Friday, May 30, 2008

dun cry...

i cried..
and i cried out loud..
the burden in me is much more heavier than anyone can think off
and i cried..
crying alone in my bed
no one there to heal me..
let it hurt
let it hurt till i dun feel a thing
and i cried alone

Thursday, May 29, 2008

yeay im so crazy

am i a naughty, flirty, sexy (ok did i said im sexy?), childish guy..?? i dun think im flirty (im dead meat...) i like being naughty but it seems no one can control me.. huhuh i like being control by someone. well if i found the right person, i will STOP being flirty.. yes ZERRIE, i promise to stop being flirtatious once i found the right person..

yes sara nina im single now (got dumped recently)

yes kiki lala i like u but im sure u just want us be fren

yes lynn we will go to genting one day together gether wit sara nina and matt..

yes people i am crazy being GLAMOUR..!! hahahahahahaha oh well i enjoy being me. complicated yet easy going person.. hahahaha

someone please STOP ME..!! ok dun slap me but find me the right person and i'll be like kid who listen to his mom.. MOMMY i miss u.. wink wink*

arghhhh holiday holiday holiday.. the most thing i hate is holiday.. why? coz im gonna repeat this again and again and again..!! i dunno wat to do during holiday and i wont get my allowance if its holiday..!! huhuhuhuhh yada yada yada..!! i need someone.. well im not desperate but once i like that person i will try to get them as soon as possible.

well maybe thats the thing.. i am a go getter.. i just dun want them to slip away from me. huhuhuh so help please.. wink wink*

miss my bed in mlk and miss my fren there.. huhuhuuh

oh well oh well

oh recently i was being dumped by the person i love.. hahaha but the thing is i dun feel anything as i expected this earlier and sara nina, thats the reason why i dun talk much bout my ex ... or is it scandal ..?? coz i only couple for wat 2 month..?? hahahahaha

wat a dumb girl

now i know the reason why a lot of snatch thief happening in Malaysia..

ok the stories goes like this, last week, when i was on my way to kl central, i sat in front of this young lady. she's not bad, wearing baju kurung, and tudung and she looks like this innocent innocent girl lah (duhhh i dun believe gals in kl are innocent), one thing i observe about her is that, she carried her hand bag, and another transparent plastic bag..

inside that plastic bag, she put around 30 to 40 ringgit.. ok im not surprise if she will be the next victim of snatch thief coz duhhhhh obviously she's attracting people by putting her cash inside that plastic bag. of course lah desperate people who saw that money will str8 away attracted to it.

we know 30 or 40 ringgit is not much but hey it still money thou. and woman herself are the contribution why snatching is still around.

i have the pic but cant post it here as i am now in my house and i cant transfer the pic inside my phone. will up date the pic later..

so moral of the story, PLEASE ALL THE LADY out there..!! dont show ur money like that coz anything can happen.. i mean ANYTHING..!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


waaaaaa.. i wanna write blog but cant at the moment.. im not around my laptop and i hate going to cc.. so catch ya later

Friday, May 23, 2008

a true american idol

i personally think David Cook deserve to be the American Idol..
he has the charisma and the aura. when people listen to his voice its like u're in a mini concert watching him perform in front of you.

he has this husky tone which can make people feel warm and want more to listen to his voice.
plus he will be a great singers just like carrie underwood.
the moment i watch he won american idol, i really felt that he realy really deserve this.
it was a time of his life.
all the wa David Cook..!!

info of the latest movie

What’s the story?

Nineteen years have passed since Indy went gallivanting off to Venice to look for his missing father (and unwittingly hooked up with Dad's Nazi ex in the process). Spielberg and the gang are insanely tight-lipped about the details of this new adventure, but we do know that Indy will be facing off with Agent Irina Spalko, an icy Communatrix who competes with him to acquire a mysterious (and possibly alien-related) artifact. Indy will also have a new sidekick in the form of Mutt, a James Dean-style rebel.

Three Good Reasons

  1. Has Indy still got it? Controversy is raging! Is he a worthy action hero, or a relic that should have stayed buried? He could well be a comic combination of both, but we won't know 'til we've seen him in action.

  2. Marion Ravenwood, the most beloved of Indy's conquests (sorry Mrs. Spielberg), returns! Something made it inevitable. Does this "Mutt" kid belong to her? Or Indy? Or both??
  3. Dum da dum-dummm...! John Williams is back to give this film the thrilling and iconic soundtrack we've come to expect. (Just try and get Indy's theme out of your head now.)

    Bet You Didn't Know

    You probably know that Indy was named for George Lucas's dog. But did you know that the names of Temple of Doom characters "Willie" and "Short Round" were also taken from real-life dogs? We can only assume that Shia LeBoeuf's character "Mutt" is the next stage in this running in-joke.

courtesy of

Thursday, May 22, 2008

who's ur superheroes?

my favourite superheroes all the time.

lady lara croft from Tomb Raider

Most trust fund babies go to art school or start their own fashion lines. Not Lara Croft. She spent her family’s millions differently -- jetting from Cambodia to the Artic, battling six-armed statues, and accidentally bending time and space -- all to keep a mysterious cult from taking over the world. Let's see Paris Hilton do that

John McClane from Die Hard

The irritable New York cop with martial problems who became a one-man "War on Terror." After Nakatomi Plaza was captured by a dozen high-tech Eurotrash thieves, he managed to kill all the baddies, save his wife, and leap off an exploding skyscraper supported by nothing but a fire hose. And he didn’t even need shoes to do it.

Lara croft is sexy, naughty, flirty confident girl.. she is hottest girl around
John McClane is one rough, sexy man in the planet..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


aku dan mereka

mereka dan aku

Saturday, May 17, 2008


arghhhhhhhh.. seriusly im falling in love wit u..

but i know, u afraid of me. afraid of who i really am...

i asked u whether we can be together..? i really really like you...

Friday, May 16, 2008

requested by ZERRIE

this is a request from zerrie my best buddy in kl to re-post this topic.. i posted this one on august with the title DANG.. DANG... DANG... but i made some changes here..

we need to look forward. dun hold urself with the past.. u may remember the past but dun hold on to it.. break the spell..! move one step ahead.. forward forward forwad .. dang dang dang...

yeah yeah dun look back baby.. coz if u still hold on to the past, u may not step forward...!!



yes, believe in yourself that you can move one step ahead from them..! u've got people around u supporting u no matter wat happen...!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

silent moment

~ sad....
someone talked bad bout me and make others think im a bad person. well not everyone like me thou... suck it up and move on...
and there goes my crush.. hahahah had a crush on u till now
nahhh wont blame u. i wont blame anyone either.. if i do any mistake, then forgive me.. after all im just a human being... ~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

free burger

two-all beef patties, special sauce,
lettuce, cheese, pickles,
onions on sesame seed bun
folks, by remembering these receipes and said it in less than 4 second, u will get a free Big Mac like i did just now. hahaha
its true by the way and i guess i did it less than 3 second
enjoy your meal

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mungkin kahh

mungkinkah aku dan dia kan bersama selamanya..??
walau singkat masa bersama
tapi aku ingin tetap berada di sisinya..
p/s: gambar ini hanyalah sekadar hiasan sahaja...
lokasi / waktu: jetty portugis setlement / 7.40pm
artis: sara nina ismail / aripz
kamera: SE K770i sahaja

Saturday, May 10, 2008

kerja giler

huhuhu badan penat sangat.. mlm tadi gi kl. dengan rancangan last last minit.. gi kl gi clubbing. esok (ahad) ada exam teori squash. huhuhuhh camna tu? tak study lagi laaa.. sob sob*

nper gi clubbing? saje je nk gi sana. takpe, yakin boleh.. ari ni nak study .. maTI pon kena study..!! yeahhh

pagi tadi gerak pulang KL-MLK aku drive cam org giler, kepala pusing pusing bukan sbb minum tapi sbb ngantuk sangat .. huhuhh pastu kena marah dengan azuan sbb aku bawak kereta kejap kejap ke kiri kejap kejap ke kanan.. huhuu i tried my best kot tak tido.. huhuhuhh

Thursday, May 8, 2008

happy mode

today damn satisfied hanging around wit my fren.. we karaoke till midnite.. hehehe damn happy laaa...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

in a dream..

malam tadi kan.. saya bermimpi.. dlm mimpi saya itu.. saya bersama kawan2 saya. kemudian saya ternampak seorang kawan perempuan saya, dia berselisih dengan saya.. apa yg menakutkan saya adalah bila dia berselisih dengan saya dia tidak menegur saya. saya berasa amat sedih. sedih kerana saya sudah menganggap dia sebagai kawan baik saya.. harap ini hanyalah mimpi semata mata. saya tak sanggup berhadapan dengan situasi begitu. saya sayangkan kawan kawan saya..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

trust me...

u know, let me tell u something. just ignored them. trust me, one day when they found out the truth about u, they will be ashamed of themself. expecially those who claimed to be ur fren. well i know that u wanna know why they did this to you, all i can say is that they are jeleous of you. relax laa babe, the more you tension, the more they like it. so just keep it cool.

u hav confront them and in front of you, they said they cool wit u but when behind ur back, they talked bad bout u. if i were you, i will be a very very damn intense BIYOTCH but i know u r different from me. tu laa baik sangat..

dah dah.. they can go to hell ( which i believe everyone does) but the moment they swear upons God's name and then they lied to other people, huh their live wont be as peace and calm forever. hahahah thats y i dun swear on God's name.

Monday, May 5, 2008



Kazman a dedicated husband has decided to buy a bungalo for their family in the outskirts near a lake, as a family getaway each time they want to leave the city life. Sufiah, his wife, didn't agree much with the idea but Kazman has promised his friend that he would purchase the house so he went along with it. Many strange occurance happend along the way to their bungalo including the strange loss of his handphone. As they got their Sufiah wasn't much at ease with the house and begged Kazman to leave immediately but he stood stil with his decision and moved in the bungalo.

Sufiah felt very uneasy most of the times as if she was being watched by another person. Her daughter Lisa would always go downstairs at night to a dark room playing congkak with someone whom seh could only see. Sufiah not pleased with these happenings threw away the congkak in the lake.
Sufiah was awaken again the next night hearing the congkak being played in the same room. As Sufiah went to check the room she saw an old lady was playing the congkak. Many other weird things began to happen with the dissapearence of her daughters as well.
Pak Tua, the oldest resident in that area came to the bungalo to rescue the family and find Ely and Lisa.

own review

well my review is that, congkak started with a very strong storyline. but then again after watching this movie, its kinda bored. its nothing to compare Jangan Pandang Belakang. i yawn few times when i watched this movie wit my fren.

things u regret the most

suddenly all this memories come back to me. the day me and my best fren did a HUGE MISTAKE we ever made in our life.

that time i was 15 and so was Az***. we've been fren since primary school. and we getting close when we're attending highschool. that nite, my parents was out of town. so i invited Az to come over to my place. mom and dad knew that Az was my best buddy ever. so here i am, in my house wit Az.

that nite we're kinda drunk coz maybe we're 'partying' around like hell. hey u are 15 and parents are not home. so as a teenagers, i can feel the freedom that nite. we watched movie together till like wat 2 or 3 am. we online together using my pc. doing pranks with other people, watching porn. hahaha

so that nite around 3am, we were so exhausted and sleepy, the tv was on. it was a porn movie. and i suddenly hug Az. Az dun mind, and then, the next thing happen we kissed, and taking out our cloth, my heart beat fast, my mind wanna explode, and it almost happen when we realized that we did a big mistake. i feel weak that time. we stop wat we r doing and put our cloth back and sleep and pretend nothing happen. i cant sleep that nite thinking wat had happen.

the next day, Az went back. i sms Az and telling Az that no matter wat happen, i want us to be fren and nothing will change that.

but that year, Az changed school and went to technic school. Az left has left me and thats the last time we hang out coz after that, Az started to ignored me. i didnt blame Az i blame myself.

and till now, i regret doing that thing to Az. i wish we could be fren again. and till now i still holding onto that hope.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

envy..?? i dun give a shit

haishhhh.. tak paham sungguh dengan sesetengah org yg mudah cemburu dengan diri kita. walaupun kita tak buat apa apa kat mereka, tapi sifat cemburu mereka itu amat melampau, sampai sanggup jatuh kan kita dengan begitu sekali. aku sangat simpati dengan mereka yg cemburu dengan diri kita sampai sanggup buat mulut mengatakan itu ini ttg diri kita yg kebenaran jauh sama sekali. kenapa nak cemburu sampai camtu. ??
aku ada sorang kawan, aku tgok dia baik, selama berkawan ngan aku, susah nak tgok dia jadi jahat (tapi dia suka mencarut bila dengan aku.. hahahah dengan aku je laa tapi aku paham tu mmg cara kita bergurau), selama aku berkawan ngan dia, tak penah plak aku dengar dia ngumpat pasal org lain, apatah lagi cuba jatuh kan org lain. bagi aku, dia sangat baik, sampai masa mula mula aku kenal dia, ohhhhhhh tidakkkkkkkkk aku tak sangka ada org yg terlalu sopan macam dia sampai aku sendiri naik takut. hahahaha ye laa mana taknya, aku da la kepala gila2, kawan2 aku pon semua gila, tang tang bila berkawan ngan dia, terasa masuk cam twillight zone plak.. hahaha tapi bila da kawan ngan dia aku da biasa da ngan perangai dia, da boleh adjust ngan sikap dia, sampai aku plak yg naik hantu cuba hasut dia buat menda2 jahat.. ngeh ngeh ngeh
ok sifat cemburu ni, datang bila kita takleh tgok orang lain senang. lain laa cam aku, aku jenis " i dun give a shit bout other people" punya konsep. so agak susah laa nak cemburu dengan org lain. tapi ada sesetengah org yg cemburu dengan kita. mereka akan mengata yg kita ni berpura pura baik, cuba rosakkan hubungan org lain, memburukkan org lain, pemalas, bodoh.. HAKIKATNYA adakah org org yg cemburu itu tahu saper diri kita yg sebenarnya?
ok laaa aku ngaku yg aku berkawan amat siikit dengan org2 yg satu coursemate dengan aku, tapi ADAKAH itu membuatkan aku tidak mempunya kawan? HALLOOOO.. aku punya ramai kawan lagi dlm kampus ya.. dan luar kampus. walaupun aku tak berapa joint sangat ngan bebudak coursemate ni, ni tak bererti aku hidup sebatang kara. hahaha
aku pon ada laa jugak PERHATIKAN sesetengah kawan2 aku yg sama course ngan aku ni BERTALAM DUA MUKA.. depan aku baikkkkkkkkkkkkk je, tapi belakang aku, aku tau mereka mengutuk aku TAPI pada masa yg sama mereka MEMINTA PERTOLONGAN aku utk sesetengah perkara. haihhh dah laa kutuk kita kata kita ini itu tapi pada masa yg sama mintak tolong kita plak, duhhhhhhhh wat a LOSER..
aku pernah terkena bila ada org kata aku mempergunakan org lain. seorang budak berkata begitu kepada aku. aku amat sedih bila dia cakap begitu, so apa aku buat, aku contact SETIAP kawan aku di kampus dan tanya mereka adakah aku mempergunakan mereka. mereka berkata TIDAK dan ada yg kawan aku melenting bila ada org cakap aku mempergunakan org lain kerana mereka tau aku bukan jenis begitu (masa tu sangat terharu)
so aku amik keputusan, mengendahkan mereka yg tahu cakap buruk ttg aku dab biarlah apa mereka nk cakap sbb aku PERCAYA satu hari nanti, mereka akan MALU dengan sikap mereka. dan bila tiba masa itu, aku akan GELAKKAN mereka puas puas. HAHHAHAh.
aku pon actually agak terkilan bila ada sesetengah budak coursemate aku ni kedekut ilmu... bila aku bertanyakan sesuatu, diorang akan cakap aku ni malas laa nk buat research, tak amik peduli semua hal, tapi aku rasa bukan selalu kot. yg aku peliknya, bila diorang perlukan sesuatu, aku jugak yg di cari nya. sebagai contoh, bila tang masuk nk exam, tanya aku samada aku dapat tips ke tak. huh pi laa cari sendiri. SORRY la ya, pasni aku takkan tolong mereka yg tau cari aku bila diperlukan saja. so pasni jangan laa tanya kenapa kalau aku mengendah kan korang ya.. hehehe
kalau aku nak balas dendam, lagi teruk kot.. INGAT setiap RAHSIA korang ada di tangan aku.. hahahaha anytime aku boleh bocorkan. tapi aku ni amanah, bila org citer rahsia diorang, aku simpan baik baik. hehehe tapi aku tetap ada cara aku utk mengorek rahsia setiap org. hehehe
so kalau berani cuba jatuhkan aku, aku pon boleh jatuhkan ko sampai korang takleh bangun lagi... hahahaha and perlu ingat, aku ni sangat kejam bila tang balas dendam.
and ingat jugak sebelum membuat/ menyebarkan sesuatu cerita, baik siasat baik2 samada citer tu betul atau tidak kerana buruk padahnya kalau salah.. kan kan kan

iron man...

hahaha i just watch iron man..! well here are some of the info that i could provide.. thax to the courtesy of

Playboy billionaire Tony Stark redefines "mid-life crisis" when his business trip to Afghanistan ends in a terrorist abduction. His captors, hoping to put his genius to work (and not being exactly MENSA material themselves), give him a high-tech workshop and demand that he build them a super-weapon. Of course, he builds a suit of super-armor instead and uses it to escape. Meanwhile back in the States, a nefarious plot has hatched in his absence. What's a now-virtually-indestructable guy to do but foil it?

Three Good Reasons

1. Robert Downey, Jr.'s bad-boy reputation makes him the perfect guy to play this conflicted, unlikely superhero. Downey's clean, sober, fit, and ready to save the world.

2. The classic comic's 21st-century makeover consists of more than just trading Vietnam for Afghanistan. The plot's ethical shades of gray give it more dramatic weight than you'll find in a standard funny-book adapation.

3. Not convinced yet of Iron Man's gravitas? Try counting up the stars' Academy Award nominations. The cast of this little comic book movie has earned a total of seven Oscar nods.

Bet You Didn't Know

The Black Sabbath song "Iron Man" has nothing to do with the Marvel comic, but Paul McCartney wrote a song called "Magneto and Titanium Man" that mentions two of Iron Man's nemeses (Titanium Man of course, as well as the Crimson Dynamo).
p/s: well i was wondering if iron man can beat transformer..? perhaps..maybe.. definitely..!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

a true beauty queen

Chloe Marshall doesn't look like your average beauty queen. And she couldn't be happier about it. The trainee beautician has become the first size 16 to make it to the finals of the Miss England contest. Yesterday the 16-year-old beat a host of slimmer hopefuls to be named Miss Surrey, and hopes to win the national competition in July.

Chloe, from Guildford, is 12st 8lb, 5ft 10in tall and has a 38DD bust. But although she is the average size for a woman, in the age of the size zero model she stands out. The teenager, who has been signed up by the Models Plus agency, said most of her rivals were size eight or ten. "Everybody thinks you have to be a tall, slim blonde and I'm a curvy brunette," she added. "I want to show it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard size zero. "The reaction I've had is great. Other girls have told me I have really boosted their confidence, which is terrific."

Chloe added she is delighted to be picked as Miss Surrey: "It's really exciting, I'm really, really happy. I'm lost for words, I started to cry and everything. I'm over the moon.
"I wanted to go through to the Miss England finals to break through the stereotype that you have to be tall and skinny. "I wanted to make a bit of a statement. When I studied the other entrants for the Miss Surrey competition I concluded that pretty as the contestants were, they were equally all uniformly blonde and Barbie doll like

"My mum is really happy and proud of me that I am doing something not just for myself but other people as well and my friends are really supportive, they can't stop going on about it." Stevie Walters, of Models Plus, said that Chloe has a "luscious" figure at 5ft 10in, a size 16 and 38DD bustline. She added: "Chloe is gorgeous-looking and we are sure she will be snapped up by fashion companies who want to project a realistic and achievable image to their customers."



p/s: you dun hav to ve skinny to be a beauty queen.. learn to love the way you are

Happy Labour Day

today is my fren birthday.. cant give anything.. just wish him only..

happy birthday to you.. :)

wanna clean up my room. and have a good thursday
happy labour day to all...