Wednesday, December 24, 2008

in the office

im very naughty.. very very naughty. coz i teased kak zura and sham, and michele and yoke wah a lot. hehehehe

hey im bored in the office, nothing else to do besides calling clients, draft letter and thats it. urghhhhh need entertainment in mt LIFE...!! Ms. Suri (my lawyer a.k.a my supervisor) is taking her leave till next year. huuuhuhu oh well hope she had a great time spending her holiday.

yeay, tomorow holiday. so i just wanna sit at home and rest. well i rest a lot during weekend. hehehhehe anyway cant wait to go johore this weekend. wanna taste mom's cook. its been a while laaa hevent had any meal cook by her. huhuhuhuhuuh


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fun fun fun laaaa

today, am so happy. i met one client, alone, and he wanted to hear my advise. well u see, i dun have the experice to advise people, plus im not allow to give advise without my lawyer's observation.

ok so this is one in a life time opportunity and hey i'll be stupid if i say no. ok basically, there's nothing much to discussed with between me n the client. all he wanted to know is the process of selling and buying house. technically, im doing housing loan, so i know a bit bout the process but im not sure how they do it in early stage.

as so i was explaining to this client, i just u know bullshitting for things that i doesnt know. well not entirely bullshit him but just the thing that i dunno lah. and he actually belive the words i said :)) wahahahahhaa all i told him is that, in order to sell his house, we need confirmation statement from the developer that the CF is ready and the house is safe to sit. and i also told him that, the process will take some time coz we need to prepare agreement in order to protect both side's interest. since the buyer does not apply any loan, things will be more easier however we must prepare some documents laah.

well it was fun dealing with client but i hope in the future i can handle crime matters. as i am really interested in criminal matter. hey bad guys always win ya. hehehehhehe

all today also, i had fun. althou i went back late due to my lawyer is taking her leave till next year, so i stay back late to arrange which file is urgent and need to be done 1st.

ok till next time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

to my mom

dearest mom,

please help your son, coz he is soOOo bankrupt this week. he just paid his astro and telephone bill. he promised to be naughtier than ever if u help him this time. hehehehhehee

Saturday, December 13, 2008


my window car broken

broken mirror

broken glasses
ok someone hit and run my car while i park my car near the LRT Maluri Station. i loss rm 160.00 for fixing my window.. damn it..!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

12 40pm

Damn, im freaking fucking bored. I didn’t do anything since morning. And there is nothing I can do at this moment. I’ve been asking the lawyer or senior staff to give me some work so I can do something. But it seems like there’s no work that they can give to me. Huhuhuhu so sad coz I thought I can learn something new everyday but well what a luck.

And what I dun like is that everyone is doing something but I didn’t do anything. Its not like im lazy or wat. Im super hardworking and eager to learn something but when I got work to do I finished it quickly. Well yeah of course I didn’t do any hard work coz im still fresh but still they should have give me something to do. Well anything.

I dun mind doing the typing work or calling client, just give me anything to do. Urghhhhh seriously im fucking bored. Next time my dear junior, dun go to law firm, coz they are fucking bored. Do your intern in AG Chambers. Dun mind bout the busy-ness there, as long as u has something to do, then its good for you. At least you learn something.

Ok, I start work at 8 45am. And since I came to office till now, I didn’t do anything. Seriously, I didn’t do any work since morning. And im kind of pissed.
Oh God..!! Save me from this bored-ness. Huhuhhuhu