Tuesday, March 30, 2010

im freaking bored and lonely
i wanna wake up in the morning and there's a person sleeping next to me
i dun like being alone
i felt pathetic
and i jelaous seing my frens with their loves one
wondering when can i be like them
i dun wanna end up alone

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Law Nite 2010.. part II

Law Nite 2010 is superb for me..
this is wat i've been waiting for a true prom nite..
althou im not bringing my date, but i had fun
the stories goes like this...
1.00pm- matt, sara and me arrive at the hotel, we check in room 1313
2 30pm- we went dataran, sigh seing before the event
5.00pm- Mega arrived and went to Dataran Pahlawan to set her and sara's hair
6.30pm- arrival of some friends who changed their cloth in our room, Wina, Naddy, Elle and her Bf
7.00pm- Mega and Sara arrived with the new hair setting
8.00pm- we went to the Lobby to meet Lynn and her bf, Shah
8.30pm- enter the Ball and sat at our table,
9.00pm- speech, stand up comedy, performance and dinner
12.00am- event finish, Ammar won Legal Idol singing 'When You say Nothing at All' OST Notting Hills
1.00am- played Uno in room with 2 guest, Dasha and Friend
here are some of the highlights of the nite
  1. Naddy, cried over her make up and hair, coz she's not satisfied with it eventhough everyone is in love wit her hair and make up
  2. Lynn didnt do her hair due to time consuming
  3. I changed 2 outfit :P
  4. Ammar won Legal Idol
  5. im in love with performance by K Fatimah n frens singing 'Nobody'
  6. The food was sOoo damn good expecially the lasagna
  7. Sara almost had wardrobe malfunction
  8. Final Year student are so United and Cool and co-operate with one another
  9. Saw bunch of cute juniors which Sara and matt not allowing me to flirt wit them :D
  10. Dasha attend the event on last minute (with fucking sexy dress)
  11. Deyanna Saifuddin brough her bf and brother which i found cute by doing such thing (just love the family bond thing)
  12. Rozarina and Carol sang together (was shocked to see carol singing like that, thou)
  13. most happening table, of course Jason's table coz they have TOBY on their side
  14. Saw Mdm Flora and husband (first time saw her husband in public, kind good looking too)
  15. Matt, Sara and me slept in room 1313 (sounds creeppy with 1313 numbers)

overall, i really had a blast spending the nite with my frens and i dun regret attending this event coz this might be my last event and seing my dearest classmate

Law Nite 2010

the Team

The Unexpected One

the Gorgeous Lady

the Adorable Man

the Sexy Kitten

the Hot stuff

with my dearest friends.... Miss you and Lurve u all...~ (but wit no string attach)

thank you for spending the Nite with me
hope we can be friends till the end

Saturday, March 27, 2010


my great weekend had just being spoiled by some educated words..~

damn it

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

.... words....

you are not the same person as i used to know
(your words 2 month ago)
you are no longer the same person i know, you have change
(my words today)

goodbye sayang

the first time we met is on 1st may 2009...~
since then, every morning, sharp at 10am i'll be infront of my lapi and wait for you to online..~
but now sayang, u're gone....

and i'm sad coz, you left me without goodbye...
you are so beautiful yet so strong..~
thats what i like about you..

why you end this so early...
now i dunno what to do without you in the morning..
you light up my day, and night...
i look up at you every night and day..

its hard to say goodbyee.,
but thank you for everything

i miss you, mikami..
i shall read you over and over again.
my truly favourite manga....

a tribute to Ghost Sweaper Mikami from onemanga.com

Saturday, March 20, 2010

how to murder ur fren...

this is how you should murder your friend. CAUTION: this is only made up for JOKES. Nothing is related to a real life, and if there's a similarities, it is only a COINCIDENCE

1. punch your friend on his stomach

2. knocked him down

3. make sure he is dead and drag him to car

4. put him inside the car, where no one can see the dead body

5. make sure u have partner in crime

6. eliminate your partner so there can be no witness, also steal her money

7. fight among yourself

lastly: be the sole survivor

morale of the story: when u committed a crime, make sure no trace was left behind.. heheheheheh

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

lesson learned

last time, my ex told me to brush my teeth before going to bed.

coz my ex dun like to smell any bad breath coming from my mouth.

i dun smoke and i dunno wat bad breath can my ex smell.

but now, im getting used to that habit. brushing ur teeth before going bed.

and when i brush my teeth while looking at the mirror, i think of my ex...

ahhhh wat to do, wat to do.. we're no longer together but i still remembering my ex's advise.. coz i know, its good for my health :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

missing... something

Law Nite is just around the corner... i got my tickets already, but im missing a date..
No one, wanna accompany me :( and im sad, so sad

i've managed to gather my close close fren to come that nite and some of them bringing their date.. but im dateless..

where is my date... oh dear, where are you..
come with me for my precious nite...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is totally superb...!!

Hands down to Tim Burton..


Friday, March 12, 2010


mohd arif adalah seorang yg mementing kan kawan
tapi mohd arif takkan menyebelahi mana mana pihak sbb dia seorang yg neutral bak kata lain, seperti negara negara berkecuali..

mohd arif takkan menolak jikalau kawan meminta pertolongan
dengan syarat ia tidak memudarat kan mohd arif
mohd arif amat tidak suka apabila kawan makan kawan
kawan itu penting.
apabila mohd arif berada di samping kawan kawanya,
bukan bermakna dia bergantung pada kawan kawan
mohd arif akan sentiasa berada di sisi kawan kawan kalau mereka memerlukan nya.
hanya kawan kawan yg RAPAT sahaja mengenali siapa mohd arif yg SEBENAR

oleh itu, saya bole kata kan, dun judge a book by its cover.
mohd arif tak kisah pandangan org lain terhadapnya
kawan kawan yg RAPAT dan MENGENALI saya, tanya saya dahulu perkara sebenar
sebelum membuat telahan sendiri agar tidak di maki oleh saya.
akhir kata, jangan lah memperkotak katik kan persahabatan kita
terima kasih

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pengajaran di kl

weekend lepas, aku ke kl, melepak kan diri di sana, berjumpa kawan kawan. kitaorg citer2 la pasa muzik, dan tetiba masuk suara org sedap.. Jaclyn Victor, punya suara nada tinggi, Ning Baizura tak mampu nk menyanyi nada tinggi, Siti Nurhaliza plak, banyak menang album terbaik tapi lagu terbaik, cuma skali je menang.. camna tu?

then dia tanya aku, tau tak falsetto (ejaan ntah betul ntah tidak, bantai) tu apa? aku cakap laa tau, bukan susah pon, dia cakap, bila org yg takbley nyanyi lagu tarik tinggi, diorang cover ngan buat falsetto. oOoo agak nya laa.. pastu aku bertanya, falsetto nie, kira nya sama laa ngan suara kepit??? kwang kwang kwang.. sbb sesetengah org yg nk capai suara perempuan tak dapat, so diorang kepit laaa kan suara memasing?? betul tak? heheheheh ada kah? betul kah? benar kah? anda yang menentukan nya