Wednesday, December 24, 2008

in the office

im very naughty.. very very naughty. coz i teased kak zura and sham, and michele and yoke wah a lot. hehehehe

hey im bored in the office, nothing else to do besides calling clients, draft letter and thats it. urghhhhh need entertainment in mt LIFE...!! Ms. Suri (my lawyer a.k.a my supervisor) is taking her leave till next year. huuuhuhu oh well hope she had a great time spending her holiday.

yeay, tomorow holiday. so i just wanna sit at home and rest. well i rest a lot during weekend. hehehhehe anyway cant wait to go johore this weekend. wanna taste mom's cook. its been a while laaa hevent had any meal cook by her. huhuhuhuhuuh


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fun fun fun laaaa

today, am so happy. i met one client, alone, and he wanted to hear my advise. well u see, i dun have the experice to advise people, plus im not allow to give advise without my lawyer's observation.

ok so this is one in a life time opportunity and hey i'll be stupid if i say no. ok basically, there's nothing much to discussed with between me n the client. all he wanted to know is the process of selling and buying house. technically, im doing housing loan, so i know a bit bout the process but im not sure how they do it in early stage.

as so i was explaining to this client, i just u know bullshitting for things that i doesnt know. well not entirely bullshit him but just the thing that i dunno lah. and he actually belive the words i said :)) wahahahahhaa all i told him is that, in order to sell his house, we need confirmation statement from the developer that the CF is ready and the house is safe to sit. and i also told him that, the process will take some time coz we need to prepare agreement in order to protect both side's interest. since the buyer does not apply any loan, things will be more easier however we must prepare some documents laah.

well it was fun dealing with client but i hope in the future i can handle crime matters. as i am really interested in criminal matter. hey bad guys always win ya. hehehehhehe

all today also, i had fun. althou i went back late due to my lawyer is taking her leave till next year, so i stay back late to arrange which file is urgent and need to be done 1st.

ok till next time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

to my mom

dearest mom,

please help your son, coz he is soOOo bankrupt this week. he just paid his astro and telephone bill. he promised to be naughtier than ever if u help him this time. hehehehhehee

Saturday, December 13, 2008


my window car broken

broken mirror

broken glasses
ok someone hit and run my car while i park my car near the LRT Maluri Station. i loss rm 160.00 for fixing my window.. damn it..!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

12 40pm

Damn, im freaking fucking bored. I didn’t do anything since morning. And there is nothing I can do at this moment. I’ve been asking the lawyer or senior staff to give me some work so I can do something. But it seems like there’s no work that they can give to me. Huhuhuhu so sad coz I thought I can learn something new everyday but well what a luck.

And what I dun like is that everyone is doing something but I didn’t do anything. Its not like im lazy or wat. Im super hardworking and eager to learn something but when I got work to do I finished it quickly. Well yeah of course I didn’t do any hard work coz im still fresh but still they should have give me something to do. Well anything.

I dun mind doing the typing work or calling client, just give me anything to do. Urghhhhh seriously im fucking bored. Next time my dear junior, dun go to law firm, coz they are fucking bored. Do your intern in AG Chambers. Dun mind bout the busy-ness there, as long as u has something to do, then its good for you. At least you learn something.

Ok, I start work at 8 45am. And since I came to office till now, I didn’t do anything. Seriously, I didn’t do any work since morning. And im kind of pissed.
Oh God..!! Save me from this bored-ness. Huhuhhuhu

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

minuman tak sihat

teh BODOH...!! jangan rapat, atau makan dengan teh. sbb teh BODOH

Thursday, November 20, 2008

letter to sara nina

dear sara...

its been a while i havent heard from you. i hope you doing well. i wanted you to know that im so sad because now, you no longer hanging around wit me and my fren (well they're also your fren). i cant blame you 100% but im willing to blame your bf (KACAK -not real name-) for keeping you so long. Sara, we have been trying to call u for a while and u keep on silent. im not sure wat is going on but im happily to hear your prob (please pay me if u want my advise).

Sara, im doing well in KL. im not sure if u remember this, but u promised to have lunch with me. but then again, i blame your bf (KACAK -not real name) for staying by yourside 23/7.. Sara, hope u having a good time in MMU. yeah, Lyn said since u studying in malacca , u didnt contact her. and even she did contact u, you didnt pick up her call.

Sara, if u read this, please give me a call.

thank you.
yours faithfully

Monday, November 17, 2008

a little crap and bullshit from me

currently im not availabe as i used to be. wat i mean by not available? well, i dun hav time to hang out wit people nowadays. why? coz i dun feel like to. i feel its better for me to be more reserve and lay low.
right now i prefer doing my own thing, and stay at home. im kinda short of money but that doesnt stop me from go shopping :P anyway, i feel exhausted and dry coz everyday im doing the same thing over and over again.
i wanna go to court.
ok now i wanna discuss the topic of couple's stealer. i dun quite understand why we need to steal other people's bf/gf. well of course im one of them :P but technically i dun steal anyone bf/gf from someone else. i just be fren with them. but the relationship is just not more than just a fren. i dun call him/her at the middle of the night. i dun call/sms people in early morning. so wats that all about?
when u (the bf/gf stealer) said u r just a fren, then why u keep doing this? i mean call him/her in the middle of the night or early morning, do u ever think wat does he/her bf/gf think? honestly, when u confront someone and he/she tells u that they are just fren, so just ACT like a fren. duhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
anyway, i dun give a shit if people wanna steal my bf/gf. if u really have a relationship with him/her, just say it. no need to pretend like ooOo nothing happen between us. we're just fren. dun bullshit me. duhhhhhhhh..
ok im not gonna argue or fight for the person i love. if he/she truly love me, then they will come for me. well i admit, i do make my own mistake, but i learn from my mistake and i didnt repeat it again. i just let it go. let it go and let it go.
ok now wanna continue my work. happy lunch hour finish already. so now start working bebeh...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

so sad so sad

today, feeling sad again. and the reason is:

1. feeling sad leaving someone behind in KL.
2. feeling sad coz tomoro i got exam and i didnt study at all
3. sad coz in my office, when the gals talking, felt left behind coz no many boys for me to talk with
4. sad coz suddently feeling sad
5. sad coz one document gone
6. sad coz my head is confuse with the system everyone had in their mind. different people different system. different style to do their job

huhuuuu feel like to cry

Monday, November 10, 2008


feeling weird coz yesterday someone came to me and talked bout this one particular person. now i dunno wat to think.. well anything can happen right. maybe i should give him a second chance coz he gave second chance for something and will see wat happen when we hav our talk. will let him decide whether he want the second chance or not.
and feeling weird coz i called this person and his voice is like some sort of errrrr.. girly..??? hahahahahaha

Friday, October 31, 2008

so sad

today feeling sad coz i realize that no one love me today..

the end

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dun be afraid

dun be afraid to make mistake as u learn from them. im not afraid to make mistake while doing my attachment here. but im afraid that might let my master down as she hoping for me to make a good work. im not afraid to be scolded by her coz i know this is one part of life learning. but fortunately she didnt mad or scold at me coz i havent make any fatal or big mistake. hope i wont make any.

Friday, October 24, 2008

end of first week working

ok, i was suppose to update my blog 2 days ago but my bos 'kick' me out from office coz he wanna lock the door. hahahahah see im a workaholic. just wanna work work and work :P ok this week is been up and down week for me.

2 days ago, the office boy told me and my master (my lawyer whom i work with now,miss suri) that one original letter has gone missing. huhuuuhu i was afraid it was my mistake. sob sob*

today work not so heavy. i mange to cope up with all the work given to me now. only the first day and 2nd day im kinda nervous coz i cannot get use to work in office and dunno wat to do. but now, im doing great. just now, 2 staff here asked me, whether i've work before in a law firm. i told them this was my first time, they said they were impress of me coz it seems like i've done this kind of work before. it really cheer up my day. and also, sharitz's sister, kak Ani, who work in the same firm as me, told shariz that im a hard working staff.. hehehehe so blush blush laaa...

well its 6pm now, its time for me to go back home. i really love working here, althou i prefer to do criminal and litigation, but doing land matters its not so bad. ok one big mistake that i made while im working is that i always miss-look at the small small detail like the numbers, the spelling and all. i cant help it, maybe im so eager to work i make this mistake. my master keep on remind me to not make the small mistake as it will be vital expecially if its related tp agreement.

i feel so sad coz its like i dissapoint my master. she must have high expectation from me. but i wont surrender that easily. this wont stop me from trying to learn new stuff.. ok till next time . bye

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ok im gonna write real quick..

im writing this at my work place.. huhuu cant online ym, myspace etc. so frustrated. i love my work place but yesterday another lawyer told me that there/s one piece of paper is gone and without that paper, that cant submit the file to land registration. i dunno whether it is my fault coz i've done triple check with my master (my lawyer that im working with) huhuuu so sad..

ok if anyone wanna email me, just email me at my yahoo mail which is i advice u to just copy paste this email adress coz its kinda confusing. coz normally people will mistake with the o and 0.

ok catch ya later. wanna do some work today..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

wat a day

arghhhhhh finaly, exam finish.. a bit relief. dun care how i did for my exam, as long as i finish my paper then its alright.. huhuhhu..

ok today, a good fren of mine, sara nina came to malacca, she arrived after i finish my last paper. me, matt and lynn fetch her at Melaka Central and then we went for lunch. after lunch, we str8 away went to lynn's place to hang out.

sara came to mlk coz she is moving to new place. well i kinda like her new place but then again, she complain much coz there's no internet at her place. oh well, her bad. LoL

after u help her moving her stuff, we stayed at a lynn's place for a while coz later tonite we have plan. ok later that nite, we went to Jonker street. Jonker street is well known for a place where tourist came and we can buy lots of cheaper stuff there. Jonker street is also famous for the food and bar.

so we went to eat at this one good place. yummmmmy it was damn delicious. well if my fren come over to malacca, i will bring them to this place. i will recommend them to try the food at this place.

afte had our dinner, we went to air keroh playground. there we played Uno for a while and damn i lost to matt.. hahahahahahha after that we went for late nite supper at Kedai Kuning near the EP Apartment. we also played uno there till they closed the shop huhuhuhuhuhu

later we continued playing Uno at lynn's place. hahah it was damn funny coz me and sara tag team to defeat matt.. :P

tonite, i'll be sleeping at lynn's room together with sara and matt. Oh God, matt snorred like a err.... i dunno how to explain hahahaha.. so loud the snorring. huhuhh i cant sleep next to him coz i wont be able to sleep so i guess i will be sleeping at the floor. sara already sleep soundly at another bed while lynn is surfing the internet.. probably chat with her new toy boy hahahahaha... or editting the pic we took earlier on. hey i will post the pic we took today later on coz now, im using matt's laptop to write this blog.

actually im quite happy coz today, the four of us gather together and had fun. its been a while for the four of us to hang out toegther coz sara, she has been staying in Kl for a while. huhuhuhu well now she's here and i will sure cherrish the moment that the four of us had fun today.

well till next time.. eh h forgot to tell ya all.. after this BYE BYE malacca for 3 month coz i'll be doing my pratical training in KL at one legal firm. cant wait to start working this monday. and i'll be staying at one of my fren house in KL..

ok till next time... bye bye

oh yeah last nite someone use my laptop. and SHE accidently open my recycle bin and she saw something that she shouldnt see. huhuhhuhuhuh now im no longer a virgin coz she has seen the side of of which only people had seen (am i still a virgin????? hahahaha u decide) . huhuhuuuhu damn u S.N hahahahaha opss i accidently shout ur name S.N hehehhehe

anyway, i dun mind coz i like my body, its hot yummmy and sexy.. LOL.. ok now i can go to bed hehehehehe

Thursday, October 16, 2008

shit does happen

finalllllllllllllllllllllyy ....!! now i can write new bloggie. huhuhuhuhu

its been a while coz my house got problem with the internet connection.. huhuhuh hey hey i have few half naked pic that i took for myself and i was thinking to post it in my bloggie but ermmmm then again, i dun need to show anyone my sexiness hahahahahahaa

having exam now and i dun think i did well this semester.. huhuhuh im soOoo gonna kill myself

Saturday, October 4, 2008

my family fun

family pic...

sister, dad and mom and of course me :D

me and mommy.. love you mom

yusof (lil bro) naz (2nd bro) me, dad and mom

me and lil cousin.. cute

me full cloth

family members :P

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1st day raya

aiyaya.. pretty tired today. woke up at 6 30am..i dunno why the hell i woke up early in the morning.. oh yeah, today raya for muslim. so around 8am went the mosque, there met joehan and salim. its been a while havent met them. they still alive hahahahaha

then around 11am, its forgiving time, i asked forgiveness from dad and mom. forgive me for all the wrong doing i've made mom, dad.

then, went to my brother's in law house. yawnnn.. pretty tired thou. later went to grandma's house and came back home around 8 30pm,

later, went to fatima's house. hahaha its been a while i havent meet her. we gossip lots of things. hey hey old time buddy. chit chat chit chat, then went back home.

yeah, this year, no money given to me huhuuuhu so sad so sad. hey im still study, so better gimme some cash huhhuhu. anyway, i took lots of pic and gonna upload it later. well i kinda forgot to bring my cable's usb phone, so cant transfer the pic in my phone to my laptop.

anyway, so damn tired now, am going to sleep.. huhuhhuu nite nite and miss my honey huhuhuu

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


mom dad, thank you for buying an unflattering red kancil for me.. well althou it was unflattering but still i appreciate it. at least now i can do shopping without troubling lynn again :D but dun worry lynn, u are still my num 1 hehehehe

oh and i named my car chicolita. i dunno why i named my baby chicolita, but i like the sound of it. its like chocolate, which i likey likey...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

in jb

me in jb, last nite my lovey dovey fetch me and i stayed at my lovey dovey's place for one nite. this afternoon, meet azuan, at bandar seri uda, then met nazry and karen, and mona, . later went for buka at Sedap Corner and my housemate Sharil joint us there,

finish buka, went city square, i bought white pants, and later we went karaoke at DIVA.. hahahaha it was awsome. cool place.

tomorow going back kluang, and till we meet again..

yeah pic will be update later on.. tQ

Saturday, September 27, 2008

confusing niples??

last nite, me, dasha (not real name), lynn (not real name) and mega (also not real name) went out for a drink. one of our discussion is men G-spot. dasha (not real name) said mens G-spot is their niples. then i told them when people touch my niples (im so dead), i dun feel anything. then they said, my niples is confused coz im bi.

hahahahha they dunno which one is for gal and which one is for the opposite sex. hahaha really cheer up my day

so not top model

wasting my time wrting blog about you. coz u are sooOOo NOT TOP MODEL. with a body figure like that, busy body, always make assumption, lazy, LOSER, disgusting, NOT A CLEAN TYPE person, i dun think u are fit to be a role model.

well you think just by giving ''advice'' to other people, rebutting every single words wat people said althou it is CLEARLY NOT ABOUT YOU , you're role model? HUH take a look at yourself first MR.LOSER.. you are way out to be a TOP MODEL.. hahahhaahahaha

and you dun deserve to be love or in love coz u dun deserve to be with anyone. L.O.S.E.R

Thursday, September 25, 2008

mom.. i love u

well today isnt mother's day but hey mom i loveeeeeeeeeee u hehehehehe.. mom had done a lot to me. well of course we had rough moment but she will always be there for me. i remembered when i was small, i yelled at my mom saying she was not my mother, and during fasting day, we had an argument and i drank milo in front of her just to annoyed her. hey hey i was small, so wat do u expect from 6 years old boy? hahahaha

well i remembered after i finish my highschool, i was soOOo wanted to go to kl and try to work there for a while, but my parents didnt allow me. they cut my allowance and i was left nothing. really, im serious, but hey i proved them i can survive. LoL

but i know, all they did is for my own good. but yeah, i was really hard headed back then. but hey now i grow up and i believe i can make my own decision. now, both my parents believe in me. they believe i will make right decision for the sake of my future. althou there's some secret i didnt tell them but i think its better that way.

mom dad, i love u.


just had a great time karaoke with my fren.. althou im not in good condition coz having a flu, i still manage to rock the room. hahahaha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

mister annoying

i dun quite understand with those people who keep on interupting other people live. dont they have other things to do besides bothering other people?. now im not suprise if they dun hav any frens coz obviously its because their attitude who doesnt respect other's privacy life. and oh yeah i believe in God's will and i dun seek for other element in seeking truth LoL.

they say good things on front of u and bad things behind ur back. they pretend to be nice but the truth is they're not. i have this one fella laaa, he always talked smack bout other people, he said, oh i know this guy attitude like this this and this and even warned me bout some people whom i knew. well for me, if these guys have their secret, just let em be. why bother bout other people?

now this fella, talking behind my back to my fren, well actually this fella he did talked behind his fren too saying his fren is like this and this and this and why i should avoid him. ok he said his fren is double face, hav bad attitude and stuff.

now, his fren texting me saying this fella told him stuff bout me. saying this this and this which turns out not all is true. and i was wondering why he doing this sort of thing? maybe no one wanna be his fren so thats why he telling stuff bout other people.

by the way, this fella keep on bragging how he did well at his work place, saying his boss loves him so does anyone else. OK one thing bout me is that i dun give a shit bout other people. so watever he said, i just ignored it.

well to u mister fella, u dun know me, and dun make any assumption as u might make a fool of urself

just keeping my promise

sara nina "PROPA".....!!! (how i wish this can be more bigger)

sorry dear, im just keeping my promise as i told u..
THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY, no news so im just doing what i suppose to, as i told u yeah.. so no hard feelings...

NOW WHO'S being the "PROPA-ish" here? hahahhhhah

p/s propa means not doing/not keeping promise/ bragging bout somethings,

hari tu kan

saya nampak dia, saya kenal dia, saya jumpa dia, dan dia sangat comel

Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm sorry

i'm SORRY if i spoke the truth,
i'm SORRY if im being a bitch,
i'm SORRY if i cant be there for you all the time,
i'm SORRY if i keep on pushing u to do all the things that u're suppose to do,
i'm SORRY for being a childish and u had to deal wit me all the time,
i'm SORRY for not being a good fren,
i'm SORRYfor being a jerk and diva,
i'm SORRY for being someone who always know everything.
i'm SORRY for keeping my promise,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love brought us together.............NOT..!!

it fell so good when we're in love. Everything seems perfect

everything is so beautiful and we're willing to give anything to our partner

the best gift we can give is our devotion

we sacrifes almost everything

so far, i have been in four relationships

num 1, gave me plenty of bills to pay LoL

num 2, gave me converse shoes

num 3, gave me a watch

and my num 4 gave me a white gold ring

and what do i give them? full devotion, honesty and loyalty.. but despite what they gave me, the best gift i've got from all of them is this

a simple broken heart which i kept till now

but then again, i hav no.. i mean NO GRUNGE upon them, and as a proof, i still b fren wit all of them, except num 1 coz i lost contact.

and currently im in a relationship which i hope, it will last longer, i know we cant be together forever but i just want us to enjoy our time and make as many good memories as we can.

love you

Monday, September 8, 2008

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

ok a fren of mine asked me, why i do like to pose sexy? my asnwer is simple, im proud of who i am despite wat people think of me. well yeah honestly, im not a goodlooking (yes folks im just a camera frenly) but i think i deserve to be proud of who i am.

just because you're fat, skinny, ugly doesnt mean u cant be sexy. just spread ur wings and flawn ur sexiness. hey hey im not being sexy just to seduce people.. LoL wat a joke if i really do that. some people are not sincere when be fren with us. so when people tells me that hey u look sexy, and i love to be fren with u. i will WITHOUT NO DOUBT, will not enterttain those kind of people.

all they see is just the outer side of me but not the inside me. when they wanna be fren just because im sexy (im blush ahahahaha) i know there's only one thing in their mind, they just wanna have sex. hahahaha and sorry folks i aint that cheap to have sex with anyone.

and would u believe me if i told u guys (the readers here) that althou i do have several account of myself such as myspace, frenster etc, i rarely meet those chaters.. why? coz i will only meet them if i believe they are truly wanna be fren with me because of who i am and not what they want me to be.

and yeah honestly, i can count with my fingers on how many people i met so far in malacca and yes it doesnt end in bed. normally we just meet up for a drink and thats it.

ok freaking tired now wanna go to bed. and folks, dun be shy to show some skin. only some part and not all coz when u show all, it makes u look cheap LoL


freaking happy today.. hehehehehehe


coz ermm ermmm very historic and special day for coz finally i got the answer the i've been waiting for.....

(feeling blush)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

the good side of fasting month

well when people said, fasting month is the month to lose some weight, well errr for me, i dun think so.. huhuhuhuhu sob sob* i think i gain more weight during fasting month.. huhhuhuhu

i dun buy outside food, but i cook. huhuuhuh everyday i cook. and i ate alone, as a result, i think i gain more weight. huhuhuuhu ok tell me when is the best time to jogg? ok normally i will jogg around 6am. now i cant jogg any longer huhuhu

sahur finish at 5 3oam, and im soOoo full, so when can i jogg? after breaking fast also full, so tell me huhuhuhu when is the appropriate way to do some excercise???

whoever read this blog, pleasssssssssssssssssssssssseee help me sob sob* my belly is getting bigger..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

never change the God's creation

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31, 2008 (AFP) - A Malaysian welder had to have a nut removed from around his penis after an attempt to lengthen it before he gets engaged next week went embarrassingly wrong, a news report said Sunday.

The nut got stuck on his penis following an erection, the Star newspaper said, forcing him to seek help at a hospital in southern Johor state.

Staff from the Sultanah Aminah hospital had to drain some blood from the penis and cut away a top layer of skin before the object could be removed, the newspaper said.
It said the fire and rescue department were also involved in trying to remove the nut from the unnamed welder, who is in his 20s and hoped the nut would weigh down his penis to make it longer.

"The patient is now recovering and we hope to discharge him today (Sunday)," hospital director Daud Abdul Rahim told the Star.

On August 25, another young man in Kuala Lumpur had tried to increase his sexual prowess by slipping a steel ring around his penis, forcing the fire department to cut off the ring after doctors were unable to remove it, the newspaper said.

Monday, September 1, 2008



Happy Ramadhan and Happy Fasting month...

All the best for fasting.. and dun drink and eat during day time.. LoL

Thursday, August 28, 2008

fucKin' dIzzY

im so fucking dizzy..

i slept at 7am. and woke up at 8 3oam.. was doing assignment the whole night and of course that include chatting also

after woke up from bed, did another which is my presentation turn today at 1pm

so i finished my presentation work and when i went to class it turns out that i will present in next 2 weeks time.

came back home, continue finishing my assignment earlier on coz my beloved jana, sbumitted her part to me at 1pm as so i was doing the editing.

finish edit at 4pm and went to campus to print out our assignment and submitted to the lecturer.

and came back home at 5pm. i was so fucking hungry and lazy to go out to buy food and so i cook. i cooked chicken curry, fried chicken and some vege.

i ate alone. now its 7 15pm and i had replacement class at 8pm tonite.

so u see i havent had enough rest and now my stomache is bloated so i think i will pass out at anytime soon. but hope i can make it to class.. so damn fucking important.

and i promised naddy my fren to bring her some food that i cooked just now

and NOW my head is Fuckin' DIZZY.....!!

and YES if anyone get on my nerves tonite, i WILL EXPLODE.

thank you for reading this

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

daging goreng blackpepper

bahan2 :
  1. daging 200 gram
  2. 1 bawang besar dihiris
  3. 2 batang daun bawang
  4. sebiji tomato di potong 8
  5. sebiji kentang di potong dadu
  6. minyak masak 2 sudu besar
  7. secawan air
  8. serbuk daging black pepper buatan MAGGIE

cara2 penyediaan:

  1. panas kuali dan masukkan minyak masak, api besar, 10 saat kemudian masukkan daging
  2. masukkan ketang yg di potong dadu lepas goreng daging 1 minit, 3 minit kemudian masukkan serbuk black pepper segera Maggie. jangan masukkan semua nanti terlalu pedas, masukkan air agak2 sajok. jangan terlalu banyak nanti jadi kuah
  3. goreng daging hingga air menjadi pekat
  4. masukkan tomato yg di potong
  5. masukkan daun bawang. tunggu hingga da betul2 pekat baru tutup api

daging goreng blackpepper .. tomato dan daun bawang utk mencantikan hiasan

makan bersama nasi dan sambal udang perahan limau.

hey hey i love myself coz i know and can do so many things :P

cheers and enjoy ur meal

prank sms

i received a sms this morning just now. and its obviously a prank sms. it stated like this..

from: 0128401028

Sim-Card anda
Telah Bertuah
Hadiah Utama
wang tunai
012 8126553
Terima Kasih
ok obviously it was a prank right? c'mon folks, petronas wont send to u to notify u're a winner through ordinary num.. right? LoL and this is what i replied to them
saya mau report polis kerana ini sms palsu. Sindiket penipuan. Petronas x kan hantar guna num biasa. Tq


i dun need to pleased anyone
i only pleased myself..
i do what i wanna do

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i dun wanna be

I don't need to be anything other than a prison guard's son
I don't need to be anything other than a specialist's son
I don't have to be anyone other than a birth of two souls in one
Part of where I'm going is knowing where I'm coming from

I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

I'm surrounded by liars everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by a identity crisis everywhere I turn
Am I the only one to notice?
I can't be the only one concerned

I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think about me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

Can I have everyone's attention please
See, not like this and that
You're gonna have to leave
I came from the mountain, the crust of creation
My whole situation made from clay, and stone
And now I'm telling everybody

I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I'm trying to do Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me
I don't want to be
I don't want to be
I don't want to be
I don't want to be

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

frustrated or not..??

you know how frustrated it is knowing all your highschool buddy has graduated already and you think you're the only one left, struggling with your study and not finish ur studying yet.....

huhuhuhuhu tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkk....!!

ok i just receive a message from my very the best fren in Form 6, telling me he's in final year. i was like WTF..??!! time pass by like that ehhhh.. and here i am in MMU, doing my 3rd year, and i have another year, and add another more year to do chambering. urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i feel like to puke.. it does hurt so much. i do envy them. seriously. but not that envilious. well wat can i say, good for them and good for me coz this only wanna make me work more hard. errr hard ehh? im always playfull playfull huhuhuhuhuhuu

anyway, im happy with my life and i wish them luck.. last but not least

tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkk...!!!! i wanna graduate together gether with them...!! huhuhuhuhu

Monday, August 18, 2008

nasihat seorang abang kepada adik

oi budakk... ko nk dok umah sampai bila? mengangkang je keje.. ko da abis belajar kan? pi laaa keje..!! ko tak kesian ke kat mak ngan ayah yg penat cari duit.?? apa malas malas? ko ada cuti setahun kan? pegi ar cari keje..

dulu aku tak penah pon rehat lebih dari sebulan sbb aku suka kerja dari dok umah mengangkang tak buat apa. ko keje dapat duit.. duit babe.. jangan nk abis kan beras kat umah je.

ko ingat duit datang camtu je ke? aku lain ar, aku study lagi, masih tanggungan mak ayah. ko tu yg da abis study gi keje..

tak paham aku, ko dok umah asyik main game, tgok tv, online, tak bosan ke? ish ishhhh baik ko gi keje luar, dapat gak pekdah, dapat duit, dapat jumpa org.. ko nak jadi katak bawah tempurung ke?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


penat mengambil upah mengecat bilikk..

huhuhu dapat laa duit poket sket :)

cukup utk ke kl :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

question by a little girl

today my aunt came with her kids and wit my grandma. while i was watching my big brother playing PS2, suddently i heard my cousin asked my grandma

ayu: tok mak, perempuan takde telur kan? (this is when i choked hearing that)
nenek: apa dia? atok tak dengar.. (look confused)
ayu: perempuan takde telur kan tok mak. lelaki je kan ada telur?
nenek: ayu, mana ayu tau nie? saper suruh tanya?

i almost laugh like a mad man. i was like WTF..?? children nowadays ar, haiyohhh very advanced. oh by the way, my little cousin was just 4 years old.

Monday, August 4, 2008

udang sambal perahan limau

bahan bahan yg diperlukan..

  1. 40 batang cili kering

  2. 2 bawang merah

  3. 2 bawang putih

  4. 2 bawang kuning besar

  5. lengkuas

  6. udang yg secukup nya

  7. air perahan limau

  8. 3 biji kentang

  9. gula secukup rasa

  10. garam

  11. sos tiram

  12. sos cili

  13. tomato 3 biji

cara2 memasak:

blend cili kering, bawang merah, lengkuas dan bawang putih sehingga lumat. kemudian di tumiskan dlm kuali yg telah di panas kan.. tumis sehingga pecah minyak. kemudian masukkan gula secukup rasa, agak agak je laaa, dan jangan lupa masukkan sekali garam sedikit. pastu masukkan kentang yg telah di poting dengan cantiknya.. jangan potong dadu sbb tak cantik. gaul gaul sehingga sebati. kalau agak agak sambal yg di tumis tadi nak kering, tambahkan air sikit. make sure jangan terlalu kering kerana nanti takde kuah pulak

ok bila agak2 kentang da empuk, da tak keras, baru masukkan udang itu. ok masukkan sikit sos tiram (sbb nak rasa sedap sket) n sikit sos cili. Apa apa brand pon boleh laaaa. pastu kita tgok, sambal yg di goreng tadi da nak kering, tambah air lagi sket.

pastu bila nampak da nak siap da bau da sedap, masukkan bawang kuning besar yg telah di potong bulat2, bentuk ring. kemudian, agak2 da nak lembek bawang ring tu, masukkan pula tomato yg telan di potong cantik.. last but not least, masukkan air perahan limau. air perahan limau kena masuk last last sbb kalau masuk awal2 nanti rasa masam limau tu da takde da.. heheheh

ok da siap. maka skang ni utk hiasan, suka ati laa nk hias camna pon. yg penting nampak sedap. makan masa panas panas sangat sedap ya.. thank u dan selamat mencuba

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

aku dan kamu

tatkala kita bergembira.. ada yg berduka. kalau kita sentiasa bersuka kena sentiasa beringat, kegembiraan takkan kekal selamanya, tapi selagi kita masih bernyawa, pastikan kita mengisi masa kita dengan penuh bermakna..

tadi aku bersama teman teman, lynn dan matt pegi menonton wayang. citer kungfu hip hop, waktu tgh tgok movie tue, aku teringat kat kawan aku sorang yg sedang berduka. kalau aku berhampiran, akan setiasa aku temankan dia agar dia tidak kesunyian. tapi apa kan daya, dia dok jauh, so aku cuma boleh berharap yg dia tabah menghadapi saat saat yg sukar ini. tuhan lebih mengetahui.

aku tak pernah kehilangan sesaper so aku taktau apa perasaannya, tapi tahun ni, aku kehilangan nenek yg telah kembali ke rahmatullah. masa dapat berita tu, aku kat mlk. mak ngan ayah suruh balik tapi aku balik lambat dan tak dapat menjenguk arwah nenek aku utk kali terakhir. walaupun aku takde laa rapat sangat dengan arwah nenek tapi aku terbayangkan ttg ayah aku yg kehilangan emak dia yg tercinta.

kemudian aku termenung dan memikirkan, bagaimana satu hari nanti kalau aku kehilangan salah sorang ahli keluarga aku? ntah laaa.. skang ni, aku pon akan sentiasa cuba spend masa dengan mak ngan ayah supaya aku tak nyesal apabila apa apa berlaku nanti. kita tak tahu bila kita akan pergi jadi lebih baik kita cuba luang kan masa sebanyak yg boleh.

arielle, kalau hang baca blog aku nie, dah dah hang jangan sedih sedih lagi, tak baik mengenang dia yg sudah pergi, tak tenteram roh nya nanti. skang ni kita cuma doakan semoga dia di tempatkan dengan golongan golongan yg beriman k.

jangan lupa u masih punya mak dan ayah serta ahli keluarga yg lain. teruskan hidup denga tabah demi mereka, aku yakin, diorang pon taknak tengok anak anak diorang terlalu sedih sangat. jadi tabah kan hati ya. Al-Fatihah utk adik mu dan juga mereka yg telah tiada.

you have me

sometimes, it doesnt hurt to know that there are people who actually cared for you. no matter where you are, or what you do, just remember yourself that you are not alone. a good fren will always be by your side no matter what. dont keep it for yourself as it will hurt you more. just share it wit a good fren of yours.

and good things will always come. remember, there's always a rainbow after a rainy day. things will get better. i dunno how or when but God wont dissappoint us. so have some faith ya.

Monday, July 21, 2008


description : jappanese face look, short, plumpy, size cup B, long hair, fair skin
last seen : July 9th, 2008
this girl has been reported missing. if anyone've seen her, please lodge a report to the nearest police station. or call me.
thank you
becarefull coz she is a mad woman.

about me...

myprofile ok dunno what to put in here! im just your average guy really, bit of a nutter / crazy im told, do more or anything for a laugh, i believe life is for living, not slowly dying doing the same thing day in day out, like going to new places and experiencing new things. i choose my friends carefully and i love them all lol! currently studying to become a legal advisor though with every lesson i go to i wanna pack it all in, though i suppose no one likes a quitter, which is one reason why i wont give up sex, jokes! :) oh and in case you hadnt noticed i do play jokes on people and talk utter rubbish and crap!

mydesire is to be with someone whom i can rely on.. regardless his phisycal outlooks.. i look something in someone.. something that is it.. the it thing.. hahahaha

my appearance age: 23
gender: Male
sexuality: Bisexual
ethnicity: Asian
height: 5'7" - 170cm
hair: Black
eyes: Black
body type: Average
body hair: Smooth
tattoos: None
piercings: None
endowment: Ask Me
circumcised: Yes
role: Versatile
my lifestyle star sign: Capricorn
relationship: Single
living: Alone
have kids: None
want kids: Yes
income: Student
politics: Middle of the Road
faith: Islam
drink: Never
smoke: Never
drugs: Never
safe sex: Always
health: HIV-
my ideal gender: Ask me
height: 5'8" - 173cm
age: 22 to 40
wanting: Travel Partner - Friendship - Relationship - 1-On-1 Action
my languages English - Malay
my interests leisure: Arts & Crafts - Clubbing - Hiking - Movies - Music - Travelling - Camping sports: Cycling - Racquetball/Squash - Swimming - Running - Bowling
music: R & B - African

adult interests
i'm into: Vanilla - Anal Sex - Body Contact - Bondage / Discipline - Groups - Kissing - Massage - One-on-One - Oral Sex - Underwear - Water Sports

hahahahah mati laa aku lepas nie

Sunday, July 20, 2008

pasal kawan saya

Azuan si Tukang Gunting telah meninggalkan melaka pada 20 july 2008 pada jam 2 45pm. Saya pon tak pasti kenapa dia tinggalkan kota melaka tapi mungkin dia mempunyai masalah peribadi so saya pon takmau masuk campur laa..

ok saya cuma nak ceritakan pasal si azuan saje kali nie

Azuan si Tukang Gunting, pernah bekerja di bank rakyat, recently dia bukak kedai gunting rambut a.k.a Leonyx Salon di BB Bazaar di buk beruang melaka, seorang mak ayam yg gigih dan mudah TL org.

pernah mengenakan saya, tapi dia tak kedekut duit sbb dia selalu belanja saya makan dan tgok wayang bila saya takde duit. seorang yg baik tapi perangai ada sikit diva laaaa.. tapi orangnya ok dan tahu utk mengukur keupayaan nya sendiri.

malam tadi malan terakhir saya bersama dia di melaka, pada mula nya dia ingin membelanja saya tgok movie kuntilanak akan tetapi, oleh kerna ayah saya sudah bank in duit, maka saya pon membayar balik tiket yg telah di beli oleh Azuan Bekas si Tukang Gunting itu.. tayangan bermula pada jam 11 50 malam, dan sementara nak menunggu tayangan bermula, saya Azuan Bekas si Tukang Gunting dan cousin dia, pergi lah berjalan jalan di jonker, kami jalan kaki dari dataran pahlawan.

suasana di jonker sangat meriah kerana penuh dengan org orang yg cute dan comel comel lotte.. sangat seronok kuar bersama sama Azuan kerana ini malam terakhir dia di sini.. huhuhuuhu.

perkara yg takkan saya lupakan ttg Azuan Bekas si Tukang Gunting ini, dia feeling feeling diva mak ayam, kawan baik kepada QUEEN of TL, Karen, ada kereta comel, kelisa, dulu ada Salon Leonyx tapi da tutup sbb dia pindah balik jb, ingat lagi masa gunting rambut kat kedai dia, cis dia nak sangkak kan saya, huhuhuhuhu tapi nasib leh cover lagi.. hehehehehhe dan Azuan punya Ko##k besar. hahahahahhahaha kelasssssssssss mak ayam sorang nie.. opss... hahahahha

semoga dapat jumpa dia lagi.. ayat yg dia selalu gunakan, "tenkiu noks"

kuntilanak 3

The kuntilanak curse continues as Samantha struggles to find meaning behind her strange powers. We join the story when a group of youngsters, Darwin (Mandala Shoji), Asti (Imelda Therinne), Herman (Reza Pahlevi) and Petra (Laura Antonietta) travel all the way to Ujung Sedo in their mission to track lost friends Stella (Laudya Cynthya Bella) and her fiancé. En route, they meet the cursed Samantha (Julie Estelle) and together they confront an evil shaman with bad intentions. With the help of a little girl named Yenny (Cyndi Valerie), they battle to the bitter end.
my review.. damn scary, it scared me like hell, good storyline, MUST WATCH.. and be prepared for the scariest nite in ur life... MUCH MORE SCARIER than jangan pandang belakang.. MUST WATCH 10/10 stars

Friday, July 11, 2008

menda yg berlaku mlm ini

tadi baru lepas meronggeng dengan lynn dan matt... sepatutnya ada kami berempat tapi cik sara nina terpaksa pulang ke pangkuan ibu nya kerana dia asma.. ibu nya datang ke mlk utk menjemput sahabat saya itu.. perempuan itu mmg kerap kena sakit sbb itu ibu dia datang ambil dia.. lain kali je ya kita hang out sama sama.. sementara itu mari saya explain apa yg telah berlaku utk menjeles kan anda..

tadi kami makan di Alai.. makan sea food.. cuma makan sotong dan udang sahaha.. sotong tepung dan bakar serta udang salai.. sangat sedap secara so so laaaa . masa makan hujan turun tapi itu tidak menghalang kami utk tidak makan. kami sental sahaja makanan yg di hidangkan.. abis makan, MOHAMAD a.k.a MATT bayar.. dia belanja kami.. kalau saya tau, saya nak amik ikan pari atau ikan paling besar utk masak makanan 3 rasa. lagipon MATT bayar so saya sangat suka kalau dapat makan ikan 3 rasa..

abis makan, kami meredah hujan menuju ke kereta dan terus menghala ke karaoke SINARAN. kami banyak menyanyi, tapi malam ini mood kami kureng kerana cik SARA NINA takde sekali.. so nyanyi jela.. walaupun cik SARA NINA takde, kami menyanyi dan telah membayar 53 ringgit utk sesi karaoke. sangat mahal kan. hahahah terlebih nyanyi kot.

kemudian cam whore kat karaoke sinaran.. kemudian kami balik.. kini saya sangat ngantuk dan mahu tido.. terima kasih..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i want

everyday i woke up alone.. with no one by my side.. i dun want that.. i want when i wake up in the morning, there will be someone by my side and even if that person is not by my side (coz maybe they live far away from me), i want someone to sms me in the morning and care for me..

ohhhhhhh when will my time come? how i wish that dream can be fulfill

Sunday, July 6, 2008


i hav lost something precious in my life.. and that is the meaning of LOVE...

well well i cant say im not falling in love again coz i believe that everyone is destined to be wit someone but i just cant find the true meaning of LOVE.

can anyone tell me what is the meaning of LOVE? hey hey im not desperate in looking for love but now i just cant find the true meaning of LOVE.

Friday, July 4, 2008

new rules in town...

hey hey i aint follow anyone rules anymore.. from now on, i make my own rules. so whether u like it or not, i dun give a shit..
i've had enough of taking care other people's feeling without considering mine, now its all about me. sorry folks, if u want me, u hav to come for me.
fuck u all people. and boys just wanna have fun.. i'll follow my own way..
and i ain't afraid of losing anyone.. anymore

Thursday, July 3, 2008

balik kampung

ya saya sudah pulang ke umah saya di kluang utk habiskan masa weekend saya dengan family..

setiba nya saya di rumah, saya kemas kan bilik dan buang barang yg tak berguna di bilik air saya.. kini saya gembira kerana bilik saya sudah lapang dan kemas....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i cried for real

for so long i havent cry and finally i cried few hours ago.. witnessed by a good fren on mine Miss F. i was devastated after being betrayed by the person i trust the most. no matter how bad i am, i will never ever play with other people's feeling and heart.

yeah so it was a joke and im being blindsided but here we are talking bout my feelings. i told u guys bout my problem and yeah i do look happy like i dun hav problem but does u guys know wat i felt inside me?

so yeah i do acted happy, crazy and fun but i do hav my sensitive part inside me. i trusted my fren but if i was being betrayed, it doesnt feel good at all. i think u guys know that im still sad bout E after E treated me that way (by the way i dun blame E coz i believe strongly believe it was my fault) but u guys still make fun of my feelings. u give me hope, and u crushed it like that. wanna know wat it felt? it felt like u was having high, very high expection in having a good time, and suddenly it was crush just like that.. snapp..!

and yeah i did cried for wat hav happened tonite. and im not sure wat will happend in the future...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

thank you thank you

saya amat bersyukur kerana diri saya tidak pernah bersendirian.. saya seorang yang amat takut bila bersendirian, tapi saya bersyukur kerana di mana jua saya berada, masih terdapat mereka yg berdiri di sisi saya.. 1 pergi 4 kembali. itu lah perumpamaan nya..

maka kini saya tidak lagi mengeluh bersendiri, kerana masih terdapat mereka yg memberikan sokongan kepada saya dan sudi berada di sisi saya..

terima kasih

Monday, June 30, 2008

i am nice

well well.. i was indeed in despair but that doesnt hold me for long coz now i truly believe that you wasnt meant for me. no matter how hard i tried, u keep on pushing me aside. apart from that, u closed your heart from me. i knock and knock and knock but the result is still the same. yeah well, i know u're a stubborn but i dun expect this stubborn. but hey guess i just need to keep on walking and leave the past behind.

anyway it was good to share a good memories with u. hahaha we walked together and share bout our secrets and thats why i truly believe that you and i, we hav something special going on, but indeed i was wrong. but trust me, i dun blame u nor myself, just like u said, this was just too fast. and yeah i dun need you to calm me, and i didnt blame u for anything.

well i guess after this i will less go to kl coz i know i need time to forget wat had happen between us. i cant look u in the face coz my heart will hurt so badly. no. its not because u hurt me or something... it just my heart cant take the pain of looking u.

i will surely fall for you again and i dun wanna that to happen. i know we are not meant to be together coz hey lets face the fact, u are gorgeous, hav car, have career, and matured enough, and u can love or like anyone u want. and im sure everyone will fall for you and now look at me, im a childish, annoying, not matured, not good looking, still study, and i cant give u anything.

well for all this while, i've been nice to you and it seems when u see im being nice, it makes u think that im being nice for a reason. and trust me, i hav no other bad intention for u. wat u see me is wat i am. maybe some people are truly nice. and u know wat, open up ur heart and try to trust people a bit.

the fact that i treat u nice doesnt mean i need something for return. NO.. i am being nice coz its in my nature. yeah maybe im a bit like u know too nice?? hahahaha well i treat everyone the same. well last but not least, thax for everything. u will always be in my mind for being the person i can look up wit.. thank you

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the said

well i love myself coz everyday i know people love no matter where they are.. even they dun like me, others will

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

cabut kelas

cabut kelas jap hehehe kang sambung gi kelas kul 3pm :P

kelas malaysian studies packed woOOo.. sesakk baik blah lepas sign attendance hahahahha

Monday, June 23, 2008

best nya

best nya.. smlm jalan2 kat tepi pantai.. duduk duduk, baring baring atas batu, amik gambar.. sambil makan ais krim roti. best nya. tepi pantai pontian. tgok budak2 main layang2. tangkap gambar. best yg terkata.. thax

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the style, the jury, the verdict..

yada yada yada..

''you're too naughty, too flirty, too childish, not serious in having relation, arghhh you wont be too long in any relationship, you're a whore''

thats the words from people who always describe me. but do they actually know me..? just because i acted naughty does it mean i am one? just because i am flirty does it mean all my life gonna be a flirtatious? if im not serious in having any relationship, then why im doing all the effort to be wit someone? hey hey im not the type of guy wasting my time and money for nothing. im not gonna play sms and show care to someone if i just wanna play people's heart.

and well i guess history tells it all. i've had a relationship for 4 years before this and is that a sign of people who just not so serious in wanna have any relationship? well i dunno wat to say anymore then.

i think i may be come out too strong in the eyes of my fren. they saw me being naughty, wit seing me jumping around on people's lap and started having fun, laugh. but there's one problem. i only hav fun with my fren. its not like i wanna kiss them and invite them to bed .. like duhhhhhhhh the fun is wit among fren je kot. cant i hav fun, laugh wit fren.

ok being flirtatious... hmmmm now i wonder how can people said im being flirtatious? as far as im concern, i dun kiss randomly wit other people. the far that i can do is just saying to other's "you're cute" thats it kot. if i saw people who is cute and gorgeous, im not gonna lie, i just tell them, they're cute. its the truth

and by having fun, they said im a whore? hahahaha well think again, did i sleep wit different people? NO.. did i kiss randomly? NO .. did i follow wat others tell me to do? NO .. so just think bout it. im not gonna say this to them who actually do all the above, i will just kept quiet and let them talk. and till today, i dun think i step across the boundaries where i can lose my dignity.

so wat do they expect from me? sitting in couch like a good boy, pretend nothing happen. if people come just say hi and thats it? if i do like that, where's the personality in me? where's the outgoing person in me? i will lost me

i dun wanna lose me. i am me. and people actually believe wat others tell them bout me. oh well if the jury has spoken, the audience will believe and accept the verdict but one thing for sure, if they do get to know the real me, then im sure, the judgement in them about me will totally wrong.

hey hey, this wasnt the 1st time people mistaken bout me, there's one time, when i worked as a prt time in this shop, i helped my co-workers lending her some money, and few weeks later, i quit my job coz continuing study, and i heard stories, that she told other people i pretended to be nice and that i was a bad person.

well i now i dun mind wat people think about me coz hey one finger pointed at me, the other nine, will point at themselves.. thats why i dun judge people at 1st sight.which i normally do but and plus im a type of guy who doesnt actually care wat other people said. so it doesnt bother at all. but i do feel bother, if i wanna get to know someone, and others tell to this person things that are not true about me and spoil my relationship. but then again, if this person or anyone who wish to get to know me better, make ur own decision. dun let others get in ur way. coz if u listen to others without getting to know the truth, well then may be you dun deserve to know me. ahhhhhh now i feel a bit calmer after expressing my feeling in my own blog..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the world is againts us

from the moment i wake up.. i still thinking of you.. and my current mode has been told in this song.. even the world is againts me from having a moment with u, it wont stop me from falling for you

Closed off from love
I didn’t need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you’re frozen

But something happened
For the very first time with you
My heart melted to the ground
Found something true
And everyone’s looking round
Thinking I’m going crazy

But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear
But they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears
Try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that the goal
Is to keep me from falling

But nothing’s greater
Than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness
I see your face
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that I’m going crazy, maybe, maybe

But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep (keep) bleeding love (love)
You cut me open

And it’s draining all of me
Oh they find it hard to believe
I’ll be wearing these scars
For everyone to see

I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing (ooh)
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding (ah ah)
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love (ooh ooh)
Keep bleeding (oh ooh ooh)
Keep, keep bleeding love (love)
(Oh) you cut me open and I

Keep bleeding (ah ah)
Keep, keep bleeding love (yeah ah yeah)
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love (oh, I keep bleeding love)
Keep bleeding (I keep)
Keep, keep bleeding love (oh)
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love

dun cry anymore

no matter how hard i tried to make u like me, it just doesnt work anymore.. and i dunno wat else i should do.. and my heart is broken when u listen to others instead of urself.. i just wanna listen to ur own opinions and not wat others tells u to do.. so i really dont know wat to do..

and im in despairs.. u wont know how i feel and when its too late, there's no turning back..

and i dun wanna cry anymore thinking of you..

hope tonite is the last nite i cry for you.. and i wanna move on.. new day new day new day

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

yeay i pass all my paper..!! now i wonder, should i go to Legal Attachment this year or should i carry orward next year? dilemma dilemma dilemma.. huhuhuuuu

Friday, May 30, 2008

dun cry...

i cried..
and i cried out loud..
the burden in me is much more heavier than anyone can think off
and i cried..
crying alone in my bed
no one there to heal me..
let it hurt
let it hurt till i dun feel a thing
and i cried alone

Thursday, May 29, 2008

yeay im so crazy

am i a naughty, flirty, sexy (ok did i said im sexy?), childish guy..?? i dun think im flirty (im dead meat...) i like being naughty but it seems no one can control me.. huhuh i like being control by someone. well if i found the right person, i will STOP being flirty.. yes ZERRIE, i promise to stop being flirtatious once i found the right person..

yes sara nina im single now (got dumped recently)

yes kiki lala i like u but im sure u just want us be fren

yes lynn we will go to genting one day together gether wit sara nina and matt..

yes people i am crazy being GLAMOUR..!! hahahahahahaha oh well i enjoy being me. complicated yet easy going person.. hahahaha

someone please STOP ME..!! ok dun slap me but find me the right person and i'll be like kid who listen to his mom.. MOMMY i miss u.. wink wink*

arghhhh holiday holiday holiday.. the most thing i hate is holiday.. why? coz im gonna repeat this again and again and again..!! i dunno wat to do during holiday and i wont get my allowance if its holiday..!! huhuhuhuhh yada yada yada..!! i need someone.. well im not desperate but once i like that person i will try to get them as soon as possible.

well maybe thats the thing.. i am a go getter.. i just dun want them to slip away from me. huhuhuh so help please.. wink wink*

miss my bed in mlk and miss my fren there.. huhuhuuh

oh well oh well

oh recently i was being dumped by the person i love.. hahaha but the thing is i dun feel anything as i expected this earlier and sara nina, thats the reason why i dun talk much bout my ex ... or is it scandal ..?? coz i only couple for wat 2 month..?? hahahahaha

wat a dumb girl

now i know the reason why a lot of snatch thief happening in Malaysia..

ok the stories goes like this, last week, when i was on my way to kl central, i sat in front of this young lady. she's not bad, wearing baju kurung, and tudung and she looks like this innocent innocent girl lah (duhhh i dun believe gals in kl are innocent), one thing i observe about her is that, she carried her hand bag, and another transparent plastic bag..

inside that plastic bag, she put around 30 to 40 ringgit.. ok im not surprise if she will be the next victim of snatch thief coz duhhhhh obviously she's attracting people by putting her cash inside that plastic bag. of course lah desperate people who saw that money will str8 away attracted to it.

we know 30 or 40 ringgit is not much but hey it still money thou. and woman herself are the contribution why snatching is still around.

i have the pic but cant post it here as i am now in my house and i cant transfer the pic inside my phone. will up date the pic later..

so moral of the story, PLEASE ALL THE LADY out there..!! dont show ur money like that coz anything can happen.. i mean ANYTHING..!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


waaaaaa.. i wanna write blog but cant at the moment.. im not around my laptop and i hate going to cc.. so catch ya later

Friday, May 23, 2008

a true american idol

i personally think David Cook deserve to be the American Idol..
he has the charisma and the aura. when people listen to his voice its like u're in a mini concert watching him perform in front of you.

he has this husky tone which can make people feel warm and want more to listen to his voice.
plus he will be a great singers just like carrie underwood.
the moment i watch he won american idol, i really felt that he realy really deserve this.
it was a time of his life.
all the wa David Cook..!!

info of the latest movie

What’s the story?

Nineteen years have passed since Indy went gallivanting off to Venice to look for his missing father (and unwittingly hooked up with Dad's Nazi ex in the process). Spielberg and the gang are insanely tight-lipped about the details of this new adventure, but we do know that Indy will be facing off with Agent Irina Spalko, an icy Communatrix who competes with him to acquire a mysterious (and possibly alien-related) artifact. Indy will also have a new sidekick in the form of Mutt, a James Dean-style rebel.

Three Good Reasons

  1. Has Indy still got it? Controversy is raging! Is he a worthy action hero, or a relic that should have stayed buried? He could well be a comic combination of both, but we won't know 'til we've seen him in action.

  2. Marion Ravenwood, the most beloved of Indy's conquests (sorry Mrs. Spielberg), returns! Something made it inevitable. Does this "Mutt" kid belong to her? Or Indy? Or both??
  3. Dum da dum-dummm...! John Williams is back to give this film the thrilling and iconic soundtrack we've come to expect. (Just try and get Indy's theme out of your head now.)

    Bet You Didn't Know

    You probably know that Indy was named for George Lucas's dog. But did you know that the names of Temple of Doom characters "Willie" and "Short Round" were also taken from real-life dogs? We can only assume that Shia LeBoeuf's character "Mutt" is the next stage in this running in-joke.

courtesy of

Thursday, May 22, 2008

who's ur superheroes?

my favourite superheroes all the time.

lady lara croft from Tomb Raider

Most trust fund babies go to art school or start their own fashion lines. Not Lara Croft. She spent her family’s millions differently -- jetting from Cambodia to the Artic, battling six-armed statues, and accidentally bending time and space -- all to keep a mysterious cult from taking over the world. Let's see Paris Hilton do that

John McClane from Die Hard

The irritable New York cop with martial problems who became a one-man "War on Terror." After Nakatomi Plaza was captured by a dozen high-tech Eurotrash thieves, he managed to kill all the baddies, save his wife, and leap off an exploding skyscraper supported by nothing but a fire hose. And he didn’t even need shoes to do it.

Lara croft is sexy, naughty, flirty confident girl.. she is hottest girl around
John McClane is one rough, sexy man in the planet..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


aku dan mereka

mereka dan aku

Saturday, May 17, 2008


arghhhhhhhh.. seriusly im falling in love wit u..

but i know, u afraid of me. afraid of who i really am...

i asked u whether we can be together..? i really really like you...

Friday, May 16, 2008

requested by ZERRIE

this is a request from zerrie my best buddy in kl to re-post this topic.. i posted this one on august with the title DANG.. DANG... DANG... but i made some changes here..

we need to look forward. dun hold urself with the past.. u may remember the past but dun hold on to it.. break the spell..! move one step ahead.. forward forward forwad .. dang dang dang...

yeah yeah dun look back baby.. coz if u still hold on to the past, u may not step forward...!!



yes, believe in yourself that you can move one step ahead from them..! u've got people around u supporting u no matter wat happen...!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

silent moment

~ sad....
someone talked bad bout me and make others think im a bad person. well not everyone like me thou... suck it up and move on...
and there goes my crush.. hahahah had a crush on u till now
nahhh wont blame u. i wont blame anyone either.. if i do any mistake, then forgive me.. after all im just a human being... ~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

free burger

two-all beef patties, special sauce,
lettuce, cheese, pickles,
onions on sesame seed bun
folks, by remembering these receipes and said it in less than 4 second, u will get a free Big Mac like i did just now. hahaha
its true by the way and i guess i did it less than 3 second
enjoy your meal

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mungkin kahh

mungkinkah aku dan dia kan bersama selamanya..??
walau singkat masa bersama
tapi aku ingin tetap berada di sisinya..
p/s: gambar ini hanyalah sekadar hiasan sahaja...
lokasi / waktu: jetty portugis setlement / 7.40pm
artis: sara nina ismail / aripz
kamera: SE K770i sahaja

Saturday, May 10, 2008

kerja giler

huhuhu badan penat sangat.. mlm tadi gi kl. dengan rancangan last last minit.. gi kl gi clubbing. esok (ahad) ada exam teori squash. huhuhuhh camna tu? tak study lagi laaa.. sob sob*

nper gi clubbing? saje je nk gi sana. takpe, yakin boleh.. ari ni nak study .. maTI pon kena study..!! yeahhh

pagi tadi gerak pulang KL-MLK aku drive cam org giler, kepala pusing pusing bukan sbb minum tapi sbb ngantuk sangat .. huhuhh pastu kena marah dengan azuan sbb aku bawak kereta kejap kejap ke kiri kejap kejap ke kanan.. huhuu i tried my best kot tak tido.. huhuhuhh

Thursday, May 8, 2008

happy mode

today damn satisfied hanging around wit my fren.. we karaoke till midnite.. hehehe damn happy laaa...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

in a dream..

malam tadi kan.. saya bermimpi.. dlm mimpi saya itu.. saya bersama kawan2 saya. kemudian saya ternampak seorang kawan perempuan saya, dia berselisih dengan saya.. apa yg menakutkan saya adalah bila dia berselisih dengan saya dia tidak menegur saya. saya berasa amat sedih. sedih kerana saya sudah menganggap dia sebagai kawan baik saya.. harap ini hanyalah mimpi semata mata. saya tak sanggup berhadapan dengan situasi begitu. saya sayangkan kawan kawan saya..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

trust me...

u know, let me tell u something. just ignored them. trust me, one day when they found out the truth about u, they will be ashamed of themself. expecially those who claimed to be ur fren. well i know that u wanna know why they did this to you, all i can say is that they are jeleous of you. relax laa babe, the more you tension, the more they like it. so just keep it cool.

u hav confront them and in front of you, they said they cool wit u but when behind ur back, they talked bad bout u. if i were you, i will be a very very damn intense BIYOTCH but i know u r different from me. tu laa baik sangat..

dah dah.. they can go to hell ( which i believe everyone does) but the moment they swear upons God's name and then they lied to other people, huh their live wont be as peace and calm forever. hahahah thats y i dun swear on God's name.

Monday, May 5, 2008



Kazman a dedicated husband has decided to buy a bungalo for their family in the outskirts near a lake, as a family getaway each time they want to leave the city life. Sufiah, his wife, didn't agree much with the idea but Kazman has promised his friend that he would purchase the house so he went along with it. Many strange occurance happend along the way to their bungalo including the strange loss of his handphone. As they got their Sufiah wasn't much at ease with the house and begged Kazman to leave immediately but he stood stil with his decision and moved in the bungalo.

Sufiah felt very uneasy most of the times as if she was being watched by another person. Her daughter Lisa would always go downstairs at night to a dark room playing congkak with someone whom seh could only see. Sufiah not pleased with these happenings threw away the congkak in the lake.
Sufiah was awaken again the next night hearing the congkak being played in the same room. As Sufiah went to check the room she saw an old lady was playing the congkak. Many other weird things began to happen with the dissapearence of her daughters as well.
Pak Tua, the oldest resident in that area came to the bungalo to rescue the family and find Ely and Lisa.

own review

well my review is that, congkak started with a very strong storyline. but then again after watching this movie, its kinda bored. its nothing to compare Jangan Pandang Belakang. i yawn few times when i watched this movie wit my fren.

things u regret the most

suddenly all this memories come back to me. the day me and my best fren did a HUGE MISTAKE we ever made in our life.

that time i was 15 and so was Az***. we've been fren since primary school. and we getting close when we're attending highschool. that nite, my parents was out of town. so i invited Az to come over to my place. mom and dad knew that Az was my best buddy ever. so here i am, in my house wit Az.

that nite we're kinda drunk coz maybe we're 'partying' around like hell. hey u are 15 and parents are not home. so as a teenagers, i can feel the freedom that nite. we watched movie together till like wat 2 or 3 am. we online together using my pc. doing pranks with other people, watching porn. hahaha

so that nite around 3am, we were so exhausted and sleepy, the tv was on. it was a porn movie. and i suddenly hug Az. Az dun mind, and then, the next thing happen we kissed, and taking out our cloth, my heart beat fast, my mind wanna explode, and it almost happen when we realized that we did a big mistake. i feel weak that time. we stop wat we r doing and put our cloth back and sleep and pretend nothing happen. i cant sleep that nite thinking wat had happen.

the next day, Az went back. i sms Az and telling Az that no matter wat happen, i want us to be fren and nothing will change that.

but that year, Az changed school and went to technic school. Az left has left me and thats the last time we hang out coz after that, Az started to ignored me. i didnt blame Az i blame myself.

and till now, i regret doing that thing to Az. i wish we could be fren again. and till now i still holding onto that hope.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

envy..?? i dun give a shit

haishhhh.. tak paham sungguh dengan sesetengah org yg mudah cemburu dengan diri kita. walaupun kita tak buat apa apa kat mereka, tapi sifat cemburu mereka itu amat melampau, sampai sanggup jatuh kan kita dengan begitu sekali. aku sangat simpati dengan mereka yg cemburu dengan diri kita sampai sanggup buat mulut mengatakan itu ini ttg diri kita yg kebenaran jauh sama sekali. kenapa nak cemburu sampai camtu. ??
aku ada sorang kawan, aku tgok dia baik, selama berkawan ngan aku, susah nak tgok dia jadi jahat (tapi dia suka mencarut bila dengan aku.. hahahah dengan aku je laa tapi aku paham tu mmg cara kita bergurau), selama aku berkawan ngan dia, tak penah plak aku dengar dia ngumpat pasal org lain, apatah lagi cuba jatuh kan org lain. bagi aku, dia sangat baik, sampai masa mula mula aku kenal dia, ohhhhhhh tidakkkkkkkkk aku tak sangka ada org yg terlalu sopan macam dia sampai aku sendiri naik takut. hahahaha ye laa mana taknya, aku da la kepala gila2, kawan2 aku pon semua gila, tang tang bila berkawan ngan dia, terasa masuk cam twillight zone plak.. hahaha tapi bila da kawan ngan dia aku da biasa da ngan perangai dia, da boleh adjust ngan sikap dia, sampai aku plak yg naik hantu cuba hasut dia buat menda2 jahat.. ngeh ngeh ngeh
ok sifat cemburu ni, datang bila kita takleh tgok orang lain senang. lain laa cam aku, aku jenis " i dun give a shit bout other people" punya konsep. so agak susah laa nak cemburu dengan org lain. tapi ada sesetengah org yg cemburu dengan kita. mereka akan mengata yg kita ni berpura pura baik, cuba rosakkan hubungan org lain, memburukkan org lain, pemalas, bodoh.. HAKIKATNYA adakah org org yg cemburu itu tahu saper diri kita yg sebenarnya?
ok laaa aku ngaku yg aku berkawan amat siikit dengan org2 yg satu coursemate dengan aku, tapi ADAKAH itu membuatkan aku tidak mempunya kawan? HALLOOOO.. aku punya ramai kawan lagi dlm kampus ya.. dan luar kampus. walaupun aku tak berapa joint sangat ngan bebudak coursemate ni, ni tak bererti aku hidup sebatang kara. hahaha
aku pon ada laa jugak PERHATIKAN sesetengah kawan2 aku yg sama course ngan aku ni BERTALAM DUA MUKA.. depan aku baikkkkkkkkkkkkk je, tapi belakang aku, aku tau mereka mengutuk aku TAPI pada masa yg sama mereka MEMINTA PERTOLONGAN aku utk sesetengah perkara. haihhh dah laa kutuk kita kata kita ini itu tapi pada masa yg sama mintak tolong kita plak, duhhhhhhhh wat a LOSER..
aku pernah terkena bila ada org kata aku mempergunakan org lain. seorang budak berkata begitu kepada aku. aku amat sedih bila dia cakap begitu, so apa aku buat, aku contact SETIAP kawan aku di kampus dan tanya mereka adakah aku mempergunakan mereka. mereka berkata TIDAK dan ada yg kawan aku melenting bila ada org cakap aku mempergunakan org lain kerana mereka tau aku bukan jenis begitu (masa tu sangat terharu)
so aku amik keputusan, mengendahkan mereka yg tahu cakap buruk ttg aku dab biarlah apa mereka nk cakap sbb aku PERCAYA satu hari nanti, mereka akan MALU dengan sikap mereka. dan bila tiba masa itu, aku akan GELAKKAN mereka puas puas. HAHHAHAh.
aku pon actually agak terkilan bila ada sesetengah budak coursemate aku ni kedekut ilmu... bila aku bertanyakan sesuatu, diorang akan cakap aku ni malas laa nk buat research, tak amik peduli semua hal, tapi aku rasa bukan selalu kot. yg aku peliknya, bila diorang perlukan sesuatu, aku jugak yg di cari nya. sebagai contoh, bila tang masuk nk exam, tanya aku samada aku dapat tips ke tak. huh pi laa cari sendiri. SORRY la ya, pasni aku takkan tolong mereka yg tau cari aku bila diperlukan saja. so pasni jangan laa tanya kenapa kalau aku mengendah kan korang ya.. hehehe
kalau aku nak balas dendam, lagi teruk kot.. INGAT setiap RAHSIA korang ada di tangan aku.. hahahaha anytime aku boleh bocorkan. tapi aku ni amanah, bila org citer rahsia diorang, aku simpan baik baik. hehehe tapi aku tetap ada cara aku utk mengorek rahsia setiap org. hehehe
so kalau berani cuba jatuhkan aku, aku pon boleh jatuhkan ko sampai korang takleh bangun lagi... hahahaha and perlu ingat, aku ni sangat kejam bila tang balas dendam.
and ingat jugak sebelum membuat/ menyebarkan sesuatu cerita, baik siasat baik2 samada citer tu betul atau tidak kerana buruk padahnya kalau salah.. kan kan kan

iron man...

hahaha i just watch iron man..! well here are some of the info that i could provide.. thax to the courtesy of

Playboy billionaire Tony Stark redefines "mid-life crisis" when his business trip to Afghanistan ends in a terrorist abduction. His captors, hoping to put his genius to work (and not being exactly MENSA material themselves), give him a high-tech workshop and demand that he build them a super-weapon. Of course, he builds a suit of super-armor instead and uses it to escape. Meanwhile back in the States, a nefarious plot has hatched in his absence. What's a now-virtually-indestructable guy to do but foil it?

Three Good Reasons

1. Robert Downey, Jr.'s bad-boy reputation makes him the perfect guy to play this conflicted, unlikely superhero. Downey's clean, sober, fit, and ready to save the world.

2. The classic comic's 21st-century makeover consists of more than just trading Vietnam for Afghanistan. The plot's ethical shades of gray give it more dramatic weight than you'll find in a standard funny-book adapation.

3. Not convinced yet of Iron Man's gravitas? Try counting up the stars' Academy Award nominations. The cast of this little comic book movie has earned a total of seven Oscar nods.

Bet You Didn't Know

The Black Sabbath song "Iron Man" has nothing to do with the Marvel comic, but Paul McCartney wrote a song called "Magneto and Titanium Man" that mentions two of Iron Man's nemeses (Titanium Man of course, as well as the Crimson Dynamo).
p/s: well i was wondering if iron man can beat transformer..? perhaps..maybe.. definitely..!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

a true beauty queen

Chloe Marshall doesn't look like your average beauty queen. And she couldn't be happier about it. The trainee beautician has become the first size 16 to make it to the finals of the Miss England contest. Yesterday the 16-year-old beat a host of slimmer hopefuls to be named Miss Surrey, and hopes to win the national competition in July.

Chloe, from Guildford, is 12st 8lb, 5ft 10in tall and has a 38DD bust. But although she is the average size for a woman, in the age of the size zero model she stands out. The teenager, who has been signed up by the Models Plus agency, said most of her rivals were size eight or ten. "Everybody thinks you have to be a tall, slim blonde and I'm a curvy brunette," she added. "I want to show it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard size zero. "The reaction I've had is great. Other girls have told me I have really boosted their confidence, which is terrific."

Chloe added she is delighted to be picked as Miss Surrey: "It's really exciting, I'm really, really happy. I'm lost for words, I started to cry and everything. I'm over the moon.
"I wanted to go through to the Miss England finals to break through the stereotype that you have to be tall and skinny. "I wanted to make a bit of a statement. When I studied the other entrants for the Miss Surrey competition I concluded that pretty as the contestants were, they were equally all uniformly blonde and Barbie doll like

"My mum is really happy and proud of me that I am doing something not just for myself but other people as well and my friends are really supportive, they can't stop going on about it." Stevie Walters, of Models Plus, said that Chloe has a "luscious" figure at 5ft 10in, a size 16 and 38DD bustline. She added: "Chloe is gorgeous-looking and we are sure she will be snapped up by fashion companies who want to project a realistic and achievable image to their customers."



p/s: you dun hav to ve skinny to be a beauty queen.. learn to love the way you are

Happy Labour Day

today is my fren birthday.. cant give anything.. just wish him only..

happy birthday to you.. :)

wanna clean up my room. and have a good thursday
happy labour day to all...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


well well... its good being me, coz i see some people starting to underestimate me.. hahaha well i guess it wont bite me in the ass coz it wouldnt be my fault if they were wrong about me.. hahaha actually its good coz i loveeeeeeeeeeeee seing them fall down at the end of the day.. hahahaha

oh yessssssss.. a fren of mine told me a law student wont help another law student when it comes to study. i cant agree with him 100% .. well its true that some of my fren doesnt wanna help me when it comes to study but it only 10% of it. and i dun actually care about these people.. i mean i they dun wanna help me, i still have other frens who willing to help me.

and even some of my fren think they are better than me and insulted me. the best way i can do is that i just shut my mouth and keep quiet. well i agree that when in comes to study, im not good than them but i tried my best and so far it went well for me. and i dun mind if they underestimated me, coz HAHAHA ( i laugh at them in my heart) i know my capability so it doesnt matter wat they said about me.

so guys, better watch out wat u were saying coz trust me, when im pissed , i dun show it at the spot but i kept it cool and after a while, when the right time comes, hahaha im sure can be one hell of SARCASTIC, MEAN, ANNOYING guy.. hahah so just watch ur back coz i always watch mine

Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Kingdoms..?? SUX...!!

this is the most sucks movies i'd ever watch.. urggggggggggghhhh..!! i give only 2 out of 5 stars. why? i give credit for the props, custome, and the martial art performed. from the poster and all with outstanding actor/actress, i really thought this will be one of a hell movie. but noOoo its beyond my expectation.. 3 kingdoms, the titled given, but after i watched this movie, hey where's the 3 kingdom? duhhhhhhh its only a fight between Liu's empayar and Cao Ying's empayar.. it doesnt make sense at all...???

and i dun give credit for the storyline coz it only shows, fight fight and fight.. huhuhuhuh so i dun really recommend people to watch this movie. oh yeah Maggie Q is so HOT with her martial art movement..

im looking forward to watch Forbidden Kingdom and Congkak.. hahahaha