Tuesday, November 25, 2008

minuman tak sihat

teh BODOH...!! jangan rapat, atau makan dengan teh. sbb teh BODOH

Thursday, November 20, 2008

letter to sara nina

dear sara...

its been a while i havent heard from you. i hope you doing well. i wanted you to know that im so sad because now, you no longer hanging around wit me and my fren (well they're also your fren). i cant blame you 100% but im willing to blame your bf (KACAK -not real name-) for keeping you so long. Sara, we have been trying to call u for a while and u keep on silent. im not sure wat is going on but im happily to hear your prob (please pay me if u want my advise).

Sara, im doing well in KL. im not sure if u remember this, but u promised to have lunch with me. but then again, i blame your bf (KACAK -not real name) for staying by yourside 23/7.. Sara, hope u having a good time in MMU. yeah, Lyn said since u studying in malacca , u didnt contact her. and even she did contact u, you didnt pick up her call.

Sara, if u read this, please give me a call.

thank you.
yours faithfully

Monday, November 17, 2008

a little crap and bullshit from me

currently im not availabe as i used to be. wat i mean by not available? well, i dun hav time to hang out wit people nowadays. why? coz i dun feel like to. i feel its better for me to be more reserve and lay low.
right now i prefer doing my own thing, and stay at home. im kinda short of money but that doesnt stop me from go shopping :P anyway, i feel exhausted and dry coz everyday im doing the same thing over and over again.
i wanna go to court.
ok now i wanna discuss the topic of couple's stealer. i dun quite understand why we need to steal other people's bf/gf. well of course im one of them :P but technically i dun steal anyone bf/gf from someone else. i just be fren with them. but the relationship is just not more than just a fren. i dun call him/her at the middle of the night. i dun call/sms people in early morning. so wats that all about?
when u (the bf/gf stealer) said u r just a fren, then why u keep doing this? i mean call him/her in the middle of the night or early morning, do u ever think wat does he/her bf/gf think? honestly, when u confront someone and he/she tells u that they are just fren, so just ACT like a fren. duhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
anyway, i dun give a shit if people wanna steal my bf/gf. if u really have a relationship with him/her, just say it. no need to pretend like ooOo nothing happen between us. we're just fren. dun bullshit me. duhhhhhhhh..
ok im not gonna argue or fight for the person i love. if he/she truly love me, then they will come for me. well i admit, i do make my own mistake, but i learn from my mistake and i didnt repeat it again. i just let it go. let it go and let it go.
ok now wanna continue my work. happy lunch hour finish already. so now start working bebeh...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

so sad so sad

today, feeling sad again. and the reason is:

1. feeling sad leaving someone behind in KL.
2. feeling sad coz tomoro i got exam and i didnt study at all
3. sad coz in my office, when the gals talking, felt left behind coz no many boys for me to talk with
4. sad coz suddently feeling sad
5. sad coz one document gone
6. sad coz my head is confuse with the system everyone had in their mind. different people different system. different style to do their job

huhuuuu feel like to cry

Monday, November 10, 2008


feeling weird coz yesterday someone came to me and talked bout this one particular person. now i dunno wat to think.. well anything can happen right. maybe i should give him a second chance coz he gave second chance for something and will see wat happen when we hav our talk. will let him decide whether he want the second chance or not.
and feeling weird coz i called this person and his voice is like some sort of errrrr.. girly..??? hahahahahaha