Monday, July 5, 2010

say what?

many people doubted me, they think im incapable of doing anything. my voices, my opinons, my suggestion, they take it lightly. u can say im unheard. even some of members of my family think that im incapable of doing anything.

but i dun take them seriously. i know what im doing and im very sure of what i am doing.

but the funny thing is, every single words i told them, turns to gold. it means that, wat im saying is right. im not bragging myself, but i see how foolish people can be. they said bad things behind my back, but at the same time, they use my words for their benefit.

aaahhhhh.. the world is getting uglier. i know that. but i kinda like it this way. coz if you cannot survive, then you're dead. only the strong win. but then again, only the smarter knows how to be strong.

i wasnt born with good looks, or having an intelligent mind, or having the strongest body. but i think im smart in certain ways. i know when to start some, when to stop, and when to be greedy.

many people underestimated me, just because im a laid back person, doesnt mean i do not know whats happening around me. i do. but i just dun bother bout it. but if they make a fuss in my territory, then they'll know how fierce i can be. i dun show my act, i'll gonna do it slowly without any sympathy.

soon. and soon when im capable of doing things on my own, i mean when im working, i'll just proceed my plan. i have lots of things in mind that i wanna do. im gonna make them beg for me, and trust me, when i hate someone so badly, im gonna make sure they wont receive any good treats from me. and thats my promise..

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