Sunday, December 30, 2007

sayang kat husz

huszzzzzzzzzz.. THANK YOU for the early birthday present..!!

i will NOT OPEN it till my birthday ya.. althou i know wat it is but i promise myself that i wont open it till my birthday.. love u husz.. thank once again..

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

just divorced

i just got divorced by my sayang.. oh well, now im single already.. huhuhuhu
so sad.. really. im sad now. it just i dunno how to show it..

guess i'll celebrate my birthday alone.. but then again, im used to it.. i never had a chance to celebrate birthday with my sayang or any of my ex. but its ok. im used to it.

anyway, althou we broke up already, i just want to let my sayang to know that, i will always love u. even my heart is deeply hurt, want u to know that u're the best for me..

goodbye my sayang.. we're just fren after this. and trust me, i'll treat u like a fren only. not more than that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

things i want for my birthday

well these are the list i want for my birthday.. im not picky, anyone can give me anything but i will people know what i want laaaa... hehhehehe

  1. Sony ericsson K810i
  2. T-shirt from banana republic
  3. jacket
  4. shoes size 7
  5. mechanical pencil
  6. men's accessories
  7. beg
  8. PS 2
  9. pants
  10. stay in genting 3 days 2 nite
  11. free ticket concert
  12. CD's song.. i like jazz (joss stone), r&b
  13. shorts
  14. underwear size M
  15. necklace
  16. housing accessories

anyway.. i just accept watever people wanna give to me...

and by the way.. my birthday is on JANUARY,4th .......

but the best gift im hoping for, is to be with my sayang...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

torn apart

sayanggggggggggg.. im confuse...!?? i want to belive yes i do but at the same time people keep on telling me this and that...

but i choose to believe u.. plz dun disappoint me k

Monday, December 24, 2007

u sucks

u are such a BITCH...!!

i'm better that u..

will see wat will happen to you BITCH..!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

heart broken..?

all this while i've been giving u my heart
i was truely madly deeply in love with u.
u want me to understand u. and i tried. but have u ever understand my situation..?
i dun think you serious with this relationship. u're too defensive.
u never try to understand me.
my heart was totatlly broken. i'm tired of being the one who's doing the effort. i care for u and i love u like i always do.
if this situation keep on going,
i dun think it will go any further.
u want to know how much i understand u?
i know u hav someone else in ur life.
maybe i'm just a stop by person.
u drag me into this situation.
i tought i'm the one for u
one is just not enough for u.
or maybe
you will realize how much i love you.
maybe its too late for you to realize that....

sayang, i dunno how long can i wait... i hope u can feel what i feel..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Deadly Sin Are You?

You may be a little full of yourself, and some people may think your conceited...your either very egotistical or you just really love yourself...nothing wrong with that, but don't take it too can get annoying :)

What Kind Of Sex Should You Have?

You like whips, chains..... crazy stuff. You are creative with sex. Keep it going!!!!! I hope you have a partner as kinky as you, otherwise you wont be satisfied.

What Are You Destined to Be When You Grow Up?

A Total Independent
You march to the beat of your own little drummer. When you're faced with a challenge, you like to sit alone and work through in an independent and original manner. You generally think so far outside the box, you turn the box into an octagon. Congrats! This type of personality is perfect for being an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer or a Unabomber! Don't let those pesky logicians stand in your way. Your eccentricity is what makes you who you are and is going to be what helps you achieve great things in the world someday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

just another great weekend.. (II)

wahahahha its been a while i havent meet my old time buddy buddy from hometown (joe, didie,hanis, and mahesh), and today i realy had a great day with them.. spending time with them in malacca... thax guys

hanis, me, joe, and didie

hanis, mahesh, me, didie

i just had a great time with my hometown buddy. we enjoy ourself in malacca today.. hehehehe. hope this will not be the last.

Monday, December 10, 2007

great weekend (9/12/07)

hey hey.. i had a GREAT weekend.. hehehe jalan jalan in kl, taking pic here and there, karaoke with frens. yeah really had a great time.. i've been longing to enjoy myself..

yeay i jump and jump higher in the sky
(zack, zerrie and me)

with my mentor, my super hero (hyqcarl and me)

the fabulous 5 (zack,hyqcarl,me, fuad and zerrie)

fly again.... (me and zerrie)

overall, i can say, i had a great time with my fren. but still i hate zack :P the white shirt coz he's the one who always wanted to take picture and stole my spotlight for the day, hehehehe (just kidding ya zack)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

baby comeback

huhuhu tomoro got paper laa and i didnt study anything.. huhuhu how can i study? my mind keep on thinking bout my sayang.. huhuhu sayangggggggggggg... cepat laaa balik.. huhuhu me miss u much much..

huhuhu can i meet u in terengganu? i know u coming back on saturday morning.. huhu i wanna fetch u but u dun want me to. huhuhuhh i just receive ur sms, u said u're going bed coz u're too tired.. i know laa u tired.. tu laaa i asked u to get some rest and not to be a workaholic,but u dun wanna listen to me.. if u sick, im sick too.

sayangggggggggg.. balik laaaaaa cepat... me miss u muchh muchh many many


u called me again this afternoon. and im soOOo glad to hear ur voice. it just give me confidence. confidence to continue my life from having a misreable life. today i dunno why, my life so misreable.. u can say, im having a bad day.. from early morning till after u called me. when i heard ur voice, all the problems fade away. miss u like hell

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a song to sing

i dedicated this song personally to my sayang, wherever u are. if u read my blog, just wanna let u know, i love u soOOo much..
When you're close to tears remember
Someday it'll all be over
One day we're gonna get so high
Though it's darker than December
What's ahead is a different colour
One day we're gonna get so high
And at the end of the day remember the days
When we were close to the end
And wonder how we made it through the night
At the end of the day
Remember the way
We stayed so close to the end
We'll remember it was me and you
Cause we are gonna be
Forever, you and
willAlways keep me flying high in the sky
Of love
Don't you think it's time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day we're gonna get so high
Cause even the impossible
Is easy when we got each other
One day we're gonna get so high
And at the end of the day remember the days
When we were close to the end
And wonder how we made it through the night
At the end of the day
Remember the way
We stayed so close to the end
We'll remember it was me and you
Cause we are gonna be
Forever, you and me
You willAlways keep me flying high in the sky
Of love
by : Lighthouse Family
song : High

fly high in the sky

yeay..! u called me.. its REALLY good to hear from u. i miss u soOo badly. huhhuhu and most importantly, u said u love me like u always do. thank god for that. i love u soOo much. i dunno wat my life would be if im not with u.

urmmmm all i wanna do hear ur voice and it really calm me down. luv you soOo much. haiyohhh im so unstable laaa.. kejap like this,kejap like that. really really unstable laaa... but one thing for sure. me love u much much..

um huh

oh today i was being stopped by fat ass lady mmu guard coz im wearing my old jeans.. u know the koyak-koyak jeans. cehhh its 5pm.. cittt.. i dun feel the mood to argue with the lady so i just make 10 cen faces. bla bla bla they asked me why im wearing this jeans, and bla bla bla i got money and all and why i didnt wear proper jeans.. bla bla bla.. WATEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. anyway, it does cheer up my day.. hehehehe

current mode

im becoming crazy already.. i hate thinking of bad things and i dun wanna think it again.. enjoying my life

my decision..

u know, i was thinking, if its hard for me to think bout this, then it must be harder for u to keep it from me. i know it is hard for u to bare this on ur own, but trust me, if we discuss this thing together, we can overcome it. i've made up my mind. im going to meet u this friday, and we gonna talk bout. like an adult.

althou i act like a kid, but i think like an adult. so we should discuss this thing no matter wat. and trust me, any decision u make, i will accept it with my heart wide open. im willing to take this risk. i dun wanna live in a world of pretending. i dun wanna run from anything, anymore. im tired of running. i just wanna face it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

wat about me..?

i discuss this matter with my fren, they told me to be cool down, they know u treat me well.. and i admit u do. no matter wat u do, i will always love u. my fren want me to pretend nothing happen but i know i cant do that. i just want u to know, i love you like i always do and nothing change..

all i can do now is hoping for the best. i will do everything i can to create a memorable memory for both of us. i will let time decide. for the time being, i will just go with the flow.

still thinking

its bother me when i knew u guys living together and it still hurts to found out that u guys stil love one another.. my head hurts thinking bout this.. it really hurt.. but my heart ten times more hurt that my head. i dunno wat else to think..

i have 2 choices..

1. i leave u and find my own love.. but one thing for sure, im truely madly deeply in love with u. i cant leave u. i dun have the courage to do so. i feel weak.

2. pretends nothing happen... but i cant stop thinking u guys live together. im the 3rd person here. i dun like pretending. i hate to pretend. plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me wat to do.

i dunno wat will happen if u're not with me.. im planning to build a future with u. i even imagined u and i living together but now i think it just a hope. a hope is just a hope.

my head hurt. i just dunno wat to do.

what makes me happy..

i'm happy when people around me happy, even if it hurts me.. i dun care bout my feelings but i care bout others. sometimes when i feel like to cry, i dun. no matter how hard it is, how hurt it is, i will keep it inside of me.

why......?? stop this insanity

why am i the only one doesnt know bout this..? my mind is a mess. everyone around me lie to me.. altou they've told me the truth but it still hurts.. i just make a fool of myself..

but somehow, it makes me think, i think i should have just........................................................ (blank)

a fren of mine ...

A fren of mine give me an advice....

love is blind, i could have choose L who got everything compared to A who already has a gf back then, but i didnt.. u've to have faith n u still dunno wat's really happen between them rite.. have faith

yeahh that was the moment when i have doubt between us.. but words from my fren give me hope... she told me until the truth was proven dun lost ur faith..

now i just go with wat my heart tells me..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

thank u

im so grateful that u buzz me today.. thank u.. i reeally needed u at this moment

my emotion

my feelings is so unstable this moment.. huhuhhu i just feel insecure, lonely, depressed, and so sad..

Friday, November 23, 2007

20 minute too late

arghhhhhh tension nya today.. this morning i wake up late , and 20 minute late to class.. huhuhhuu

then afternoon, rent a car, broke down for 20 minute.. and thax to that 20 minute, i late and cannot meet my sayang...

and last but not least i sleep after frustating of not meeting my sayang, i late to class again 20 minute, but this time, i didnt go to class coz no mood.

huh wat a day

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

roCk star...!!

i rocK at garaoke today.. hehehe not karaoke but garaoke.. hehehe ya laa.. my voice funny and i sing like a rock star.. NOT...!!! wahahaha oh also i did a dance on the table.. heheheh cannot do lap dance coz table soOoo small... over all .. i enjoy tonite karaoke.. yeahhhhhhhhhh

the beginning a soon to be rockstar
starring: arIpz the voice of rockers angel

his sidekick..


Lynn the husky tone butterfly

Nina the motherly voice ...

overall i had fun with my fren.. hehehe sOOon we gonna become rock star..! just watch ya back people..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


it is a nice feeling to chat wit a long lost fren... shared the old memories and when u think bout it, it'll make u feel better and happy....

Monday, November 19, 2007

yeay i pass

yeay i pass all my paper for last sem.. yeay once again.. first of all, i wanna thank God for giving me this brain to memorised all the notes, and wanna thank to my lecturer, i'll be seing u guys around on next sem and most inportantly, i wanna thank myself for not giving up study (yeah i had this feeling of giving up study) and last but not least wanna thank my fren for helping me with my study..

althou my grade is NOT that SUPERB but its improving.. hahaha i told myself, althou im not as smart like my fren, but atleast show to them that i can improve my grade.. for me, improving is better than having a good grade but then drop little by little..

im sOOo happy my grade is improving and most importantly, my PTPTN loan is SAFE...!! this mean, i can go shopping..!! yeay..!! i hav aim few shop to buy things that i like.. hehehe and also give present to my fren who always be there for me.. hehehehe

thank u guys for being patient enough with me.. just wait ya.. i've got a gift to give to u guys.. just wait........................ yeay..!! damn happy laaa

when things doesnt go the way u plan

sometimes, thing doesnt goes the way we plan.. and when it happen, just remind ourself that, things gonna get better.. dun complain.. just believe things happen for a reason.. for example, myself...

im totally broke this week.. during this week, i didnt complain at all. i just complain when my fren keep on urging me to hang out eventhough they know i dun hav money.. LoL.. but still they understand my situation. they belanja me makan.. and they keep on belanja me makan.. hehehe im thankful for having such an understanding fren.

ok people, im broke not because i shop a lot but i had to pay lots of thing at the same time, at the week.. like i had to pay me fees, stupid ixora payment, and debt.

well i hav this thing in my mind that i will repay my fren kindness. they've been so understanding n kind n tried to help me n corcern bout me, therefore i shall do something for them.. well not now. but later on.. they gonna get a surprise from me.. hehehe just wait ya..

so for me i believe things gonna get better soon.. i still believe that....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

stupid ixora

blooody hell... damn hot laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. no electricity in ixora now, and people STOP asking me why i can online... duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh internet connection is not the same as electricity ok.. internet is more into communication.. and can u cut the telephone line if the electric is out? duhhhhhhhhh

and PLUS im using laptop and my batery is not DEAD YET... so thats why i can online.. huhuhuh damn panas laaa here.. hopefuly my laptop batery can last long.. atleast untill they got back the electric laaaa.. huhuhhuuh

oh today went to jonker camwhoring wit nina n remy.. huhuhuuhu

OH GOD...!! the ixora tenants start playing fire crackers when there's no electric.. huhuuhuhuuh why laaaaaaaaa i stay in ixora.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuu

Friday, November 16, 2007

who save the super heroes?

im always clark ken to everyone.. helping them when they need me.. but who help me when i need one? i never complain when i help others. i did it with sincerity. but when i asked a little favour, they ran.. if u guys can recall back ur memories, have u guys ever seen a superheroes being save by other people? NO... NEVER..!! this is the reality..

being a superhero is hard. but one thing for sure, they never complain....


ermmm why u telling me now.. im confused. somehow u have put me under ur spell. not since yesterday but long time ago. im really confused. but i hope u can accept me the way i am, not for wat i can do. i really appreciate that..

Kau masih cantik seperti dulu
Saat bersama kujumpa dengan mu
Terasa ingin ku bersamamu
Tapi aku tidak seperti dulu
Kau senyum mesra
Mungkin tak mengapa
Tapi ku tak bisa
Pasti ada yang kan terluka
Jangan ditunggu
Pasti takkan berlaku
Walau kucinta kamu
Biar disimpan
Adakan sempadan
Aku dan juga dirimu
Kini aku telah berdua
Masa depan yang tak kita duga
Kutahu kau masih mengharap jua
Tapi ku tak bisa meninggalkannya
aku dan kamu
Flop Poppy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

student life

broke broke broke.. im broke.. huhhuuhuhuhu

Monday, November 12, 2007

a gift from u

thank u my sayang for the perfume.. i really like it. thanks n i love u sOoo much

pv collection

i like the musky smell .. heheheh

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

full, fun, fantastic

huhuuhu i really had a great time with my fren.. went out since 5pm till 1am.. today also damn full laaaa.. eat and eat and eat.. huhuhu im bloated already.

went makan with nina and matt at 6pm in mcD. huhuhu later went dinner at 8pm with lynn, nina and matt, huhuhu also midnite snack at portugis street huhuhu. all heavy heavy food

today also for the 1st time, i went to karaoke. huhuhu it was damn fun. really had a great time. lynn's voice damn nice laa. me? haiyoh sure u guys wanna listen me singing.. TOTALLY out of tune. we sang 21 song. i sang delilah (which is not the song i wanna sing hey delilah), moonlight also different from wat i imaginen, the we sang lady marmalade, weslife song, she bangs hahaha damn funny la and lastly we sang its raining men. me, lynn, nina and matt really had a great time.

im sure gonna spend more time in karaoke with my fren laaa.. hehehe another unforgetable memories..

oh oh today i woke at 8am, thought wanna go to class. after getting ready and all finally i realise i dunno where's the class. so i didnt go laa. instead of going to class, i went to breakfast with lynn. then came back home sleep and woke up at 1pm.. later at 5pm went out with nina and matt. hehehehe

Monday, October 29, 2007

mom: superwoman

wow my mom is a superwoman, today, she climb up from the front gate to enter our house. err, why she use the hard way when we can easily open the gate and enter to our house?

well the story goes like this, this morning, me and mom went to visit grandma. upon reaching home after visit grandma, she realise that the from gate was lock with a padlock. she doesnt have the key coz my older brother took from her and he went to kl already. the only person who have the same key, is my younger brother which he's at the work place when the scene took place.

so 1st, we went to his workplace to get the key, he gave the key. upon reaching home, it was NOT the padlock key. so my mom and i was sOOo frustrated. i can easily enter the house as it was no problem for me at all to climb the front gate. but mom err.. she's wearing baju kurung. so we decided to break the padlock in which we tried. instead break the padlock, i actualy broke one of my brother's hammer. small hammer. ok so it was unsuccess.

my mom later on asked me to get the ladder which i did.i put it in front of the gate. and mom was having a second thought. how am i supposed to climb this gate using the ladder, mom ask me. and she also afraid other people might see a middle age woman wearing baju kurung climb on top of the gate to enter her own house? err i manage to convice her that no one will see. and i told her to stand on the top of the gate (which is dangerous by the way coz on top of the gate got this sharp sharp thing) and wait for there while i transfer back the ladder from the other side.

well mom actually did stand on top of the gate while her hands stick to the roof so she wont fall. while standing there, mom warn me if her baju kurung got a litle scrach, she will kill me. luckily the dun hav any scrach as im making sure there isnt.

huhuhu luckily there was no harm during this event. and hey how many times u saw ur mom wearing baju kurung climb on top of the gate? hehehe well thats my superwoman mom.

good old days

tonite, after send my brother to the train station, and while waiting for the train to arrive, suddenly i remember the good old days of mine. im thinking of someone who used to be a good fren of mine, aznor.

we've been fren since primary school. i remember, the 1st person i spoke with is him. we were in the same class from primary 1 till 3. last time our class based on colours and we were in green class (kelas hijau). we've been fren till form 3, and after form 4, he went to technic school, leaving me behind.

i remembered accompany him when he was submitted to the hospital. i stayed there with him, sleeping on the chair, i remember, every raya, i will be the 1st one to visit him and also the 1st person will help him when he and his family make an open house. i remembered when we both pushed my grandpa's scooter for almost 3km after the scooter broke down. huhuhu and i remembered the day when we stayed up late at his place, and joke around till his dad came to his room and give us a warn to sleep.

well its all just a memories that left behind. now i didnt contact him anymore and so does he. since he moved to technic skool, our frenship started falling off. we didnt hang out anymore, he changed to be a different person that i knew. he no longer be friend of mine. well most of student who went to technic skool think they are better than us who studied in ordinary skool.

well now i proved to him that even i studied in ordinary skool i still manage to achieve my dream of becoming a future lawyer. dear fren, if u read this, just want to let u know, that no matter wat, i still believe that someday, we will become a good fren again.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


somehow i was thinking, how am i supposed to do without u? i mean, right now, i felt that u are a part of me. slowly and slowly i can accepted u in my life. somehow i was wondering wat are u doing right now? oh well probably u r sleeping. yup its 4am in the morning. im sure u sleeping.
somehow i was wondering, wat would my life be if i didnt meet u? well maybe right now im already become mr.slut/fcuker/whore or watever. i would probably meet new people again and again and again. and i would probably wont spend my time going to kl. i will be the old me. nop i dun wanna be the old me. i need changes every single day.
i like seeing u. we date at the klcc park, chatting while eating our bun, looking at people around us. remember our real first met? it was in klcc, i havent take my shower, there was me and my fren, and u were so sporting and wat really amazed me is that u can click with my fren. thank God i met u. and now im so in love with u (im blush already). ehehhehe ok hope to see u again. u really make me happy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

back in johore

huuhuhu im back in johore already. reached here around 10 30pm just now. thax to my beloved lover who borrowed me money, i manage to arrive here safely. thank u sayang. love u soOOo much.. if not because of u, i will stuck in kl. huhuhuh but i like stuck in kl with u.
ok now im in johore. i dunno how to spend my holiday here. huhuhu i just dunno wat to do laa. huhuuhuhu i miss malacca.. i miss kl. i miss my fren.. and most importantly i miss my lover. huhuuhuhhuuhu

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

tension nya

im fucking pissed coz i lost my money in my bank account today.. bloody damn pissed. how am i supposed to go back johore? waaaaaa.. huhuhhu damn it..

Monday, October 22, 2007

thank u sayang

thank you sayang for spending some time with me.. although it is for a short time, i really appreciate it. i love u soOOo much.. i really do.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

dead silence

today i sat in times square for almost 4 hours. alone. sat at the bench near the dickies shop. sit there doing nothing. cant go anywhere, no place to go. fren still no back yet. so i had to stay there for a while. alone, broke, and no place to go.
after 4 hours, didie sms me telling me he was in kl. i str8 away go to his place. didie superman for the day. thank my fren

Friday, October 19, 2007

raya maniac?

huhuhu im back in mlk.. and today is 19 october.. im alone in my house, and ixora is so quiet. not so many student here. but its ok. well i just came back from kl. ok now wana share my raya experience.
i went back the day before raya. so much work to do at home. oh my dad just bought new set of wooden chair and new dining table. urghhh i dun like the new chair coz its made of wood. i want sofa dad.. much more comfortable. anyway, my raya was ok laa.. its not soOOo grand but it was nice.
1st day raya, i woke up late. didnt go for raya pray. huhuhuhu. my baju raya is green. sorry no pic, still waiting from my sister. it was fucking green. oh and the design,i create it myself. hehehe so as my sister cloth. i design that for her. damn i good :P ok that morning, as usual lah the morning tradition. we had to ask forgiveness from our parents. huhuhu mom and dad and also elders brother didnt give any duit raya this year. huhuhu after seeking forgiveness session, we went to town to take our family potret. but one thing for sure, our family photo gonna look colourfull. hehehe we dun have theme every year coz our taste is different. i wore striking green, elders brother wore purple, the same goes to his wife, 2nd brother light green, third one, i think light green also, and my younger brother light blue and my youngest sister, red. mom and dad wore red. oh we have new family members taking pic with us which is my 2nd brother fiance.
ok after photo session, went to dad's kampung. huhhhu funny experience, during visit to my grand dad grave, i mistakenly hug my brother's fiance instead of my sister. i just grab her hands and hug. huuhuu it was funny coz i thought i garbbed my sister's hand. well they wore the same colour. hhhuhu i was blushing but didnt show it :P
1st day just visit both my grandparents. oh i got new cousin. huhuhu damn cute laaa.. i got the pic but its in my phone. cant transfer to my laptop. damn it. huhuhhu
2nd day raya. i just stayed at home. tired laaa wanna go anywhere. but at that nite, i visit my very dear good fren of mine. we've been fren since highskool and she's a good bitching fren of mine, fatimah. we always talk bout everything. well not everything. we've been bicthing bout our ex skool mate. hahahaha. its been a while i havent seen her. so we talked a lot.
3rd day, went back to mlk. no one here. why i came back early, coz on the next day went to kedah. yeay..!! to visit my dearest lover.
went to k 1st coz there's no bus from mlk to kedah. huhuhu upon reaching kedah, being pick up by my future brother in law. heheheh i stayed there for a night only and return back to kl on the next day.. huhuhu short trip only laaa.. mother in law was so kind to me, same goes to father in law. hey they even teached me to make ketupat pulut. damn nice laaaa. wish to visit them again. i drove my fren car from kelantan to kl. and we reached kl at 4am. huhuhuh
ok so here i am. in mlk. came back from kl yesterday. the same day after reach kl. i cant stay there long coz got no place to go stay. so i'll be staying here till sunday coz my fren will be back on saturday and i can stay at his place on the next day laa.. huhuhuhu
oh oh and on monday, crystal wanna take me shoOooppping. yeay.. she want to belanja me.. ok till next time

Friday, October 12, 2007

salam aidilfitri

wow today is last day puasa.. and the last day, i didnt sahur. i dun hav the energy to wake up. althou my ultraman wake me up with his loud ring bell (my alarm clock la), i still dun hav the energy to move my ass.

i've been not feeling well since holiday. keep on coughing n coughing. i dunno wat the reason that make me like this but i hav my own hipotesis. i think its because the water filter refill at ixora laaa.. each time i drink the water, i dun feel clean.. its like there's a dirt inside the water.

oh im still in malacca, in my supercool bedroom (lots of memories here). im going back johore, this morning. my bus is at 9am, and i dunno how the hell am i suppose to get to malacca central (bus station). and my ankle hurt. its not bleeding or something, but the bone feels hurt. like i mention before, i dun hav the energy to move my body. but i just go on and deal with it.
last nite, i slept late. around 2am coz i was doing my own fashion show in my room :P well im mix matcing the cloth i wanna bring back home for raya. althou i did bought few shirt for raya but i feel its kinda waste wearing those shirt for raya. why? ermm i prefer wearing it when i hang our with fren coz why do i need to show of to people that i hav new cloth. huhuhhu

ohh i miss my lover. i miss so badly. i miss u sOOo much. wait for me in kedah ya. hopefully i will hav the opportunity to go there and meet u. hhuhuhuhu. i called u every single day and nite to let u know how much i miss u.

i packed my stuff already. i think im just gonna spend raya for 3 days with my family. the rest errr.. jalan jalan to north to meet my lover and frens. 3 weeks holiday, and i dun hav a clue to do wat. huhuhuh

ok wanna lay down in bed, trying to get some energy before taking my shower and going back johore.

to all MUSLIM.. salam Aidilfitri, drive safely, to my dear muslim's fren, dun play too much fire crackers. and to all NON-MUSLIM happy holiday. enjoy the holiday. take ur faily to a vacation or watever, and to my non-muslim fren. i miss u guys already. cant wait to meet u guys again. take care of ur health and enjoy the holiday

Monday, October 8, 2007

exam finish... raya coming.. holiday also coming

yeay exam finish.. hehehe opss but not for me, i think i'll be doing supp paper for my tort... huhuhuhuhuhu amma sedihhhhhhh nya..
holiday (sigh) im sure i dunno wat to do during holiday.. most probably i'll be sitting at home watching tv and sure die laaaaaaa.. im sure gonna miss my bed in mlk..
oh well, wat to do, wat to do.. just deal with it laaa

well to all muslim, selamat menyambut hari raya.. maaf zahir dan batin.. huhuhu i've done lots of sins laaaaaaaaaa this year..

and to all non-muslim, happy holiday and for mmu student.. happy happy holiday.. i hope to see you guys again .. love u

and to my lover, im gonna go to sg petani to meet u there. i dun care, even if it takes me to walk 45 minute to reach ur house, damn sure i'll do it.

and to all who read my blog, thax for reading this and wish u a happy raya and drive safely..

Monday, October 1, 2007


I can't run anymore,
I fall before you
Here I am
I have nothing left
Though I've tried to forget
You're all that I am
Take me home
I'm through fighting it
I give up
You're my only strenght
Without you
I can't go on
Ever again
My only hope
(All the time I've tried)
My only peace
(To walk away from you)
My only joy
My only strenght
(I fall into your abounding grace)
My only power
My only life
(And love is where i am)
My only love
I can't run anymore
I give myself to you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
In all my bitterness
I ignored
All that's real and true
All i need is you
When night falls on me
I'll not close my eyes
I'm too alive
And you're too strong
I can't lie anymore
I fall down before you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
My only hope
(All the time I've tried)
My only peace
(To walk away from you)
My only joy
My only strenght
(I fall into your abounding grace)
My only power
My only life
(And love is where i am)
My only love
Constantly ignoring
The pain consuming me
But this time it's cut too dep
I'll never stray again
My only hope
(All the time I've tried)
My only peace
(To walk away from you)
My only joy
My only strenght
(I fall into your abounding grace)
My only power
My only life
(And love is where i am)
My only love

Thursday, September 27, 2007

wonderfull wednesday

yesterday, went dating with my lover.. oh i was in kl since tuesday.. oh damn nice got to spend time with my lover. we hang out, jalan jalan.. althou its fasting day, it doest stop us from jalan jalan. we met in times square.. before i met my lover, went to the salon in times square to cut my hair..

huhuhuhuh and my lover said i look like singaporian kiasu.. waaaaaaaaaa...!! after this gonna wear my snow cap laa... huhuhu.. then we went to Lot 10 to buy food for buka.. we ate at the Lot 10 food court.. damn nice eating there just the two of us. we talked a lot of things. gossip bout people and some other stuff..

it was the most memorable moment for me and i really need it.. i was so stresss in mlk, thats why i went to kl. for me, i made the right decision went to kl. now im back in mlk already..

hopefully i can meet my lover again. huhuuhu miss u already and i really really love you..
my love for u is undescribeable.. ..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Lonely September

I'm sittin' here all by myself
just tryin' to think of something to do
Tryin' to think of something, anything
just to keep me from thinking of you
But you know it's not working out
'cause you're all that's on my mind
One thought of you is all it takes
to leave the rest of the world behind
Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did
I'm sittin' here tryin' to convince myself
that you're not the one for me
But the more I think, the less I believe it
and the more I want you here with me
You know the holidays are coming up
I don't want to spend them alone
Memories of Christmas time with you
will just kill me if I'm on my own
Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back,
I know it's not the smartest thing to do
we just can't seem to get it right
But what I wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight
One more chance tonight
I'm sittin' here tryin' to entertain myself with this old guitar
But with all my inspiration gone it's not getting me very far
I look around my room and everything I see reminds me of you
Oh please, baby won't you take my hand
we've got nothing left to prove
Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did
And I didn't mean to meet you then
we were just kids
And I didn't mean to give you chills
the way that I kiss
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back but I know you did
Don't say you didn't love me back 'cause you know you did
No, you didn't mean to love me back
But you did
A Lonely September
Plain White T's

Monday, September 24, 2007


sometimes we have to face our problem on our own... no one will be there for us.. i feel so down tonite and i dunno why.. sometimes i feel like to run


huhuhuhuhu i dunno how may days i fasted already.. today im really thirsty.. huhuhu i wanna drink...!!!!!!!!! really.. huhuhuhuh my mouth dried already.. huhuuuhhu ... someone help me get through this...!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


huhuhu im sick since friday.. urghh.. maybe coz i miss u sooo much.. huhuhu and im sickk waaaaaaa...!! just stay at home, sleeping all day long.. huhuhu and today is my dad birthday, happy birthday to you dad. sorry didnt buy u anything coz im broke.. huhuh still sick.. im going back tomoro morning.. huhuhu
i missssssss u soOOo muchhhh....! baby come back to me..!! love u soOOo much..

Thursday, September 20, 2007


im so relief to hear that u arrived safely in kedah.. all i can do now is wait for u..


waaaaaaaaaaa... im gonna miss u very much..!! i wanna follow you to kedahhhhhh..!! love, i miss u like hell.. huhuhuhu. love, if its true laa there's no connection or coverage over there, how am i suppose to call u? huhuuhuh i wanna talk to u every single day.. huhuhu im gonna miss u.. i know right now u're on ur way to kedah, but i really wanna accompany u.. i dun wanna let u go there alone..!! huhuhhuuh i dun care if i had to walk 45 minute to reach ur kampung, im willing to do that.. huhuhu dun stay there for a long time ya.. coz i'll be missing u like crazy..

thank you..

sayang, thank you for telling me wat to do and wat not to do.. i will keep that in mind.. i'll do anything for you.. cause i love u sooOo much.. i really do..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


(sigh).. everywhere i go i saw fake people. trying to be nice but actually not.. aren't they tired being fake all the time.? i know its none of my business but i feel pity for those who being told lie by these fake people.. sometimes i want to jump into their conversation and tell them "NO..! its a lie..! Dun believe every word he/she said.. I know the truth.." (sigh).... but i cant do that. its like i wanna show off. thats not me. im a lay low type of person.. but sometimes being modest is hard.
should i tell them the truth..? but by telling the truth will hurt and cause more complicate to things that already complicated.. well watever laaa im trying hard not to think of it.. and yeah man, u are so self-destruct and i likeeeeeeeee... BooOoooyyaaahhhhhHHhhh...!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


people just dun understand me and i hate when they expect me to understand them all the time.. im tired.. im tired of understanding other people. why cant they understand my feelings.. life is full of surprises.. and im tired of it

Monday, September 17, 2007

kring .. kring..

i got new alarm clock.. hehehe baby blue in colour.. got ultraman picture some more :P

there's a moment..

there's a time when we need to be alone, and there's a time when we need someone to be by our side.. thank god i found that moment.. each time when im around u, i felt so warm and needed.. miss u already.. cant wait to meet u again. thax for giving me a good memories..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

3rd day fasting..

yesterday, i arrived kl from malacca.. abang fuad and abang hyqcarl fetch me in hentian serdang, then we went to zerri's house to break our fast.. bloody damn full. 12 bungkus nasi lemak, 3 pieces of karipap, 2 pudding (i think coz it looks like pudding), 3 samosa, 2 nasi pulut, 1 green kuih, 1 roti john, and kurma just for the 4 of us.. huhuhuh
after buka, we went to uptown, my 1st time there, hyqcarl got me an alarm clock which i really needed.. hehehe thax luv u.. muahhh muahhh muahhh.. hehehe. we went jalan jalan there till 2am.. huhuhu damn tired.. finish jalan jalan there, they send me back to my most dwarf best fren huhuh RUZAIDEe... upon reaching his place, i str8 away on my laptop and watched movies that i borrowed from zerri earlier on. i borrowed 3 movie, kuntilanak, final destination 1, and a murder case .. by the way, huhuu cant watch kuntilanak laaaa and a murder case?? i was cheated by the cover of the cd. the cover shows something like vampire or dracula but the story is actually bout stupid people who killed children just to eat their lungs or something like that.. not scary at all and bOOoo yaaaa.. BORING..!! oh oh but final destination was ok.. i prefer the 2nd one. much more realistic.
ok finish watching those 3 movies, it didnt ends there, i continue watching another 2 movie which is the simppppppppson.. and blacksheep. i love the simpson family. huhuhu damn funny laaa. morale of the story in the simpson, dun be a father like Homer.. wat a LOSER but still got good things bout him.. FINALLY he realize that family is important.. well good for u Homer. and for blacksheep.. huhuhh i dun recommend anyone to watch this kind of movie.. CRAP..!!! lucky im not a big fan of sheep.. im a vege lover.. hehehehe
ok i finish watching that movie till 6am and i forgot bout my sahur.. huhuhuhu but still ok coz i had nite snack with abang hyqcarl, abang fuad and zerrie at 1am just now.. so ok laaa.. huhuhuh but thirsty laa...
ok wanna get ready now. going to times square to buy books at the boarders.. huhhuuhuu

Friday, September 14, 2007

who's being selfish now?

huh just leave all the things to me and lynn.. guys come on.. u guys should know never abandone ur group mate.. lynn has no problem but its a big deal for me. i dun leave my fren ok.. never will. but huh kinda disappointed with u guys..
dun dare say u guys hav problem.. all of us have problem. only we didnt show it. u guys just leave it everything to us. without no explanation and all..?? come on laaa.. is this one way to show how great fren u are.. ?? think bout it.. who's being selfish now? u guys might say im making a big deal of this, hey im thinking bout the future, not the present. well u guys a big enough to think wats the best for u guys.. i personally dun like a fren who dumped a fren with no reason..
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!! how embarrased i am facing mr. Aqiel today..!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

sahur on 1st day..

warghhhhh.. huhuhuhu woke up at 4 30am.. i thought i woke up late, it turns out i woke up early.. huhhuhuh eat my nasi paprik daging. huhuhuh tastelss.. huhuhuh still wanna sleep.. sleepy laa.. zzZZzz...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

selfish..?? ramadhan..??

im selfish..?? how can people say im selfish? ahaks, i may be greed but selfish? ahaks just wanna make me laugh.. oh come on people, all of us are greed right? that is one of the 7 deadly sins (thats wat they called lah) but hmmm people telling me im selfish.. well so far, as im corncern, only 1 people called me selfish, the rest of my fren, they dun hav problem with me. so does it matter wat he said bout me? there's no freaking way im gonna take wat he said bout me. i am me. cant bare my attitude, so buzz off. hohohoho still cant forget.. may be forgiving but not forget. that is one thing bout me u should know, i can forgive but not forget. the damage has been done. how can u easily forget bout things that hurt u the most? huhuhuhu it takes time to heal. so at this moment, let me bitching bout u in front of other people.. wahahahaha.

forgiving during ramadhan? yes told ya, i can forgive but i cant forget. it is hard to let go.. haishhhh .. very hard laa being me... huhuhu

yeay got tv

yeay, thax to remy, my room mate, finally our house gonna have tv.. yeay.. can watch tv.. hehehehe

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

u talk crap

u talked crap.. i cant believe a word u said anymore.. it just annoying when u keep on telling bout ur past.. of God..!! stop it plz.. just shut the hell up..!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

han han han jenggggg

huhuhuuhu tadi kereta rosak masa on the way nak ke tesco..!! tak guna sunggguh..!! apa ni kak intan, dah laa aku dapat kereta tayar pancit, pastu lepas betulkan, kena plak bayar sewa kereta satu jam.. huhuhhu tak patut sungguh tau..!!! tension nie.. huhuhuhu

tengok penat aku cuba pasang tayar nie. huhuuhuh

sangat sangat penat huhuhuh.. haaa ni tgh pusing pusing nat tayar tu.. habis berpeluh... dah ler baru nak baik demam nie.. still batuk2 tapi muka tetap ceria.. hehehe

ops takleh jadi sbb susah sangat, terpaksa panggil mekanik.. hehehehhehe ehhh betul ke aku yg betulkan kereta tadi.. kui kui kui... takde laaa ... nak suruh aku betulkan tayar kereta?? dalam mimpiiiiiiiiiiiiii laaaaaa.. mana pandai beb.. hehehe huhuuhu kopak rm25 betulkan kereta, nasib bley claim dari kak intan.

huhuhuhu ok ok nasib petang tu da ceria sket sbb pi main bolingggGGgg dengan lynn dan nina dan matt... heheheh walaupun takde mood ni nak main tapi layankan jerrrrrrr sbb nina da paksa main boling..

me, nina and lynn.. yezzaaa the trio partner in crime.. hehehehe

me and the most beautiful gal in my eyes.. lynn (wei im not a pervert ya) just expressing my opinions.. is that statement a pervert..?

me and ninaaaaaa at the bowling alley..

ehhh i just use malay for the 1st time in this blog.. hahahahha watever. malaysia is a free country, multi racial, multi language, hehehehe i love being malaysian..

Monday, September 3, 2007

PD.. PD.. PD.. PD...!!!

ok here i am.. after finish the merdeka, i went to kl coz im going to PD with my fren.. hehehhe yahooOoo . i woke up at 5.00am .. i repeat 5.00 am just to bake cookies for my love one.. see i love you tau, willing to wake up early in the morning just to bake u cookies.. finish baking cookies at 6 30am and my bus is at 7am.. huhuhuh i quickly take my shower and wake remy's up and asked him to send me to malacca central.. lucky we arrived MC in time.. i took a 7am bus and arrived kl at around 9am.. lucky there was no jammed and all in kl..
upon reaching kl, i went my fren house, didie..!! he was sleeping when i arrived at his place. take a nap there then around 10am ++ abang fuad called me saying they reached cempaka already to fetch me, after fetching me,we went to get zerrie and later str8 away to ampang tesco..
i really thought they hav buy all the materials/ingredients for BBQ the nite before.. ok we spend almost 2 hours to buy stuff in tesco. we bought lots of chicken, drinks, fruits and other stuff.. oh hyqcarl got himself a portable sleeping air mattres.. nice laa queen size and u can bring it anywhere while abang fuad bought a barbeque set.
finish shopping, went to bangi to prepare the chicken and all, i helped them by cleaning the chicken while abang fuad and abang hyqcarl prepared the marinate stuff.. no instant instant marinate ya, all hand made.. half an hour later, martin arrived at abang fuad's place. so he asked zerrie to follow martin to PD 1st so they can booked nice spot.. we knew during that day there will be lots of people camping in PD..
we reached PD at 5pm. after reaching PD, i str8 away help abang fuad set up the barbeque set which he bought earlier. while some of the participant set up the tent.
heishh.. sorry i didnt take lots of pic for this trip only 2.. huhuhuuh rugi laaa.. eh eh by the way, for ur information, this picture, im the one who took it ya..

nice tak the view?

another one
ok everything ready around 7 and they already panggang the chicken .. hehehehe people still keep on coming. finish toast the chicken around 9pm and husz manage to arrive on time for us to hav dinner.. yeahhhh .. people are enjoying the night eating the chick, and salad (made by abang mie).. hehehe
after finish eating, some of us jump into the water. yeay..!! including me.. i know im unwell but still i dun wanna miss this. hehehe we played throwing ball in the water. my group consist me,abang qirran, abang fuad, zerrie, martin, and i cant remember who against husz team consist husz, leha, amir, and somebody else.. huhuhuuh althou they lack one team members, but they still kick out butt. hahaha we lost..
all of us had fun.. sorry no bond fire.. huhuuhuhuhuh after finish swimming session, its time for introduction session.. each of us introduce ourself.. ehh forgot to mention, this bbq is open to public so we met new people here.. hehehe
ok that nite, almost half of the group went back and only me, abang haikal, abang fuad, zerrie, martin, husz, leha, and joe stayed back, we camped at the PD.. that night i took the oppurtunity to hang out with abang haikal.. huhuhuh we jalan jalan till very far laaa.. wahahahaha
urghhhhh we slept around 2am.. huhuhuu later that nite, it was raining heavily... husz and joe who slept outside at the 1st place, had to joint us in the tent.. husz slept in my tent while joe slept in martin's tent.. huhuuhu i was sick already by then..
the next day, we went to mLk.. hehehehe althou im sick but i pretend not to be one.. huhuhhu but cant hide it from haikal,fuad and zerrie, they know im sick.. coz my face looks gloomy.. huhuhuhuhuhuuuh dun wanna talk anymore laaaaaaaaaaa im sickkk huhuhuuhuhu.. till next time.. huhuhuhuhuuhuhhuhuhuhuhu im sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...!!!

in mlk.. me, haikal, zerrie, fuad and martin
erkk citer tergantung.. taknak sambung

Friday, August 31, 2007


huhuuhu merdeka.. merdeka .. merdeka..

thats wat i hear all day long.. but are these people really merdeka? everywhere i go, i saw lots of people holding the malaysian flag, put it on their car, bike, and even bicycle.. they brought big flag as they wanna show how patriotic they are.. but are they really that patriotic? i was wondering (as always LoL) even mat rempit (sigh) brought big flag and still merempit sana sini..

ok enough with those thing.. i dun wanna think bout it as it is not my problem. ok lets go back to me.. just now, went to dataran pahlawan with hana and also my roommate remyyyyyyyy..!! we thought the celebration will be at the dataran pahlawan but huhuhuh NOOOOOOO...!! it wasnt there.. the celebration and firework was held at the MITC near near there.. huhuhuhuh soOOoo dissapointed laaa... huhuh

but nevermind, remy, me and hana had our own program.. which is camwhoringgggggggg...!! hehehehehehe we camwhore at the famosa building, and few places there.. i dunno why, i think i have the fetish of taking picture.. LoL.. not taking pic of myself but taking pic of other give me satisfaction when seing people like the picture i took for them.. maybe i should change major in photography.. hehehehe

we're camwhoring here and there.. pic?? will upload later coz havent receive any from either hana or remy.. i think around 12 45am, we went back home coz pretty tired laa.. hehehhe ok till tomorrow coz got story to tell yaaa... hehehhe PD hour next time...!! hehehe

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

berjaya times square

today in times square i had a good memory... yeay thank you soOOo much for giving me a sweet sweet memory..

right now im just trying to have a good memory with u.. althou we cant be together forever but we can create a good and sweet memories while we still can.. thank you and i love you soOo much..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

new phone, new life

eh eh forgot to mention here.. im using new phone now.. damn fucking cheap laa.. it cost me around rm250 but i likeeeeeeeee..
description white phone, smart looking, can flip, 1.3 megapixel, but damn nice laaa

the bad thing is, no bluetooth, no mp3, but its worth it laaa.. as long as i can take pic, so it should be fine for me laa.. picture of new phone? later i upload k..

oh i've been using this phone for a week now.. so far so good.. but i dun like the polyphonic damn sedih laaaaa. huhuuhuhu but i like my phone

siemens SF65 white colour..! wanna call my phone sexy fucked 65.. hehehe can ar?

dang dang dang..

we need to look forward. dun hold urself with the past.. u may remember the past but dun hold on to it.. break the spell..! move one step ahead.. forward forward forwad..

the person i trust right now .. dang dang dang...
  • haikal
  • fardlin izreen
  • sara nina
  • dashera
  • hana
  • crystal
  • wana
  • dasha
  • hani suraya
  • abang fuad

well so far so good laaa.. i trusted them. they never break my trust.. its cool to have people u can trust on.. eh eh the list might change.. its not fix. i have to look forward and be realistic.. as im not plastic :P

Friday, August 24, 2007

erkk in class..

today i saw gan su mui.. she looks pretty laaaa... iya.. i have to admit she's pretty in her own way..

LoL.. its not wrong for me to compliment other person..

today i knew who's my really fren.. yeah.. actually i knew bout it long time ago. some people i can rely on and some i just cant.. well i feel proud of who i am.. im not plastic.. people see me the way i am.. i dun like pretending.. so wat if im loud, bitchy, annoying, nagging, playfull, ego, sarcastic and all.? if u cant bare my attitude, just buzz off..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Street 377 A

huhuhu we are establish a company. our company name is Street 377 A, damn tired laaa everyday must do this and that.. im not complaining but tired.. it wasnt fun anymore. i wanna close the shop laaaaa..!! oh we're selling fresh cookies and brownies.. huhuhuu.. die laa

good time..and bad time

sometimes i wonder whether there is someone would share their happiness and saddeness with me all time. will someone be there for me if i need their help. will they be there for me when im in need? these are the question pop up in my mind all the time.. frens for fun is easy to find but fren u can rely on, its very difficult.. so no matter wat we do, at the end of the day, we'll see who will wait for us at the end of the road

Sunday, August 19, 2007

havin fun in mLk

best moment of the year.. i dun need to think bout problems and all.. just enjoying my life

Thursday, August 16, 2007

ukm convo..

oh i went to ukm for my best fren convo today.. i woke up at 6am.. took my shower and getting ready.. ops forgot to mention, i arrived kl yesterday, hani has invited me to attend to her convo in UKM. well since she's my best fren , i couldn't say no her.. so here i am in kl.. once i arrived kl, i str8 away went to bangi . taking LRT from klcc to kl sentral then change to komuter from kl sentral to bangi.. once i arrived in bangi, my fren, abang fuad and abang haikal fetch me there, then we went makan makan and then went to abang fuad and haikal's work place. Empire Putra College..
i stayed at their office, reading my book and chatting chatting chatting all day long.. sory i dun disturb people while they are working (opss ya ke? ahaks) . later that night, i stayed in bangi, abang fuad's place..
the convo is on thursday.. oh yeah i lost my phone while im on my way to UKM.. once i reached ukm , i wanted to call Hani but couldnt find my phone. so i knew that i lost my phone already..
when i knew i lost my phone, i didnt panic.. coz i remember very well hani's phone.. so i called her using public phone and told her i lost my phone and where should we meet and bla bla bla..
ok the convo started at 8am.. i sat with hani's mom.. hani's brother, joe, couldnt come coz he had an exam that day. so i replace him laa.
the convo ok laa not bad,thou. kinda boring but couldnt wait to see hani getting on stage. why im happy and excited for her? well this becoz hani and i has been fren for a long time.. her brother joe is my highskool best buddy. her family is like my family.. so can consider my kakak angkat laa.
finish convo, we camwhoring.. sorry could not post the pic here coz its with hani.. taking pic using her canon ixus 75. well i cant post any pic coz i've lost my phone..oh i gave hani a rm30 bucks flower... huhuhu kopak kopak but its ok coz she's my best fren.. huhuhuhu after photo session, hani's fren drop us in ukm komuter station.. i took the komuter to bangi to meet my fren. i dunno how i can reach them as i cant remember their number. but im not panic..
once i arrived bangi, i took a black cab. i asked him whether he know empire college or not and lucky me, he does.
so when i arrived at abang fuad office, he was surprised to see me. he asked me why i didnt call them so they can pick me up.. well without no feeling at all (dengan selamba laa) i told them, i lost my phone. they were very suprised to see my reaction as im not bother at all for losing my phone.. well wat can i do? if i cry, can i get back my phone? if i shout or getting angry, will anyone return me my phone back..? so all i can do now is buy a new phone.. ahaks...

i lost my phone

huhuhu i lost my motorola V360.. waaaaa... there's lots of pic that i havent transfer to my laptop.. uhuhuhu gimme back my phone.. huhuhuh

oh well just get new phonelaaa

Sunday, August 12, 2007

wat more could i ask for..?

i have a great family, my mom and dad supporting me in everything i do, mom dad thax, i have a great brother and sister whom i can discuss with and play around with when im bored, i have a great fren who i can rely on when i have problem.. thax guy for understanding me and bare with my attitude, and most importantly, i have a great future lover (LoL) whom i can talk with,regardless any issue, matter or problem. plus he/she (syhhhhhhh) can mix well with my fren.. well wat more could i ask for? i had a great life at this moment and im gonna cherrish them as long as i can.
right now, i met with lots of great people. they being supportive and cool with me. althou im younger than them, they still include me in every conversation and never let me out. and to my younger fren (huhuhu im older already) thax for including me in ur life. thank you thank you for being there for me.

a day with hometown buddy.. yeay..!

today (11/8/07), i went out to kl to meet my hometown buddy.. its been a while i havent meet them.. my hometown buddy didie and hani.. i've been fren with them since highschool. they are my best fren whom i can rely on when i hav problem.. didie a cute shorty boy and hani, a short chubby (not toOoo chubby) and funny gal who always know how to hav fun.

i took 10am bus and reached kl around 12pm, didie were supposed to fetch me there but he wasnt there. i called him and he asked me to wait him in cempaka.. darn, i knew this guy havent had his shower yet.. so i went to cempaka by lrt. once i reached there, i called him again, and he asked me to wait 1o minute.. oh yeah 10 minute laaa sangat.. i had to wait for him almost half and hour.. i couldnt wait for him more so i went to the kaunter to buy ticket back to plaza rakyat, before i could buy my ticket, there he was, smiling like kerang busuk, appologise to me. huh lucky im a nice person. after that, we went to berjaya times square to meet hani.. oh yeah hani is 24 years old and single while didie is the same age as i am.
while waiting for hani to arrive, i took the opportunity to change my cloth. when she arrived, didie saw this one sales girls selling shampoo.. she managed to persuade didie to buy this shampoo.. i had to admit, she's hot. then we're giving a chance to win a motorbike by unlocking a cage with the correct key.. huhuhuh hard laa coz there's a lot of key to choose. well we didnt win anything but we had fun.
after that, went to kfc coz didie and i was dying of hunger. cehh i had to belanja them makan.. huhuhuh kopak kopak.. but hey, how often i treat them lunch? hehehehe
my fren didie n hani
me and hani
after lunch, we went to plaza low yat coz hani wanted to buy a digicam.. we pusing2 plaza low yat to survey the price for digicam.. finally, she got herself a new canon ixus 75, that one i tell u, damn nice laa. its the same like haikal use to take pic. i should get one for my self one day. its cost only 1300++... huhuhuhuh
then we went to sungei wang, coz i wanted to buy tee.. unfortunately, none interest me, so we went to bukit bintang jalan2 and camwhoring using hani's new digicam.. huhuhu im waiting for her to give me the pic. oh i got myself a new short pants, it cost me rm40.00 . i dun mind coz i like the pants.. hehehe. we still camwhoring.. till the digicam are out of battery..
jalan2 in bukit bintang

using my cam phone taking pic
well its 8.30pm and my bus is at 9pm. so we went to pudu. on our way to pudu, hani suggested to me and didie to stay a nite in kl in a hotel. i dun mind staying a nite there, so they told me sell my bus ticket and return to mlk on the next day, so i went to the transnational counter and sell the ticket to them, 5 minute later, didie said he got a football match on the next day.. im soOoo gonna kill him coz i sold my ticket bus already, so i went to the kaunter again and asked them if there's an empty seat.. lucky they have one.. huhuhuh so i got myself again ticket bus to mlk.. i said goodbye to them but that will not be the last i meet them coz this wednesday, im going to kl again coz on thursday, i'll be going to ukm to witness hani's convocation.. hehehe cant wait...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

got my license back

yesssss...!! now i can drive without any fear..!! yeay..!! i just renew my license.. i lost it bout 2 month ago and today, i renew my license.. now i can go to kl, jb, tangkak, anywhere i want without any fear being stop by the police... FEAR me people coz im one hell a driver..!! wahahahahaha

Monday, August 6, 2007

hiking gunung nuang

on August 3rd, after exam, i str8 away went to kl with matt and nina, we took the6pm bus and arrived pudu at 8 30pm, then nina and me with matt took a seperate way. upon reaching pudu, my fren, abang haikal, already waited for me and matt. there, we met abang fuad, and abang azmi, they're the organizer of this trip to gunung nuang. their company is called LCCT (low cost camping trip). hehehe.. after that, we went to tesco in ampang to buy few stuff for the hiking. shopping here and there, buy food, bread, eggs, and etc. finish shopping, we went to abang azmi's house. we stayed there for a nite before leaving to gunung nuang on the next day.. that nite, something happen at abang azmie's house.. hehehe jeng jeng jeng.. SCANDALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLicious ..... ops wont reveal anything here... hehehe

at abang azmie's house

August 4th, we woke up at around 6am, getting ready ourself and went breakfast at 7 30am at An-Az's restaurant (if im not mistaken la). after breakfast, we met the other participant somewhere near i dunno where but near near police station as we hav to report them informing them we're going to gunung nuang.. oh yeah gunung nuang is situated in pahang.. i dunno which part but its in pahang.

we reached there at the car park of gunung nuang around 10am and cikgu (mr.purespirit), gave a small briefing and divided stuff to all participant so each of us would carry the equal amount of stuff like food, tent, stove etc.. then we started hiking at 10 30am.. huh the hills (i consider it as a hills) is wet, and muddy. i think becoz its raining the day before. it is bloody damn tired hiking.. before we went hiking, i told matt that i wont wait for him if he's fall behind and thats wat i did during hiking. i dun want to be left behind coz this is an oppurtunity for me to test my stamina for hike. i've been jogging for quite a few times in campus for this event.

we had to stop few times becoz the ground is wet, and full of mud. i almost slip many time but i regain my ballance. each time i feel tired, haikal will hold my hand and encourage me to go on.. felt so happy.

rest for a while me hiking

we reached lolo camp after 3 hours hiked. once we reached there, we set up our tent . 1st thing first, abang azmi didnt allow us to take a shower at the river, instead, he wanted us to cook something. while him and other people are cooking, cikgu and some of us (including me) set up the tent. setting up the tent wasnt hard for me coz before this i learned how to set up the tent during the kayak course. ok finish setting up the tent, everyone jump into the river. the water damn cold la

upon reaching lolo camp everyone taking shower

that nite, before dinner, its an introduction session, i got to know lots of people with different background. althou most of them are much older than me and matt, that wasnt a problem. everyone being treated equally. i got to know haikal, abang fuad, cikgu purespirit, zerrie, abang azmie, husz, vincent, martin, chu, joe kargo, joe, amir, ali, hairul, mikael, zack, crewcut, and many more. there are 20 participant for this trip. the person i like the most is husz coz he's one funny guy, he dared taking shower in naked and even did the gimrama despite of his body size, i really amazed how open he is, how energatic he is, and how frenly he is..

in front of my tent (share wit haikal n abang azmie)

ok the next day on August 5th, ten of us including me, decided to hike till to the top of gunung nuang while the other half of the group decided to stay in lolo camp, some of them said i couldnt hike more.. we woke up at 7am, i didnt take my shower and we started to climb at 8am. its was a challeging thing for me as this is the 1st time i did hiking. the scenery was damn beautiful. we also take a lots of pic while hiking. it only took us 2 hours to reach pacat camp site (10am)
camwhoring time resting at pacat camp site

and 1 hour to reach at the peak of gunung nuang (11.15am).. im so proud of myself coz i manage to hike till the top. actually i almost give up 50 metre away from the top coz i feel so damn tired and i cant go on. luckily, haikal was there for me, he encourage me to go on, only few metres away to the top. and thax to his encouragement, i continue my journey..

abg azmie, martin n me fabulous 10 who reach at the peak resting at the peak

we stayed there for half and hour only. we took as many pic as we can. hey how often we get the opportunity to come here right? when we going back down, its wasnt a problem at all.. it was fun, i think i was fast and almost trip myself.. hehehe it took bout 2 hours to reached lolo camp which is around 2pm. im the 3rd person who reached lolo camp.. yeay..!! i beat the elders.. hehehehhe

me and haikal at the peak of g. nuang me and abang fuad

upon reaching lolo camp, we rest for 1 hour and half before going down to our car park.

crewcut,haikal and me refreshing ourself before going down

at 3 45 we went down, while going down, i took the opportunity to get to know haikal and abang azmie. they're a nice person. yeay we reached at the bottom at 6pm sharp.. after that everyone went back home.. heheheh

participant who went gunung nuang

moral of the story : im also capable of doing things people wont expected me to do