Sunday, March 29, 2009

2nd day Anugerah Bintang Popular roadshow

Endra managed to go final but he didnt win. huuhhhu so sad that he didnt win but he tried his best. even mom told him, there'll be another time for him. mommy so sporting supporting my fren althou it was her first time meet endra.

he sang Mungkin by Anuar Zain

the litle girl i mentioned ealier on

on the right, 3rd place, 2nd place and lady with tudung winners.

oh well althou he didnt win, he had a good time. all the contestant are really good. after the competition, we went take picture at the Kluang Railway station

somehow, i dun like this pic.. urghhhh

Saturday, March 28, 2009

anugerah bintang popular.. BatuPahat Mall

A fren of mine joined this singing competition held by the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian. While i was there, i admired those people who have the courage to joined such competition and exposed themselves to the public.
HOWEVER, there are some people who does not joint the competition and has the guts to critisized other people's effort. i mean hey atleast they wanted to follow their dreams and who knows they might win.

ok for an example, there was this young girl aged 10, joint the competition, when she sang, there are other people complaining that she is not singing but she was spelling the lyrics, but then, she proved to these people that she can actually sing. she wowed the judges and now qualifying herself to final which is tomorrow.
AND of course my fren, ENDRA joint this competition and he also qualified to final. yeay..!! cant wait to see him singing tomorrow.

the stage

endra singing 3 songs just now and also wowed the judges.

ok after the singing competition, endra and i decided to watch the animal fair. and guess what, i take a pic with big snake, i think it was anaconda. and watch carefully my face expression. huhuhuuh

i was scared man.. seriusly

endra look amazing with the snake... and also he posed with.........

the monkey....

well until next time.. tomorrow im going to update in whats happening during the Final show k.

family outing

my eldest brother, my sister and i went to play bowling at the kluang parade and guess what? i had strike 4 times in a row.. something that never happen to me LoL.. damn happy laaa.. then 'ketuk' my brother to buy satay for the family hehehee..

me and my brother

my sister

Monday, March 9, 2009


dalam kereta endra, tgh jalan kat highway ternampak kereta yang sebiji macam kereta aku.

(me) u, u, kereta i ngan kereta tu mana lagi nampak best?

(endra) kereta dia lagi nampak best, kereta arif tu kereta flinstone k..

(me) ya ke? adoi...~ yang penting, boleh gerak k.. flinstone pon flinstone laaaa

(adik sarawak) ~ sedap menggelakkan aku

ada ke kereta aku di kata nya kereta flinstone???

Friday, March 6, 2009

my fren

i am

i am lound, i am boast, i am arrogant, i am psycho, i am hot tempered.

thats what makes me, me....

p/s: dear my fren im sorry if i hurt ur guys feeling coz it is not my intention to do so. truely deeply from the bottom of my heart im sorry

Thursday, March 5, 2009

dun lie

no, no,no, no, baby, no, no, no, dun lie...~

dun brag bout sumthing which is not so big deal..

so wat u achieve something that i dun?

i aint cry for something that aint worth it

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

mooting 1st round

my partner and i, fardlin izreen againts the team of fisha and azie farhana.

won the 1st round and hoping we can go to the 2nd round..

lyn and me

with the opposition team, fisha and azie farhana

something wrong... hmmmmm

yeah its been a while i havent write anything in my blog.

just wanna say, thank you for waking me up from dreams.

i realized i dun have the obligation to inform other people the knowledged that i gain if they didnt ask me.

and i dun have the obligation to be too concern bout other people's life although it is in favour of them..

it seems wrong with the statement but well wat can i say, i just need some changes due to the adviced i received..