Sunday, October 17, 2010

the Platinum Rules

Why you shouldn't date people

Steps 1: Attraction - This is how you met people, because of the attraction, you being attracted with either the same sex or the opposite sex.

Steps 2: Bargaining -The topic that you need to talk with the people since they will be too close to them

Steps 3: Submission - It shows everyone falling for the person that they are doing things with.

Steps 4: Perks - The benefit you'll gonna get when you're going out with someone

Steps 5: Tipping point - The climax of the 'date'

Steps 6: Purgatory - Any condition or place of temporary punishment, suffering, expiation, or the like, after you went through the 'tipping point' stage

Steps 7: Confrontation - After a while you will need to confront with those people explaining that this relationship should end

Steps 8: Fallout - the consequence after the confrontation (either the other people can take it well or can't handle it well)

But, looking back at the platinum rule, I think there's a 9th Step. We'll call it COEXISTENCE. It's the moment you realize that all that anger and resentment just isn't useful. And you start to let go of it. And move on with your life. It just takes a while." It shows the groups of people co-existing in the world.

taking advise from How I Met Your Mother

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