Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ghani & Co.

well its my last day at work. i have been doing nothing much since this morning. its not that im feeling sad leaving this place. i just cant wait to leave this place :P but unfortunately, i didnt meet michelle, yoke wah and sussine for the last time.. well i cant say its for the last time coz i'll be still around kl.

one thing i can say during this attachment programme is that i really had a blast while working here, sorrounded by nice people and well althou sometimes it can be boring in the office coz the people here errr they are not in my group of age if u know wat i mean but still, i had a blast.

i had fun on every single day i worked so no complaining. plus, they paid me so just shut up and be thankfull. heheheheh. well i might not post many pic at my work place coz the people here im not sure why, they dun take a lot of pic together. i wonder why huhuhuhuu..

anyway, i would like to thax all the people in Ghani & Co. for helping and being there for me when i needed their help. thax again.

p/s: i heard lots rumor LoL.. i am so love hearing gossip :P

Sunday, January 25, 2009

stupid conversation

suddenly someone just hate for nor reason. honestly i didnt even knoow this guy but he kept on messaging me. since i didnt even know him, normally i will layan kan jeeeeeeeeee.. hehehehe

musk_kemal: foto kamu jelek ah
arIpz..~: jelek tu apa
musk_kemal: lihat dulu website gue ama teman teman
musk_kemal: kamu org biasa aje
musk_kemal: buruk rupa buruk lagi perangai lue
arIpz..~: saya keliru.. kenapa kamu mengutuk saya?
arIpz..~: apa pernah saya buat sama kamu?
musk_kemal: or5g bodoh hanya nggak tau
arIpz..~: kamu mengeji saya?
musk_kemal: buka aje kamus
arIpz..~: kenapa kamu mengeji saya? apa yg sudah saya lakukan sama kamu?
musk_kemal: kok kamu mulai dgn marah
musk_kemal: gue biasa aje
arIpz..~: iya saya marah kerana kamu mengeji saya
arIpz..~: sedangkan saya tidak buat apa apa sama kamu
musk_kemal: kita semua baik aje
musk_kemal: kamu aje yg emosi
musk_kemal: makanya hati mku nggak baik
arIpz..~: kamu kata saya berperangai buruk
arIpz..~: kamu mmg suka mengeji orang lain kah? sedangkan saya tidak berbuat apa apa
musk_kemal: syukur gue punya ramiai teman yg baik
musk_kemal: udah ketemu lagi
arIpz..~: ok ok begini saja ya
musk_kemal: mesra nya selangit
arIpz..~: kalau kamu punya teman2 baik, kamu usah lagi berchatting dengan saya
arIpz..~: beres?
musk_kemal: krna saya baik saya mulai dgn baik
musk_kemal: tapi kamu kok nggak
musk_kemal: udah lah
musk_kemal: gue bukan kurang teman
arIpz..~: ok terima kasih atas segala nasihat kamu itu
arIpz..~: simpan aja ya
arIpz..~: saya tidak mahu kedengaran apa apa lagi
musk_kemal: ramai teman cakep lagi juga baik hati
arIpz..~: saya tak bisa mencaci org
musk_kemal: di bandingkan dgn kamu jauh sekali
arIpz..~: iya. kamu yg terbaik
musk_kemal: kayak bumi dgn langit
arIpz..~: saya yg terburuk
musk_kemal: ya udah
arIpz..~: semoga kamu bahagia
musk_kemal: gw mau email teman teman gue
arIpz..~: ya bagitau saja
musk_kemal: banyk yg belum di balaS
arIpz..~: ok balas saja pada mereka
musk_kemal: MAU BAIK HATI
arIpz..~: iya saya sombong, kamu idak, saya jahat kamu baik
arIpz..~: iya semua menyayangi kamu, org tidak menyayangi saya
musk_kemal: BYE
arIpz..~: bye smoga bahagia

for musk kemal, sorry i totally forgot who you are. and sorry coz i dun even wanna know u at all.. LoL.. seriusly.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

genting trip with best fren 17/01/2009

hey hey its been a while i havent update my blogggie.

ok latest story bout me, last saturday, i went to genting with my best fren. and yeah, that include u too karen, (lyn's best fren is my best fren and lyn so gonna kill me) hehehehehe. we have been planning on going to genting for a while. and finally yessssssssssssssssssssss it happened..!! we are actually went to genting together..!! wooOOohooooOOo the best moment in my life.

here are some pic that shows how i enjoyed spending time with my fren. cant write longer coz i dunno wat to write. i really had a blast spending time with my best fren Lynn, Sara Nina, Matt and Karen..

nina, lyn, me, matty and karen

start ur day with a hot choc in genting

us playing that flying flying thing

factory gals.. hahahaha

us at the berryl's choc factory

i think i look gorgeous.. hahahhaa

matty's scary face when i hugged him hahahaha

sara nina's new car.. wahahahaha im the first person ride with her

anyway i really had a blast spending time with my best fren in genting.. more picture can be seen in my facebook.. adios

Monday, January 12, 2009

the forgetfull birthday, chaotic office and undelivered message

hey during my birthday, i didnt get wat i wish for this year.. i want PSP..!! and thax to lyn for the shirt u gave me. hey i like red.. red hot bebeh...

and yes friday i was on leave and i heard a stories bout from came from someone u wouldnt expect too.. damn u gal..!! coz u told people bad thing bout me. duhhhhhhh lucky the office mate knew who u are. so i wouldnt really care bout u. im just doing my job.

hey hey i miss my fren...!!!!!!!!! sara nina i nak hadiah..!!