Wednesday, November 28, 2007

thank u

im so grateful that u buzz me today.. thank u.. i reeally needed u at this moment

my emotion

my feelings is so unstable this moment.. huhuhhu i just feel insecure, lonely, depressed, and so sad..

Friday, November 23, 2007

20 minute too late

arghhhhhh tension nya today.. this morning i wake up late , and 20 minute late to class.. huhuhhuu

then afternoon, rent a car, broke down for 20 minute.. and thax to that 20 minute, i late and cannot meet my sayang...

and last but not least i sleep after frustating of not meeting my sayang, i late to class again 20 minute, but this time, i didnt go to class coz no mood.

huh wat a day

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

roCk star...!!

i rocK at garaoke today.. hehehe not karaoke but garaoke.. hehehe ya laa.. my voice funny and i sing like a rock star.. NOT...!!! wahahaha oh also i did a dance on the table.. heheheh cannot do lap dance coz table soOoo small... over all .. i enjoy tonite karaoke.. yeahhhhhhhhhh

the beginning a soon to be rockstar
starring: arIpz the voice of rockers angel

his sidekick..


Lynn the husky tone butterfly

Nina the motherly voice ...

overall i had fun with my fren.. hehehe sOOon we gonna become rock star..! just watch ya back people..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


it is a nice feeling to chat wit a long lost fren... shared the old memories and when u think bout it, it'll make u feel better and happy....

Monday, November 19, 2007

yeay i pass

yeay i pass all my paper for last sem.. yeay once again.. first of all, i wanna thank God for giving me this brain to memorised all the notes, and wanna thank to my lecturer, i'll be seing u guys around on next sem and most inportantly, i wanna thank myself for not giving up study (yeah i had this feeling of giving up study) and last but not least wanna thank my fren for helping me with my study..

althou my grade is NOT that SUPERB but its improving.. hahaha i told myself, althou im not as smart like my fren, but atleast show to them that i can improve my grade.. for me, improving is better than having a good grade but then drop little by little..

im sOOo happy my grade is improving and most importantly, my PTPTN loan is SAFE...!! this mean, i can go shopping..!! yeay..!! i hav aim few shop to buy things that i like.. hehehe and also give present to my fren who always be there for me.. hehehehe

thank u guys for being patient enough with me.. just wait ya.. i've got a gift to give to u guys.. just wait........................ yeay..!! damn happy laaa

when things doesnt go the way u plan

sometimes, thing doesnt goes the way we plan.. and when it happen, just remind ourself that, things gonna get better.. dun complain.. just believe things happen for a reason.. for example, myself...

im totally broke this week.. during this week, i didnt complain at all. i just complain when my fren keep on urging me to hang out eventhough they know i dun hav money.. LoL.. but still they understand my situation. they belanja me makan.. and they keep on belanja me makan.. hehehe im thankful for having such an understanding fren.

ok people, im broke not because i shop a lot but i had to pay lots of thing at the same time, at the week.. like i had to pay me fees, stupid ixora payment, and debt.

well i hav this thing in my mind that i will repay my fren kindness. they've been so understanding n kind n tried to help me n corcern bout me, therefore i shall do something for them.. well not now. but later on.. they gonna get a surprise from me.. hehehe just wait ya..

so for me i believe things gonna get better soon.. i still believe that....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

stupid ixora

blooody hell... damn hot laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. no electricity in ixora now, and people STOP asking me why i can online... duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh internet connection is not the same as electricity ok.. internet is more into communication.. and can u cut the telephone line if the electric is out? duhhhhhhhhh

and PLUS im using laptop and my batery is not DEAD YET... so thats why i can online.. huhuhuh damn panas laaa here.. hopefuly my laptop batery can last long.. atleast untill they got back the electric laaaa.. huhuhhuuh

oh today went to jonker camwhoring wit nina n remy.. huhuhuuhu

OH GOD...!! the ixora tenants start playing fire crackers when there's no electric.. huhuuhuhuuh why laaaaaaaaa i stay in ixora.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuu

Friday, November 16, 2007

who save the super heroes?

im always clark ken to everyone.. helping them when they need me.. but who help me when i need one? i never complain when i help others. i did it with sincerity. but when i asked a little favour, they ran.. if u guys can recall back ur memories, have u guys ever seen a superheroes being save by other people? NO... NEVER..!! this is the reality..

being a superhero is hard. but one thing for sure, they never complain....


ermmm why u telling me now.. im confused. somehow u have put me under ur spell. not since yesterday but long time ago. im really confused. but i hope u can accept me the way i am, not for wat i can do. i really appreciate that..

Kau masih cantik seperti dulu
Saat bersama kujumpa dengan mu
Terasa ingin ku bersamamu
Tapi aku tidak seperti dulu
Kau senyum mesra
Mungkin tak mengapa
Tapi ku tak bisa
Pasti ada yang kan terluka
Jangan ditunggu
Pasti takkan berlaku
Walau kucinta kamu
Biar disimpan
Adakan sempadan
Aku dan juga dirimu
Kini aku telah berdua
Masa depan yang tak kita duga
Kutahu kau masih mengharap jua
Tapi ku tak bisa meninggalkannya
aku dan kamu
Flop Poppy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

student life

broke broke broke.. im broke.. huhhuuhuhuhu

Monday, November 12, 2007

a gift from u

thank u my sayang for the perfume.. i really like it. thanks n i love u sOoo much

pv collection

i like the musky smell .. heheheh

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

full, fun, fantastic

huhuuhu i really had a great time with my fren.. went out since 5pm till 1am.. today also damn full laaaa.. eat and eat and eat.. huhuhu im bloated already.

went makan with nina and matt at 6pm in mcD. huhuhu later went dinner at 8pm with lynn, nina and matt, huhuhu also midnite snack at portugis street huhuhu. all heavy heavy food

today also for the 1st time, i went to karaoke. huhuhu it was damn fun. really had a great time. lynn's voice damn nice laa. me? haiyoh sure u guys wanna listen me singing.. TOTALLY out of tune. we sang 21 song. i sang delilah (which is not the song i wanna sing hey delilah), moonlight also different from wat i imaginen, the we sang lady marmalade, weslife song, she bangs hahaha damn funny la and lastly we sang its raining men. me, lynn, nina and matt really had a great time.

im sure gonna spend more time in karaoke with my fren laaa.. hehehe another unforgetable memories..

oh oh today i woke at 8am, thought wanna go to class. after getting ready and all finally i realise i dunno where's the class. so i didnt go laa. instead of going to class, i went to breakfast with lynn. then came back home sleep and woke up at 1pm.. later at 5pm went out with nina and matt. hehehehe