Sunday, May 27, 2007

things about me..

many of my fren assume they know me well better than i do.. well let see if u guys correct bout me...

7 facts wat people think about me that they're actually wrong..
  1. im arrogant
  2. stupid
  3. never take things seriously
  4. spoilt kid (manja)
  5. not aware wats going on around me
  6. money comes first
  7. forgiving/kind

7 facts bout me wat people know bout me is true

  1. childish/palyful
  2. trustworthy
  3. confident
  4. lazy
  5. forgetfull
  6. open minded
  7. crazy

7 facts wat people doesn't know bout me..

  1. hot tempered (time-bomb)
  2. always take things seriously
  3. not a nice person
  4. been through a harsh life in the past
  5. independant
  6. can solve any problem
  7. inner confident

so does any of this is in ur expactation? well guess again ya..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

exam finish edy.. yeay..!

FINALLY exam finish... yeay can go back hometown now...! miss my PS2 and my tv... but im gonna leave my man, my boy, my gal, my fren here.. huhuhu gonna mizz my bed in mLk.. arghhhhh :P wat am i complain about? coming back here on saturday la .. hehe ~ chow am going back johore.. watch out little sister, im gonna teased u like hell...~ hehehe

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cleaning ma room..~

this is before

this while im cleaning


this is after.. yeay..!! i manage to clean ma room...! so damn happy ar..

damn happy laaa ma room look clean.. yeay.. now no one can complain ma room anymore .. E.N.D

before i clean my room, went to matt's room . he told me something that i really shock, it sounds like this ar

matt : arif, i wanna tell u something
me : wat is it? hurry up i wanna clean my room now
matt : u know ar, sonia told me something..
me : wat is it..? tell ar.. ( was so damn eager to know wat people think of me)
matt : sonia ar, she said ar she saw something in ur ym pic
me : see wat? ehh she add me ar? when ar? ( trying hard to remember)
matt : she said ur pose in that pic look different.. she can see the outline of ur butt
me : haaaaa..??? really ar? aiyohhh when laa she add me? (automaticly damn shy)
matt : ada laaa last time....

aiyohhh.. ok people tell me, should i be gratefull? embarrased? or happy? aiyohhh.. now im blushing... now sure laa i cant face sonia again... mommy.. help me..

happy birthday

1st of all wanna wish my fren happy birthday.. well i dunno why most of my fren celebrate their birthday on May... arghhh so many of them .. let me list their name :

  1. zainab (kenet)

  2. ash burn (bakar)

  3. ezza

  4. ayie (ex housemate)

  5. ong chin yong (best high skool buddy)

  6. suraya (course mate)

  7. bob a.k.a the mmu bob (who can forget him)

  8. daus (hometown buddy)
  9. those who i forgot their name, sorry ehhh :P

since im so broke this sem, all i can do is whishing them a Happy Birthday.. may god bless u all

Monday, May 21, 2007

"camwhore ing"

yesterday i overspent money bought comic book.. matt said dun buy but i insist to buy, damn it now no money.. must budget budget.. shit.. hopefully hav enough money to go back home this wednesday.. today got exam at 9 am, and im freaking not study yet (now 2 30am).. damn it, and worst thing, madam hayati (my lecturer) didnt give any tips... well thax to this one stupid gal who threaten mdm during midterm.. now she upset and didnt give tips.. arghhhh life is so misreable.. at the library, i didnt study.. just surf net and chatting.. also camwhore ing with my fren nina and matt.. arghhhh i know that i should stop camwhore ing and start study but i cant.. why?? coz i didnt get to chat or talk with my love ones.. feel like emptiness inside me. i must either chatt or talk to ermm u know who (blushing now) everyday so i can regain my mood to study.. my inspiration to study.. ok now u guys must be thinking im a crazy dude.. hey im love love mood.. cannot ar?

ok here are some pic of me and my fren. nina and matt..

ok now wanna study.. wish me for the best.. arghhhhh study study study...!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

faith.... by ken hirai

Well i guess it would be nice
If i could touch your body
I know not everybody
Has got a body like you

Oh but i've got to think twice
Before i give my heart away
And i know all the games you play
Because i play them too

Oh but i
Need some time off from that emotion
Time to pick my heart up off the floor
And when that love comes down without devotion
Well it takes a strong man baby
But i'm showing you the door
'cause i gotta have faith....

Baby, i know you're asking me to stay
Sayin' please, please, please, don't go away
You say i'm giving you the blues

Maybe, you mean every word you say
Can't help but think of yesterday
And another who tied me down to loverboy rules

Before this river become an ocean
Before you throw my heart back on the floor
Oh baby i reconsider my foolish notion
Well i need someone to hold me
But i'll wait for something more
Yes i've gotta have faith...

Before this river become an ocean
Before you throw my heart back on the floor
Oh baby i reconsider my foolish notion
Well i need someone to hold me
But i'll wait for something more

'cause i gotta have faith...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

exam day

this morning at 4am, went to mcD to hav mcBreakfast. went with matt, lyn and grace, uishhh i show both of them a butt pic, 1st matt thought it was mine, then i laugh like hell coz finally he realised it was his butt.. matt grab my phone and delete it, then he saw some obscent pic, oh my god, i totally forgot to delete mine.. arghhhhh i was so embarassed like hell.. but then we laugh damn loud.. actually i dunno wat the purpose of going going to mcD early in the moning, well maybe coz matt wanna buy me food? well free food. who doesnt want them? LoL.. anyway, we didnt study at all at mcD coz matt keep on talking and talking, and i was thinking wat the hell? this boy dunno ke that we're having an exam at 9 am ? 3 more hours to go and he's still talking bout sex, dirty jokes and stuff like that? well wat the heck, im sure im gonna take supp paper (well hope not) ..

well during exam, i dunno wat the heck am writing, just hentam (write anything) je.. ok im bored. today no mood to write blog..

Friday, May 18, 2007

first blog

well my first blog here, i dun exactly know wat to write at this moment.. why i set up this blog? hmmm even i dont know why. tomorrow got exam.. i was suppose to study today but i dun have the mood to study now, the weather fucking hot, as im writing this blog, im cyber datinng someone here in ym. but i dun even know wat to talk about. im soOOo clueless this week. my mind blank. ok people, let me warn u guys, if u read my blog, i hope u guys will forgive me coz i will using sooOOo many dirty words, i cant help it.. im not use to not saying any dirty words in one day. if dun wanna listen to it, i suggest u stop reading this.

im fucking bored right now, matt is sleeping in his room, and i dunno wat the hell i wanna do now. cant study.. coz toOo hot.. oh crap, i need to stop this bullshitting things and move my ass to may study table and start open up the book...! oh my god i just cant resist the internet.. i cant live without it.. someone waiting for me in YM and yes i believe that we can be together.. shit im talking crap again.

someone plz spank and whip my ass so i can start studying..! anyone help me..! ok not you matt..