wat they said..? when one door closed another door open...

tapi for me, when one door open, another door closed. kenapa aku cakap camtu? well recently, aku kenal dengan someone yg kenalkan nama dia sebagai B.. aku kenal B tak lama dlm seminggu dua kot. pastu jumaat lepas aku jumpa B, and kita click, and B dengan aku terus jadi couple. aku selesa berkawan dengan B, for me, B sangat cool, and boleh bertolak ansur, and comel jugak, tu pasal aku terpikat kat dia,

sebelum aku kenal B, aku berkenalan dengan Bantal Busuk, aku jumpa BB sebelum jumpa B lagi. aku pon selesa berkawan dengan BB, so lepas jumpa BB, and kenal utk beberapa lama, aku propose BB utk jadi couple aku, tapi BB tolak dengan baik, sbb nya dia kata dia belom ready nak couple. ok laaa, aku pon tunggu, aku selalu gak chatting ngan BB, tiap kali chatting aku cakap ngan BB, aku suka kat dia, tapi respon BB macam ntah lah, bila tanya dia suka kat aku, dia cakap ntah, no komen, so aku pon tak sure samada BB suka aku ke tak, pada masa tu laaa aku kawan dengan B.

siang tadi BB dapat tau yg aku couple dengan B. dia congrate aku. ok laa tu, pastu BB cakap sesuatu yg buat aku sedih. BB cakap dia taknak kawan dengan aku lagi. sbb nya, aku da berpunya and dia rasa tak best sbb nanti org akan label dia macam2. aku cakap dengan dia, walaupun aku da couple tapi aku tak rasa ia menghalang kita utk berkawan. tapi BB tetap takleh terima.

aku sangat sedih sbb aku sorang yg utamakan semangat kawan, and bila kehilangan kawan aku rasa macam tak best. mungkin BB ingat,aku main main kan perasaan dia dulu tapi dulu aku mmg suka kat dia, da banyak kali aku bagi hint and berterus terang cakap aku nak couple dengan dia tapi dia macam mengelak.

so skang ni, aku dlm dilema plak. aku nk bercouple tapi pada masa yg sama aku nak berkawan jugak. so bila kita couple, perlu ke kita nak korbankan persahabatan, tu yg aku takleh terima. tapi kalau tu da keputusan BB , aku da takleh buat apa2 ar, honestly, aku sayangkan kawan2 aku. and bila kawan2 menjauhkan diri dari aku, aku akan rasa sangat down. down gila babeng punya. so BAntal Busyuk, kalau u baca blog i nie, i nak u tau, yg i tak mugkin akan mengetepikan u walaupun i da berpunya.

i know a bit pasal u dengan ex B, so wat? i tak penah peduli dengan masa lampau sesiapa. i accept people the way they are. i bukan nak mintak u sayang kat i, all i want is that u can be happy for me. and semoga u tak buang i dari hidup u macam tu je. yes kita jumpa sekali je tapi dari perjumpaan sekali tu laaa yg boleh bawa sampai ke mati.

p/s kepada mereka yg ingin berkawan rapat dengan i, sorry i bukan saje nak main mainkan perasaan org, tapi awal2 i da bagitau my style, i akan rapat dengan org lain bila i rasa u guys tanak kat i. so i rasa every each one of u, i da propose but u guys keep on main tarik tali, i penat sangat sangat mengharapkan sesuatu yg i pon tak pasti kalau i boleh dapat ke tak. so bila ada orang want me, and needed me, i'll go them. bukan desperate nak couple but i need someone to love and be loved and i need certainty. sorry sangat sangat kalau u rasa macam i menipu u all.

opsss taken already

sorry folks, im taken already.. hahahah
who asked u guys not to snatch me earlier? well i give u guys so many hint i wanna be urs but it seems u guys have taken a lot time to think bout it.
so no more naughty me i guess
:P sorry

Thursday, April 3, 2008

freaking frustrated thursday...!!!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh freaking pissed...!!! i did so badly wit my squash test today, and there's no turning back..!! SHIT....!!! where's the hell people when i need one............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so so so so so frustrated... and THOSE SON OF BITCH OR BITCHESS....!! i dun care if u said my english are so bad..!! FUCK YOU...!!! its my blog.. i will write how i wanna write..!!! so BUZZ OFF...!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hottest dream ever

hahaha last nite i dreamt that i had sex with the HOTTEST female alive in the world.. hey hey guess who...??? she was my idol, my muse my everything, im willing to do anything just to date her... hahahahahha and she is.............................................. miss ANGELINA JOLIE..!!

hahahahha it was fun cool, and exciting meeting in her.. althou it just a dream, its like a dream come true.. hahahaha yup, she was my muse...!! most sexiest woman alive..!!

i think i know why i dream bout her. its because b4 i sleep last nite, i read an article bout her.. hahahaha so this must be it. hahahaha but it was fun to hav a dream of ur MUSE..!! love you angelina jolie..!! and she was HOT, WILD and exciting.. hahahaha