Monday, October 29, 2007

mom: superwoman

wow my mom is a superwoman, today, she climb up from the front gate to enter our house. err, why she use the hard way when we can easily open the gate and enter to our house?

well the story goes like this, this morning, me and mom went to visit grandma. upon reaching home after visit grandma, she realise that the from gate was lock with a padlock. she doesnt have the key coz my older brother took from her and he went to kl already. the only person who have the same key, is my younger brother which he's at the work place when the scene took place.

so 1st, we went to his workplace to get the key, he gave the key. upon reaching home, it was NOT the padlock key. so my mom and i was sOOo frustrated. i can easily enter the house as it was no problem for me at all to climb the front gate. but mom err.. she's wearing baju kurung. so we decided to break the padlock in which we tried. instead break the padlock, i actualy broke one of my brother's hammer. small hammer. ok so it was unsuccess.

my mom later on asked me to get the ladder which i did.i put it in front of the gate. and mom was having a second thought. how am i supposed to climb this gate using the ladder, mom ask me. and she also afraid other people might see a middle age woman wearing baju kurung climb on top of the gate to enter her own house? err i manage to convice her that no one will see. and i told her to stand on the top of the gate (which is dangerous by the way coz on top of the gate got this sharp sharp thing) and wait for there while i transfer back the ladder from the other side.

well mom actually did stand on top of the gate while her hands stick to the roof so she wont fall. while standing there, mom warn me if her baju kurung got a litle scrach, she will kill me. luckily the dun hav any scrach as im making sure there isnt.

huhuhu luckily there was no harm during this event. and hey how many times u saw ur mom wearing baju kurung climb on top of the gate? hehehe well thats my superwoman mom.

good old days

tonite, after send my brother to the train station, and while waiting for the train to arrive, suddenly i remember the good old days of mine. im thinking of someone who used to be a good fren of mine, aznor.

we've been fren since primary school. i remember, the 1st person i spoke with is him. we were in the same class from primary 1 till 3. last time our class based on colours and we were in green class (kelas hijau). we've been fren till form 3, and after form 4, he went to technic school, leaving me behind.

i remembered accompany him when he was submitted to the hospital. i stayed there with him, sleeping on the chair, i remember, every raya, i will be the 1st one to visit him and also the 1st person will help him when he and his family make an open house. i remembered when we both pushed my grandpa's scooter for almost 3km after the scooter broke down. huhuhu and i remembered the day when we stayed up late at his place, and joke around till his dad came to his room and give us a warn to sleep.

well its all just a memories that left behind. now i didnt contact him anymore and so does he. since he moved to technic skool, our frenship started falling off. we didnt hang out anymore, he changed to be a different person that i knew. he no longer be friend of mine. well most of student who went to technic skool think they are better than us who studied in ordinary skool.

well now i proved to him that even i studied in ordinary skool i still manage to achieve my dream of becoming a future lawyer. dear fren, if u read this, just want to let u know, that no matter wat, i still believe that someday, we will become a good fren again.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


somehow i was thinking, how am i supposed to do without u? i mean, right now, i felt that u are a part of me. slowly and slowly i can accepted u in my life. somehow i was wondering wat are u doing right now? oh well probably u r sleeping. yup its 4am in the morning. im sure u sleeping.
somehow i was wondering, wat would my life be if i didnt meet u? well maybe right now im already become mr.slut/fcuker/whore or watever. i would probably meet new people again and again and again. and i would probably wont spend my time going to kl. i will be the old me. nop i dun wanna be the old me. i need changes every single day.
i like seeing u. we date at the klcc park, chatting while eating our bun, looking at people around us. remember our real first met? it was in klcc, i havent take my shower, there was me and my fren, and u were so sporting and wat really amazed me is that u can click with my fren. thank God i met u. and now im so in love with u (im blush already). ehehhehe ok hope to see u again. u really make me happy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

back in johore

huuhuhu im back in johore already. reached here around 10 30pm just now. thax to my beloved lover who borrowed me money, i manage to arrive here safely. thank u sayang. love u soOOo much.. if not because of u, i will stuck in kl. huhuhuh but i like stuck in kl with u.
ok now im in johore. i dunno how to spend my holiday here. huhuhu i just dunno wat to do laa. huhuuhuhu i miss malacca.. i miss kl. i miss my fren.. and most importantly i miss my lover. huhuuhuhhuuhu

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

tension nya

im fucking pissed coz i lost my money in my bank account today.. bloody damn pissed. how am i supposed to go back johore? waaaaaa.. huhuhhu damn it..

Monday, October 22, 2007

thank u sayang

thank you sayang for spending some time with me.. although it is for a short time, i really appreciate it. i love u soOOo much.. i really do.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

dead silence

today i sat in times square for almost 4 hours. alone. sat at the bench near the dickies shop. sit there doing nothing. cant go anywhere, no place to go. fren still no back yet. so i had to stay there for a while. alone, broke, and no place to go.
after 4 hours, didie sms me telling me he was in kl. i str8 away go to his place. didie superman for the day. thank my fren

Friday, October 19, 2007

raya maniac?

huhuhu im back in mlk.. and today is 19 october.. im alone in my house, and ixora is so quiet. not so many student here. but its ok. well i just came back from kl. ok now wana share my raya experience.
i went back the day before raya. so much work to do at home. oh my dad just bought new set of wooden chair and new dining table. urghhh i dun like the new chair coz its made of wood. i want sofa dad.. much more comfortable. anyway, my raya was ok laa.. its not soOOo grand but it was nice.
1st day raya, i woke up late. didnt go for raya pray. huhuhuhu. my baju raya is green. sorry no pic, still waiting from my sister. it was fucking green. oh and the design,i create it myself. hehehe so as my sister cloth. i design that for her. damn i good :P ok that morning, as usual lah the morning tradition. we had to ask forgiveness from our parents. huhuhu mom and dad and also elders brother didnt give any duit raya this year. huhuhu after seeking forgiveness session, we went to town to take our family potret. but one thing for sure, our family photo gonna look colourfull. hehehe we dun have theme every year coz our taste is different. i wore striking green, elders brother wore purple, the same goes to his wife, 2nd brother light green, third one, i think light green also, and my younger brother light blue and my youngest sister, red. mom and dad wore red. oh we have new family members taking pic with us which is my 2nd brother fiance.
ok after photo session, went to dad's kampung. huhhhu funny experience, during visit to my grand dad grave, i mistakenly hug my brother's fiance instead of my sister. i just grab her hands and hug. huuhuu it was funny coz i thought i garbbed my sister's hand. well they wore the same colour. hhhuhu i was blushing but didnt show it :P
1st day just visit both my grandparents. oh i got new cousin. huhuhu damn cute laaa.. i got the pic but its in my phone. cant transfer to my laptop. damn it. huhuhhu
2nd day raya. i just stayed at home. tired laaa wanna go anywhere. but at that nite, i visit my very dear good fren of mine. we've been fren since highskool and she's a good bitching fren of mine, fatimah. we always talk bout everything. well not everything. we've been bicthing bout our ex skool mate. hahahaha. its been a while i havent seen her. so we talked a lot.
3rd day, went back to mlk. no one here. why i came back early, coz on the next day went to kedah. yeay..!! to visit my dearest lover.
went to k 1st coz there's no bus from mlk to kedah. huhuhu upon reaching kedah, being pick up by my future brother in law. heheheh i stayed there for a night only and return back to kl on the next day.. huhuhu short trip only laaa.. mother in law was so kind to me, same goes to father in law. hey they even teached me to make ketupat pulut. damn nice laaaa. wish to visit them again. i drove my fren car from kelantan to kl. and we reached kl at 4am. huhuhuh
ok so here i am. in mlk. came back from kl yesterday. the same day after reach kl. i cant stay there long coz got no place to go stay. so i'll be staying here till sunday coz my fren will be back on saturday and i can stay at his place on the next day laa.. huhuhuhu
oh oh and on monday, crystal wanna take me shoOooppping. yeay.. she want to belanja me.. ok till next time

Friday, October 12, 2007

salam aidilfitri

wow today is last day puasa.. and the last day, i didnt sahur. i dun hav the energy to wake up. althou my ultraman wake me up with his loud ring bell (my alarm clock la), i still dun hav the energy to move my ass.

i've been not feeling well since holiday. keep on coughing n coughing. i dunno wat the reason that make me like this but i hav my own hipotesis. i think its because the water filter refill at ixora laaa.. each time i drink the water, i dun feel clean.. its like there's a dirt inside the water.

oh im still in malacca, in my supercool bedroom (lots of memories here). im going back johore, this morning. my bus is at 9am, and i dunno how the hell am i suppose to get to malacca central (bus station). and my ankle hurt. its not bleeding or something, but the bone feels hurt. like i mention before, i dun hav the energy to move my body. but i just go on and deal with it.
last nite, i slept late. around 2am coz i was doing my own fashion show in my room :P well im mix matcing the cloth i wanna bring back home for raya. althou i did bought few shirt for raya but i feel its kinda waste wearing those shirt for raya. why? ermm i prefer wearing it when i hang our with fren coz why do i need to show of to people that i hav new cloth. huhuhhu

ohh i miss my lover. i miss so badly. i miss u sOOo much. wait for me in kedah ya. hopefully i will hav the opportunity to go there and meet u. hhuhuhuhu. i called u every single day and nite to let u know how much i miss u.

i packed my stuff already. i think im just gonna spend raya for 3 days with my family. the rest errr.. jalan jalan to north to meet my lover and frens. 3 weeks holiday, and i dun hav a clue to do wat. huhuhuh

ok wanna lay down in bed, trying to get some energy before taking my shower and going back johore.

to all MUSLIM.. salam Aidilfitri, drive safely, to my dear muslim's fren, dun play too much fire crackers. and to all NON-MUSLIM happy holiday. enjoy the holiday. take ur faily to a vacation or watever, and to my non-muslim fren. i miss u guys already. cant wait to meet u guys again. take care of ur health and enjoy the holiday

Monday, October 8, 2007

exam finish... raya coming.. holiday also coming

yeay exam finish.. hehehe opss but not for me, i think i'll be doing supp paper for my tort... huhuhuhuhuhu amma sedihhhhhhh nya..
holiday (sigh) im sure i dunno wat to do during holiday.. most probably i'll be sitting at home watching tv and sure die laaaaaaa.. im sure gonna miss my bed in mlk..
oh well, wat to do, wat to do.. just deal with it laaa

well to all muslim, selamat menyambut hari raya.. maaf zahir dan batin.. huhuhu i've done lots of sins laaaaaaaaaa this year..

and to all non-muslim, happy holiday and for mmu student.. happy happy holiday.. i hope to see you guys again .. love u

and to my lover, im gonna go to sg petani to meet u there. i dun care, even if it takes me to walk 45 minute to reach ur house, damn sure i'll do it.

and to all who read my blog, thax for reading this and wish u a happy raya and drive safely..

Monday, October 1, 2007


I can't run anymore,
I fall before you
Here I am
I have nothing left
Though I've tried to forget
You're all that I am
Take me home
I'm through fighting it
I give up
You're my only strenght
Without you
I can't go on
Ever again
My only hope
(All the time I've tried)
My only peace
(To walk away from you)
My only joy
My only strenght
(I fall into your abounding grace)
My only power
My only life
(And love is where i am)
My only love
I can't run anymore
I give myself to you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
In all my bitterness
I ignored
All that's real and true
All i need is you
When night falls on me
I'll not close my eyes
I'm too alive
And you're too strong
I can't lie anymore
I fall down before you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
My only hope
(All the time I've tried)
My only peace
(To walk away from you)
My only joy
My only strenght
(I fall into your abounding grace)
My only power
My only life
(And love is where i am)
My only love
Constantly ignoring
The pain consuming me
But this time it's cut too dep
I'll never stray again
My only hope
(All the time I've tried)
My only peace
(To walk away from you)
My only joy
My only strenght
(I fall into your abounding grace)
My only power
My only life
(And love is where i am)
My only love