Sunday, September 20, 2009

raya situation

when u wake, first thing in mind, wat time is the raya prayer? then taking shower, and get ready. after getting ready, with the cloth on, wearing baju melayu/kurung cantik cantik, then having breakfast with family.

oOOo shit, got stain on shirt. damn..!! panic panic..!! then asked mom wat to do..?? wat to do?? huhuhhu raya prayer is almost start..!! huhuhuh

oh shit..!! need to send sister in law to cemetery, she want to visit her late son. aiyaya.. nevermind, send her first, mom trying to fix the stain on my baju melayu. huhuhuhhu
ok returned back home, waaaaaaaa...! lucky mom can clean the stain. yes.. wat?? raya prayer almost start?? argued with dad where to pray huhuhuh.. dad ride bicycle while im driving.. huh lets see who's arrive first. wahahahahhaha

at the mosque, look around, see other people wearing the baju melayu. waaaaaa is anyone shirt prettier than me? does their sampin match with their baju melayu? wahahahaha

finish prayer, went back home, str8 away online FB. playing the restaurant city game :P while waiting people to come over to my place for marhaban, after that, we whole family gather gather together and ask forgiveness. hope mom, dad, and big bro gonna give me duit raya coz i really really need it.. huuhuuhuhuu

ok till next time.. buh bye

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

take a guess

guess which one resemble me the most??